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What Karina Griffiths from Mt Gravatt DoCS is doing to our babies

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on Thu, 06/12/2014 - 20:21
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
What Karina Griffiths from Mt Gravatt DoCS is doing to our babies

This is the fifth time our grandson has come to a visit with black eyes. This time they said it happened in the bath. Because of his black eyes Karina Griffiths from Mt Gravatt DoCS has now told us she wants to split up the children and put our eighteen month old boy on his own in foster care.

How many children does your daughter have in care.


How old

Four year girl, three year old girl and eighteen month old boy.

Your the grandmother. Have you tried to get them in your care?

I have faxed the DoCS case worker saying daughter had lived with me two years and two youngest were born while mum were living there. Why can't mother and children come and live with me, or just kids. Caseworker Karina Griffiths from Mt Gravatt DoCS said it is not an option.

Did she give you a reason?

No. I told her I refused to let my grandchildren stay in care with strangers and she said it looks like I would need to go to the family law court in NSW and her reply was "We have the power!"

So then what did you do?

I gave the solicitor a letter for court and they didn't even submit it. The DoCS worker Karina Griffiths said they wanted a two month transition ordder and the judge said only a month and why is it taking so long. I had a police check and I already have two granchildren in my care for the last seven years through a court order. Karina Griffiths from Mt Gravatt DoCS has all of this information. I also worked for life without barriers for several years as a foster carer.

I have also rung numerous times and written letters. Karina Griffiths told the judge they had applied to DoCS NSW and been turned down but no reason was given. She said the problem was NSW and that's where the problem was and they were waiting on them.

When the children first went into foster care the father's parents rang DoCS and asked to take the children but Karina Griffiths once again stated that this was not an option.

Your the children's mother, what have you done to try to get your children back?

I have tried everything, I've rung everybody. I spoke to Janet Scott and told her how my caseworker had tried to cancel my visits because I have taken photos of my son's black eyes but she spoke to DoCS and I never heard back from her. I rang her again yesterday about the new black eyes and still haven't heard back from her again.

So your child has appeared at visits repeateldly with black eyes, and what reasons have been given to you for this?

The first one was "He walked in front of a swing and was hit in the head by the swing."

Second one was ""

Third one was "He was headbutted by the eight year old daughter of the foster carer." They stated that my eighteen month old baby instigated this vicious game. How ridiculous. He wouldn't instigate anything except for a bottle.

Fourth time and this time he has two black eyes and they are saying he fell over in the bath.

Have you spoken to Karina Griffiths?

Yes I spoke to her after the first black eye, and she had no idea. Then she came back a couple of days later and said my son was hit in the head with a swing.

They should work with famiies before they take their children. They came and took my children from a refuge which was supposed to be a safe house. I had just left the hospital after a miscarriage and was still in hospital and they went and stole my babies. They took them out of their beds at nine o'clock at night. I had returned to the refuge from the hospital and they came and stole the children.

Have any of your other children suffered injuries since being in the so called care of DoCS Qld?

Yes. My three year old daughter had toenails cut back so far they were bleeding and had sores on them. My other daughter who is four years old is being driven while not properly secured in the car of the foster carer. She has also had burns on her neck which they are saying are from seat belt burns. She is also being driven around in the DoCS car while not properly secured in a "H" harness.

My son also has a couple of bald spots that look like he has had his hair pulled out.

Who have contacted trying to ask for help?

I've contacted the child safety after hours number. I've rang my solicitor but he doesn't do anything because he is legal aid. I've contacted the aboriginal and islander legal service.. I've contacted our local member of parliament Robert Cavallucci MP, I didn't even hear back from him. First I contacted Senator Claire Moore who referred me to Rober Cavallucci. I contacted my caseworker from DoCS Mt Gravatt Karina Griffiths and I spoke to her team leader at Mt Gravatt DoCS Kylie and I spoke to the manager of Docs Mt Gravatt Susan Gill and none of them did anything. They organised a peadeatric assessment and this has changed nothing either.

I told them they could just give the children back and Karina Griffiths the Case Worker from Mt Gravatt stated... "That just won't happen.

Then I contacted "Luke's Army."

Watch how it's done....