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on Sun, 12/22/2013 - 17:24
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

When is this corruption with this f****d up agency going to END FOR MY CHILDREN & I !!!???

I let FSA have their 12 month care & protection order after I questioned the social workers and continuously challenged their allegations...All she said to me was "length of stability has not been long enough" WTF???

And another one they pulled out of their arses was "This is good for you, and its a protection for you dealing with your ex"? How so??? I recorded that meeting on t 3th Sept 2013 (will Upload). I also had to endure a long winded one sided "independent Psychological assessment" by the very infamous Jess Webster.

If anyone could lie for $5,000 it would be her. Word of advice....Contest ANY request by FSA for an "Independent" Psych assessment. 

If you are already engaging in one be sure to inform them. If you do be sure record secretly. My recording with Jess Webster went for 3 hours. That was on the 2nd Sept 2013. I can attach her false and misconstrued report if your willing to hear it.

 A very different version of events when I ply back actual evidence on that day. After all of this, my own psychologist and psychiatrist have different recommendations to what Jess Webster had to say. But NO.......NOT ENOUGH!!!

To top it off I changed lawyer, my lawyer Matthew Mitchell back peddled completely on his opinion. He ensured me by the end of the 42 day investigation order my children will be home! So when FSA pulled the f***n dirty with a 12 mth order, the idiot legal aid mut had a change of opinion!!! He said, "I need you t get a letter from my psychiatrist saying exactly that my children can come home".

AS IF any psych health professional will do that?? They have their NECK on the line! Why am I so special that they would risk that??!!! Any idiot knows that?? So after Matthew Mitchell asking me to do get what he knows damn well would be the impossible I said to him to take a hike and made a formal complaint to Legal Aid. HE WAS GETTING ME TO DO HIS JOB!!!

How about you stupid prick just fight for me as legal aid pays you to do so....Oh and I have you all know, I never neglected my children...this has all been a result of false notifications made....heads up;  So off I trot....

I came across Julieanne Murray...I was impressed on first meeting, then weeks go past I try and call, but she is always out in court....then i get told i need to find another lawyer, she is too busy....ummm yeh you could of mentioned this BEFORE

i requested my legal aid funding to be transferred!!!!!! after i begged for someone to help me get another lawyer, Juliennes secretary phoned and said that she will instruct a barrister Edward Stratton to represent me...i was all hopeful!!

3 days before the pre trial conference, after i had pretty positive reports with recommendations vastly different to witch Jess Webster, he tells me TO JUST GO ALONG WITH THE ORDER FSA ARE WANTING!!!!!!

Even though I don't want too???? Even though this has been the most corrupt chilling untrustworthy abusive horrific and hurtful process that the South Australian Government has put me thru???? How come? I have been treated as if I killed my children, while my abusive ex (big factor to my crisis) who is agreeing to the order, gets treated like a f****g KING???!!!!!

Even HE was telling me to go along with the order because he didn't want to look like he was abusive. That's all good for him though...He, at the ministers discretion, was able to rig every 2nd whole week, overnight stays unsupervised with our children!! Guess what I get?? 3 HOURS a WEEK JUST STARTED UNSUPERVISED SINCE MAY 2013!!!!

SO.......I have not actually met Edward Stratton the Barrister in the flesh as of yet. And i have 48 hours before Pre Trial. 15th October 2013....I get to Youth Court on Write St, Adelaide for 10am. Edward was no where to be seen. Then about 1 minute to the hour he arrives. Takes me to the room and says that its in my best interest to "go along" with the 12 mth order. Why?

Ohhhh he already had this conversation with the Crown Solicitor (Amy Curnow, who looks like a crack head) that I will agree! I disputed, he firmly said that I wont win against FSA as  they always get their order...the judge never says no to them. Go into the court room and once again FSA got their ORDER!!! AND AGAIN I didn't get to be HEARD!!!!

BUT wait there is more......We are now into DECEMBER 2013. This order went thru in early OCTOBER. FSA had a "restructure". My social worker was dumping my case into the reunification team in Blair Athol...It been a nightmare! My new worker has no idea who I am! She still has not started the process of reunification! There is Part 2 this.....I want to be HEARD with my EVIDENCE!!! I'm yet to tell you all how my poor babies are not coping