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Ishtar Is Easter

on Sun, 03/31/2013 - 10:26
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

This is a little something for our friends at LukesArmy Tamworth Branch. 

Maitland Branch

Newcastle Branch

Cessnock Branch

Oh and to the detective Jason at Newcastle Police Station... Happy Easter my daughter sends you her best, she is much better now thank you. 

Oh and while I am at it Happy Easter Commander Holohan and to your loyal dogs of war. 

Why stop there Happy Easter Coffs Harbour DoCS, Grafton DoCS, Blacktown DoCS, and the now non existant Seven Hills DoCS, sorry did i say DoCS I meant Seven Hills FaCS. Amazing what 20 years can do.

Now who have I forgotten? Hmmm,,,

Oh the

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Nineteen Eighty Four

on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 11:04

Big Brother, is he watching or isn't he?

That is the question.

When George Orwell wrote about Big Brother in the book 1984 published in 1949, he had already be sent to a sanatorium eleven years before.  He had been a policeman and to war. He published Animal Farm in 1945, three years before Big Brother.

Why am I writing that here?

Well, because good folks, Big Brother is watching you, he is doing all this to you, and like all of you I see Michael is in fear of his life or arrest, which to him is his life, plus we already know they killed his son, so why would he think that his life means

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on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 10:12

I watched a young man called Hayden on one of the morning shows the other day he was talking about his experience of 39 foster homes throughout his life and how he had come to be the man he was.

It saddened me to hear his case was related to D&A abuse from his parents, it saddened me because this then is what the populace thinks about when DoCS issues are brought up. There is always this sterotypical mandate by the media to be sure to encapsulate the DoCS cases as related to what the parents are doing, and never place DoCS in a bad light.

This man had I think 9 siblings, he said some he