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UNITED STATES Help for people dealing with Child Protection Services

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on Sat, 02/11/2012 - 19:39
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
UNITED STATES Help for people dealing with Child Protection Services

Help for people who are Dealing With Child Protection Services in the United States.

You may like to have a look at the DHS child welfare procedure manual for child protection workers in the United States. This might be a good source to quote from when you are in court or dealing with CPS.

Links to other families. Group!/groups/272095892800727/

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From my inbox...

Who do u go to or tell your story about exposing dcf docs do u complain to the state idk I emailed a news investagater on a page where it says tell a story I go I good a story you could investagate dcyf and their tricks and selling children illegally no one got back to me

Michael Borusieiwicz
a few seconds ago
Michael Borusieiwicz

The media is gagged by laws a lot of the time. The website has turned into a media platform for us victims, and there are other sites as well, more read by people in the US.

What I say to people is that you can tell your story to me, and the next person and the next person, or you can put it up on the site, for thousands of people to hear over time.

See, you can post all day everyday on fb, but it is always gone the next day, but by posting on the site, it stays there for good. I believe it is good for everyone to have their own site, or even simpler is a fb page, as well as having their story on as many websites as possible.

This way you get your story out there, and are not just preaching to the converted on fb. I don't have much time anymore to get out and look at the other campaigners sites, but the good ones I do come across I collect here (US sites)

 I hope this is helpful for you Amanda, kindestest regards, Michael.

    PS I would be happy to post your story on the Luke's Army website

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CPS does not have a legal right to conduct an investigation of alleged child abuse or neglect in a private home without your consent. In fact, removing a child from your home without your consent even for several hours is a "seizure" under federal law. Speaking to your children without your consent is also a "seizure" under the law. If CPS cannot support a warrant and show that the child is in imminent danger along with probable cause, they cannot enter your home and speak with your children.

Remember, calls to CPS are NEVER considered probable cause under the Warrant Clause. Even if they have the name and number from the reporter on the end of the phone, that also DOES NOT support probable cause under the law.

CPS must by law, investigate the caller to determine if he or she is the pe
rson they say they are and that the accusations are credible. The CALL ALONE, standing by itself, is INSUFFICIENT to support probable cause under the law. Many f
abricated allegations are made by disgruntle neighbors, ex-spouses or someone wanting to gain revenge. As such CPS is required to show due diligence, just as police are required to obtain sworn statements.

CPS agencies across the country have an exaggerated view of their power. No matter what you consider constitutes actual abuse or neglect, CPS has it's own definition. That definition is whatever they decide it to be. CPS will lie to you, they will tell you that they can do anything they like with total immunity. Tell that to the half dozen social workers sitting in jail in California, who lied to a judge. We will discuss this in further detail, in Section 2: Are All CPS Workers In The United States Subject To The 4th and 14th Amendment?