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Welcome to Luke's Army Forums. Let us know how we can improve your experience.
Please take the time to introduce yourself here.
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General discussion not relating to any other category of the Luke's Army child protection forums.
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What is your experience when dealing with the child protection industry? Many parents and families have had their children stolen by government child protection departments, with the children being wrongfully taken and/or abused in care.
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Poetry submitted by members.
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Below are the forums for families dealing with the courts and the legal system. Please post questions and advice regarding legal issues under the relevant topic.
This section is for parents, children, relatives, families looking for advice and support when dealing with government child protection. This is free advice from members of this site but wherever possible you should seek legal advice.
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Discuss your case, previous cases or laws surrounding child protection issues. Note: Do not name any children in foster care here.
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Opinions, updates and advice regarding family law and family courts news.
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Information relating to a particular department responsible for child protection in your state. If you would like to admin a section for your state and are experienced with child protection there please contact to register your interest. Please be aware that there is a help section for dealing with child protection departments in Australia, a collection of Lawyers dealing with child protection and family courts in Australia and also a section for Australian Legislation Regarding Children and Families.
Share you stories, information, advice and support surrounding FACS NSW.
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Share your information, advice, stories etc about the Department of Community Services in Qld (DoCS Qld)
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Post your questions or advice regarding Families SA here. Our resident Families SA child protection expert may be able to help you with support, advice or refer you to the right agency for assistance in child protection or family assistance matters.
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Information and support or share your DHS Vic story, adoption and foster care experience from Victoria.
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Help and support related topics for families dealing with Child Protective Services in Tasmania.
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Please share information, stories, advice and support relating to families dealing with Child Protective Services (CPS) in the United States. Please see also .US CPS Help section
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Discussions relating to Social Services in the United Kingdom. Advice, support, information from those dealing with SS in the UK. Please be aware of the Help Section for Parents Dealing with Social Services in the United Kingdom.
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Your thoughts and information regarding child protection in Canada
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Have you been mistreated whilst dealing with child protection authorities, the courts, medical practioners or other corrupt governernment apartments? Please share your story here and warn others. Please name the staff member/s, office location, city, state and country as well as much evidence as possible.
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Discussions relation to child protection authorities, child protection reform etc
Foster carers, children who have been in foster care or are currently in foster care. Share your foster care story or anyt helpful info regarding foster care or foster carers.
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Mother's Rights, father's rights, the rights of grandparents and families providing kinship care including parental rights, law, courts, and other issues regarding the rights of families dealing with child protection.
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This section is for information which may help child protection staff. It is also a place to tell their side of the story, to share information and advice for other child protection workers. Please show respect to social workers who support and visit this website.
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News articles and links related to DoCS in Australia. Post them here or leave your opinion on the issue.
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Why is that child protection seems to take the children from loving families? There are thousands of stories where child protection has been notified of abuse, negligence or children in danger, and either fail to act or ignore the situation totally. The devasting results are the stories of these children's short lives ended too soon by ignored abuse.
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Discussions regarding parental rights, parental alienation the rights of children.
Discussions relating to adoption. Share your adoption story, information, ask for information regarding adoptions. Please be aware of the adoption and foster care section of the site.
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Information, ideas and advice relating to children's rights to be with parents, while they are in foster care or children's rights' in general.
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Information, experiences and stories regarding parental alienation, the demonising of a parent to their child by the other parent.
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An area for discussions and articles relating to child abuse. Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics.
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Stories and information exposing peodophiles, pornography and priests
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