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Violations of Code of Ethics at the Alberta Children Hospital

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on Fri, 04/18/2014 - 02:14
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
I am a Vegan but I am not respected as a Vegan,I am detained in Foster and I am not allowed to contact to outside world but people who know me are getting my messages out in the world. Please help my words be heard. Vegans should be resepcted.
Dr Vyver E and her Dietician at the 
Eating Disorder Program Calgary 
from the Alberta Children Hospital said

They do not care about my Belief!!
I must eat what they order
I am allergic to nuts and milk 
Who cares
I am just a child
I have no voice
I am Vegan
who cares 
I am 17 and do not wnat to become obese
Gosh, that makes me an eating disorder kid?

I have no Eating Disorder
But it is about my body and my health 
So who cares,I do not have a say

I have medical issues
Who cares, I am not allowed to be seen my medical doctors of my choice
And now I wonder where are my human rights?
My freedom of opinion, religion, culture and belief?

No one cares....
I am a child 
How can i know that this is a beautiful world to live in 
..when all I see is torture , abuse and manipulation of 
Doctors and CFS ?
How am I supposed to have goals ..when all my paths are closed?
I want to go home where I am loved and supported 
and let me be who I am supposed to be