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Walk a Mile in Luke's Shoes and Tell Me How Perfect Your Child Protection System Is

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on Wed, 05/11/2016 - 00:25
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Walk a Mile in Luke's Shoes and Tell Me How Perfect Your Child Protection System Is

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Walk a mile in Luke's shoes. Packing up to move on again, and I take these shoes with me everywhere I go, and a pair of his dirty socks wrapped in plastic to keep his smell in them.

One thing I am grateful for is that I never stopped telling Luke how much I loved him. I would say "I love you more than anything in the world, forever and ever Lukey", and he knew what I meant, because he loved me that much too. I must have said it to him twenty times a day.

I made the DoCS worker wait til I played one last song with Lukey before they dragged him away. I bought him that drum kit that day. He only ever played it once that morning.

Lukey didn't deserve to be dragged off screaming, then moved to twelve different foster homes in six months, until his head was finally smashed in and he was left to die at the age of two! And now I have to listen to them repeatedly, even at his inquest, telling me how well they looked after him, what a good job they did....

When I first walked into the hospital, the "reunification" bitch was there surrounded by police. It had happened the day before, Luke was left with a fractured skull and wasn't checked until I rang a second time six hours after his 74 year old foster carer told me "He's banged his head and gone to bed."

I begged her to check on him there and then. As soon as I got off the phone I rang docs Qld complaints who told me to ring the manager of Cairns North DoCS Pat Anderson, straight away. She wouldn't answer my calls.

I rang my visit supervisor, the commission for children, I tried and tried, until all I could do was sit in the corner and cry and cry and cry. I had a dream a couple of days before that Luke was in a little boat drifting out to sea, and I was standing on the shore watching him, there was nothing I could do. He was screaming to me, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

So the reunification bitch is surrounded by police and I said to her straight away, "I told you to get him out of that house."
All she could come back with was "You're raising your voice."
I said "Yeh, I get angry, I raise my voice. You get angry and you take people's kids off them."
The police looked away in agreement.

I had waited months for a meeting with that bitch, and had it 3 days before Luke's "Accident". I asked for longer unsupervised visits, and a few other things, but at the top of the list was "GET HIM OUT OF THAT HOUSE."

The day before at his visit he had huge scratches on his face. The next day at his mom's visit she found a scratch on his penis so bad it had to be seen to by a doctor. He was injured every time I saw him, severe burns and bruising. He was with a 74 year old foster carer who had four other children. I said to them at that meeting, "He is the size of a four year old but he is only a baby, the other kids are gonna bully him." The foster carer had been reported before for letting the kids bully the younger foster children, another thing I didn't know. She had many complaints lodged against her.

So I walked into intensive care and there was my little perfect angel, everything I lived for, in a coma. I said to him, "Lukey, Daddy's here."
Even though he was in a coma, tears started to roll down his cheeks. He knew I was there. I stayed by his side the whole six days he was there, singing to him, talking to him, so he knew his daddy was there and he was not alone. I did not want Lukey to die alone.

After three days, he was still relying on a machine to breathe for him, and they told me they were gonna turn off his life support. I walked in there and for the first time ever I yelled at my Lukey Pookey. I told him, "Breathe Lukey, Breathe. Breathe in...... Breathe out....' and I breathed in and out really loudly so that he could hear it.

Low and behold, my little champion started breathing for the first time since he was in the hospital. I was so happy, I knew he could hear me the whole time, but no one knew for sure because he was in a coma.

So there was hope, and they dismissed their plans to turn off Luke's life support. He breathed mostly on his own all that night until the next morning. But Lukey's brain was dying. He had been left for six hours with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain which swelled and starved his brain of oxygen, the coroner would not acknowledge any of this. A blatant cover up of the negligence which caused the death of a baby, my baby.

So as Luke's brain died off in sections, he would lose control of each of his organs one by one. I asked if I could sleep with him and hold him through the night and they let me. When I woke up in the morning Luke had no reflexes at all left, it was like he had died in my arms during the night, only the machines were keeping him going.

I wouldn't get out of bed. It was 11 o'clock when the nurse came to get me. She told me the doctor wanted to see me. I told her I knew what it was about and I didn't want to go.

