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Corruption in Health System Canada

on Wed, 12/25/2013 - 03:36

Our child is 16

He wanted to be at the court and wanted to be the witness

But the Drs and nurses at the Alberta Children's Hospital are scared of the truth he will reveal

So they attested that: he can not think for himself or

His mental ability is like 5 years old

The teacher said: he is doing his schooling like a high school kid and is doign well 

But physicians at the Alberta Children's Hospital does not want the truth to be revealed so they work together as team with Psycologists and assessed our son as developmental delay and takes away his rights


Their comment: the child is

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DoCS have not allowed kids with grandmother after mum dies

on Wed, 10/02/2013 - 06:08
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
DoCS have not allowed kids with grandmother after mum dies

Michael....I am so sorry to disturb u but i have no one else i can turn to...... or talk to..... nobody understands.....

My beautiful daughter Rose was in a DV situation... the children were taken and placed with me...but my daughter was not allowed around me or my home or i would lose the kids.... then after two years they removed the kids from my care and i did everything they said to get them back but they wont give them back.

Last year my daughter died from cancer ...tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of her death.

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Give my boys back DoCS

on Wed, 07/03/2013 - 14:57
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Give my boys back DoCS

To give you an idea of how complex my case is I have to start with my description when I arrived in Australia in 2008.
March 2008 I arrived in Australia with my 10 year old boy Kevin, we came on a 457 Visa and started settling in Hornsby as I always wanted to live next to the coast we moved someone in June 2009 maybe a bit earlier to the Northern Beaches of Sydney to Newport.

In August or September 2009 I met my now Ex Partner, Brooke Griven, and her, to that time, 4 year old daughter Layla. After just being together for a month Brooke become pregnant in October 2009.

When our son Jamie was

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I was so damn young. All i wanted was my mum. a poem by Tayla Chambers

on Wed, 11/14/2012 - 15:43

Neglected and hurt, defensive and sad,
When i was little, things were pretty bad.
Id been mistreated and forgotten,
And simply treated rotten
I was so damn young
All i wanted was my mum.

When they came to our door and took us away
I didnt know what to think, how to act, what to say.
I held onto my little brother and tried to be grown up
When my 'carer' did wrong things i did as i was told and kept silent.
A month with strangers then shipped off with another,
They said say 'bye to mum, and all you know, including your brother'.
They said he was my dad but he terrified a tiny child,
A big man,

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All about Luke.

on Fri, 02/10/2012 - 15:35

Funerals - The Cairns Post|23 January 2009
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 02:51:09 -0800 (PST)

BORUSIEWICZ,.The Cairns Post|23 January 2009
Adored, loved and treasured son of Michael Borusiewicz & Jackie Hurlstone, who left us tragically on Sunday 18th January 2009 aged 2 years. Brother of Kayla and Jessy, Great Grandson of Tamara Borusiewicz, Grandson of Tolly & Christine Borusiewicz and Niree Hurlstone. Loved nephew of the brothers of Michael Borusiewicz & Jackie Hurlstone and their respective families.
We will never forget you.
The relatives and friends