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Help my son come home - Not be a DOCS Qld Foster Child

on Fri, 11/22/2013 - 03:43
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Help my son come home - Not be a DOCS Qld Foster Child

It came to a point with my sons outburst that just wouldn't settle, that I rang womens shelter searching for answers on who could help me with him..I was told DOCs....I rang them, they came to the home....I was told I needed and could have 28days respite....they took kids, all the kids, but I couldn't be without my babies and got them home a week n half.

There is corruption everywhere so I never thought I had a chance to sue them. I have fire in my belly,I won't back down….Can you or anyone on this site, or anyone in Luke's Army give me any advice?

Hi Michael, My name is Nicki. I, by chance,

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Fostering discrimination through lies

on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 22:34

In 2009, the Australian Civil Service, comprised of hundreds of careered bureaucrats and public academics, assembled a publicly funded organization called The National Council’s Plan for Australia to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children. This organization was formed along ideological lines, as is evident in the name. The phrase “women and their children” indicating a strong suggestion of a concept of family which excludes fathers as a part.

This council included a dozen members who authored a 204 page rationale and set of recommendations for sweeping changes to Australian domestic