The doctor cried when he told us it was all over for Lukey. I begged them. I said I didn't care if he was a vegetable or in a coma, I would look after him and watch over him for the rest of my life. If they wanted to do experimental surgery, take my brain, anything, don't let my boy die.

They said they would leave him on life support until 10am the next morning. I asked if Luke's mother could sleep with him until midnight and I could lay with him until it was time to go, it was agreed.

Midnight came and the nurses came to get me. I told them to leave Luke with his mother, I just wanted him in my arms when they turned the machines off, it was like he had died in my arms the night before anyway. A sick child wants to be in his mothers arms, but I am sure a boy would die in his father's arms should he have a choice.

So Lukey's family all gathered round the next morning, they left it til 11Am so I could have more time with him, then they started to unplug everything. Lukey's heart kept going even after everything was unplugged, my little champion had a heart like a horse.

Then when I couldn't feel his little heart beating anymore, I took him into a room and laid him on the table, he was terrible to look at after having been such a beautiful child. Then all of a sudden I felt him come into my heart, and he was so happy, and he was saying to me, "I love you too Daddy, I love you too", over and over. I said I love you too Lukey Pookey so much, now you go with the angels now bubba, you go to God, he will look after you.

At Luke's funeral, I started off by playing Puff the Magic Dragon on the church piano as I sang it, it was our favourite song.

I thanked Lukey for giving me so many things, more than I had ever known in my life my Lukey gave me. Then when we all gathered around his coffin, I told everyone to lift him up on our shoulders and carry him out, because he is a champion and should be carried out like one.

Take a walk in Lukey's shoes, and then tell me your child protection system is working. You are desecrating families, children's lives, parents, making them give their whole life earnings, their children's inheritiance to solicitors, in your sick game where you get unlimited legal funding, fake psych reports, and you make any false allegations you choose without and proof needed, and then you hold no accountability when your have ruined these kids for life.

So Lukey never got a sorry, and after all the sorries, which are still dribbling out, I see no change, I see corruption openly flaunted by vindictive hateful managers of child protection and their minions, the reunification bitches and nasty caseworkers who gleefully take out personal vendettas on an decent parent who fights for what they love most in the world, their children.

And the politicians, the media, the DoCS workers who witness the corruption and say nothing. Just as guilty. You are all going straight to hell.


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You have to be one of the strongest individuals I have ever meet or read about to go through the pain and still be able to function I lost a dear friend who I loved like a brother and it was all I could do to keep going I don't even want to think of the pain of losing a son I would have probably been in jail for murdering at many of the one responsible but by being strong you have opened many eyes to the evil way's kid are being took from their loving homes and family's and I am thankful to you for that also I am deeply sorry for your loss and I pray for you and your son.
Brian Brigman
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Hi there Mick how are you there mate i have forwarded on this e-mail of yours to the DOCS complaints unit as well as Pru Gowards office i have tried for you in the past to estaablish things like this for you to the attorney generals Justice depatment here in NSW, but they keep on sending me back e-mails to say that they forward things on to Pru gowards office, i have tried very and extremely hard to go around thesse mongrels for what they have done to our children but i keep on getting e-mails back stating that there is nothing that we can do as i myself have even sent e-mails all over the place about on what had happened to our family but it always come back that no one wants to be held accountable as they are gutless wonders that do not want to have a go but don't worry there Mick as there day will come and then the ball will be placed in there court and then just see how well then that they can escape from there very own dismise as you are not the only one that iss fighting out there Mick as we are all fighting for Justice not just for you and Lookey there mate but i am fighting to get EVERY SINGLE CHILD OF THERE TRUE FAMILIES given back to there proper parents or relatives concerned, but i am sorry there mate because i have tried and tried many many times to get our voices heard and i will never ever give up on these bastards that have condemned our children for the loss of there total innocence as all what it boils down to is just plain BULLYING TACTICS AND ALSO DICTATORSHIP just like the old Adolf Hitler days with the Jews and one day our government and church groups will be held accountable too and there are that many changes that are going on there mate it is unbelievable and all what that i have been told is that you must go through the proper protocols to get your little boy back and all what they say to me is that you must go through Pru Gowards office and then you only get calls from the DOCS complaints unit and then they only pass things back down to the local office of your town or city, but as i had said before their mate i have tried the Atttorney General for Justice and i have tried the ombudsmans office and i have tried Legal Aid and also the other Law firms that i could get my hands on as well and all what i am doing there mate is flogging a dead horse and they only send me back to the corruptees at all times and that is DOCS themselves and if you have any ideas there mate please let me know, Bye for now there Mick and don't worry justice will prevail as in your son Lukey Pookey and every other child that was taken oput of there care the state and territories of every part of our nation will end up paying in the end and BIG TIME and yopur son Luke and yourself will win at the end of the day, but bye for now there mate and take care from your old mate Max Brazel.
Yours Truly, Mr Maxwell Roy Brazel and Family Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2012 19:47:59 -0700

