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DCFS Government Department of Children and Family Services Illinois

on Mon, 03/05/2012 - 09:00

M o n s t e r s !

Illinois Department of Child and Family Services is EVIL!

By David
J. Stewart | May 2003

There is not a more monstrous organization in
the United States than the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (otherwise
known as DCFS). In other areas across the nation, this same
diabolical government institution is known as CPS (Child Protection
). What a misnomer! DCFS and CPS abuse families!

DCFS, an organization which was
allegedly started to protect
families, has actually in many cases DESTROYED families! The
emotional, physical, and

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Mennonite families being reunited with children taken by Manitoba Child Welfare System

on Sun, 11/03/2013 - 11:59


At least two couples from an Old Order Mennonite community in Manitoba are being reunited with their children, months after all the community's children were seized amid child abuse allegations.

After RCMP charged a total of 13 adults from the conservative community with assault earlier this year, child welfare authorities apprehended about 40 children — including those whose parents were not charged with anything — with some taken in February and the rest in June.

  • Mennonite community regrets harshly disciplining children
  • Mennonite child abuse arrests have community reeling
  • Mennonite