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What women's and children's hospital adelaide and Families SA is doin to us and has done is disgusting

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on Sun, 07/15/2012 - 00:19
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

Well i hope and pray Elijah comes home with me on friday after court, because what women's and children's hospital adelaide and Families SA is doin to us and has done is disgusting!! Just because i got upset with the nurses a few of them after he was first born they think i will abuse my baby son and that they deem him at risk!!

He is 10 weeks old and two days today and theyare saying I will abuse him! Hello! Have I ever been aggressive towards him or looked like I can't manage his cares and needs? NOOOOOOOOOO All they have is my history with the nurses!

Some ppl just dont like hospitals and I am one of them. now the doctors and nurses have held us here for over 1.5 weeks, the second time around not letting us GO HOME while we all wait for families SA to apply for a 28 day investigation order!!

While they have turned my life upside down all under assumptions, Families SA and the nurses and doctors here!! We are in for a second time, he came in here with breathing issues round 2 and a cold sorry cant spell bronc. They got a 42 day investiigation order on us 5 weeks after his delivery at the Women's and Children's Hospital Adelaide.

Rround 1 was they removed him, rather ripped him out my arms after he spent everyday for the first five weeks of his life with me! and Families SA placed him in foster care for 2weeks til he was readmitted with bronc (cold and breathing issues), so i went back to my fulltime job after round 1 as an apprentice only to be told 3 weeks later after returning back to work you can have ur son back.

So ok, I told my boss and I said I need 12 months off because he needs to come home with oxygen 24/7 Well this thursday just gone they tell me he cant come home because I was too tired one night when I looked after him at the hospital! and they (Women's and Children's Hospital Adelaide) feel I wont be able to cope when I go home!

Even though no friends are able to get into town (Women's and Children's Hospital Adelaide) to help me or to give me a break so maybe I can get some sleep, I do all his cares BECAUSE THATS WHAT MUMS DO they look after their kids and babies! 

I have to stay at this stinking place 24/7 which is ok before when I was to be taking him home when he was due and well enough to go home of course, but to be held here for over a week so Families SA can sort stuff out for my son! I mean who am i? some kinda idiot that lives in a hospital for no reason!


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... from this hospital? How many born there last couple of weeks and how many taken? if they have had a 100 or so kids born there past two weeks then theres 1/50 chance your child will not be going home. 

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strange that the SA hospital is playing kiddie bingo- roll the dice to see if you keep your kid.
1 in every 40-50 kids stolen- or is it a lower ratio?


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Have just checked the stats, births versus removals, and WCH (womens and childrens hospital) SA is running at DOUBLE THE NATIONAL AVERAGE for removals??

Any reasons?

An over-zealous work-experience docs trainee? Did they fail a hairdressing apprenticeship?

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I think it sucks when we concerned parents can't even stick up for our children anymore. We try to do the right thing and speak for our children epecially when they can't speak for themselves. I think the government and hospitals have gone to far and yet if they are in foster care away from parents and something happens no one is to blame. Do these type of people think that by parents sticking up for their children we are bad people when in actual fact we are doing the right thing and protecting them from any harm. I just wish us as parents could investigate Families SA and hospital and take away their jobs like they take innocent peoples children and see how they feel

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Families SA are stealing babies at an alarming rate. When will the politiicians do something about the mess they have created?

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I feel if we want this to change we need to do something about it as parents now. I think we need to go to the gov ourselves and fight this. Just because they see such bad things they think everyone parent is the same.