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When God called you home, it was time. It was not about our timing. If that were true, we would never have let you go. When God called you home, it was the right time. It was your time to be born in heaven. My heart is with you Michael. I see changes in laws everywhere...... you will never know how many lives have been changed and saved because of you and Lukey. Love, Kathy.

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Four years today since Lukey Pookey died in my arms.... When Luke was born, I held him in my arms for a second, but I couldn't wait to rush outside, drop to my knees and thank God.

I said, "He's yours God, take him when you're ready."

I meant I wanted him to be a preacher, but God took him straight to heaven, and I am grateful."

When I last saw Lukey as he lay in his little coffin, I told him I hadn't done anything yet, but I would start in front of him. I rang DoCS complaints, DoCS Townsville and DoCS Cairns, everyone that could have saved his life. I told them all, "I am coming for you all", then I rang the police and asked them to ring these offices and explain to them I meant legally, not to kill them.

Then I made Lukey a promise I would do something about them, and I would fix the system that we both witnessed the worst of.

Today I start my fifth year. Love you Lukey Pookey, more than anything in the world... forever and ever.

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My heart breaks for you today.

I can't stop crying after watching your tribute to your murdered son... you and Luke are in my thoughts.

We have to keep fighting ...

Take care especially today my friend and know that you are not alone in your grief and loss.

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Thankyou my friend.

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We think about you always,
we talk about you still,
you have never been forgotten,
and you never will.
We hold you close within our hearts,
and there you will remain,
to walk with us throughout our lives
until we meet again.

~Author Unknown~

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Hi, Luke's Dad,
I'm sorry for the loss of your son. He truly was a beautiful angel of a child, and I'm sure he is in Heaven now. I cried when I read about how you lost him.
 I was been adopted out of the foster care system here in the US. I count myself lucky, because although I did not have the greatest time in foster care, I was never severely abused. However, I do believe that the foster care system is a mess and there is not enough protection provided to the children in it. In my college English class this year, I have to write a fifteen- page argumentative paper about something controversial that has affected me personally. So I chose the foster care system. I actually came upon this website when I was researching for my paper, and I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on foster care, as well as answer a few questions for me? I tried emailing you, but couldn't find any other way to contact you on this webpage. If you could email me at, I could email you back the interview questions, if it''s okay with you, but if you don't feel comfortable, just let me know so I can find someone else to interview!
Thank you so much and God bless!
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I don't know how you do it. I would be in jail for murder I would have lost control your very strong and your son would be proud of you for staying strong for him and his mother. I almost lost my boy he wasn't even one the carea let him get sick and did nothing he has now got scars on his lungs that won't go away for the rest of his life and all dcp can say is oh well nothing we can do. They took my son of me five minutes after giving birth I felt like I wanted to die one of my ex friends of almost ten years lied to dcp about me using her pig sti of a house and saying it was mine I had dcp just walk in and rip my older two kids away from me they had my youngest for three weeks from birth I wasn't able to care for him as they took him out of the hospital I was in I wouldn't wish that apon my worst most hated person in the world it felt like hell I was in hell they waited till my lease ran out and gave my older two to there father who never once gave a dam about them and still doesn't he's a drug addict and a drunk driver no matter what won't stop it for anyone I just got my baby back and they took him because my lease ran out they made me move from town to town telling me if i did what they said i would get my boy back they told me who and when and where i could be or be around they put me through hell and i want them dead. I'm only just holding on i don't know how your staying so strong i have my baby boy back now but my other two are being kept from me by the father because his family don't want me having them. Your boy is so beautiful and deserves to still be here today with his daddy and mummy. He is an angel and a fighter god bless his poor little heart im so sorry that this has happened to you as they say a parent should never have to berry there childen first.

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Dear Michael and Jaqueline, Reading through your story and others on this troubled sleepless night I ask out loud that my Lord God fills you up with his golden everlasting light of love. The unbearable torturous avoidable unreconcilable pain OMG hear our cries for help. My children have been stolen by Perth City DCP. 05/07/14 @ 7.36pm. On the weekends it's Crisis Care. A morbidly obese stranger made the decision within an hour and fifteen minutes. I held the door closed with superhuman strength against two big policemen until they threatened to arrest me. The greatest heartbreak in my living memory. I went into shock left alone in my home, my Dad (ex policeman) driving from Bussellton. Donna offered me a motel room with the kids at the beginning but within the hour changed that option to removing my girls with a section 37? Because there have been some 60 diarised failings I should bullet point. • Donnas avidavid is considered fact • for several months previous we asked for help • DCP avoided me for the critical 72 hours • Donna led a phone call with a 6yr old • I have police witnesses proving Donna to be lying • I was not ever given a written checklist safety plan • why wasn't my dad good enough solution • my youngest 18 month old is separated from the other two • why are we not allowed to know about the dynamic • why can't our long term lifestyle impacts be maintained eg we don't eat maccas. • why can't milestones be recorded eg first word. • why am I threatened with loss of access if I ask questions • why has my statement never been taken. • why can't I see her statement and my file • why can my girls be interviewed with no witness • why can foster caters encourage my girls to call her Aunty or Mum • why do foster carers get to take my very young girls camping against my wishes • why is nothing in writing • why isn't anyone kind to me • why wasn't there more options explored? • do any DCP case workers get psychiatrically assessed • why is there no fast tracked pathway for dispute • why didn't anyone from DCP org to pick up the school work and expensive stationary • why am I treated like a kidnapper at every contact? • how many DCP case workers come from abuse environments • why does the time limited order start again if parents lose the trial? • where is a process accountability document • why are decisions not more evidence based eg other flags by teachers child care • expensive designer outfits for 5 and 6 year olds is a set up and a slap in the face we would never buy • I was ridiculed that 'mums wrong girls maccas is yummy hey?" Said by my case worker in front of girls • why choose to tell me something devastating 5 mins before my one and a half hour access? • leaving essential logistics to the last minute to ensure stress and failures • leaving 4-5 messages before one call is returned • lying by saying the placement team is working on moving my girls to Bunbury all with one carer family • minamalising my safety concerns • prioritising the sustained lifestyles of the carer family • brainwashing my daughters with adult sentences • demonising the girls loving father. • retrospectively rebutting a mistake made eg "did she drown?" When my daughter ran away in the swimming school centre. • how many foster children get abused in care?

There's more human rights and policy issues but wow. I'm not built to cope with back wards justice, by the time they have finished with me I will be an unfit mother. You can't fight what you don't understand, they play on your ignorance. Mad with power and all concerned with covering their buts so no one audits or cuts funding.

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I am really sorry I read your stories.

Please this is not one sided, the dept QLD and I am guessing it is all states..All your stories happen to foster parents too, the minute you start advocating for the children in your care and you report them to the police commission they remove any and all of the children and try to deregister you because you stood up to them.

We have been fighting for nearly 2yrs and 3 months and we are at a level where they are going to get some of their own back....lies, fraudulent accusations, paper report lies.

They try to pull you down to their level. My advice to parents of children in care and any other foster families that have been in this predicament is don't give up, phone all the time, email every day to team leader and manager.

Iif they dont answer, dont give up. Tape all meetings you have with them, every phone call you talk to them. This is legal so don't let them tell you otherwise, be strong and since we have been fostering for 30 years we will make the decision of when we will stop... not them.

Mama Bear