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The system

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on Sun, 12/22/2013 - 18:51

Hey there my name is Donald Smith 33 male from Canada,

I am going to share with ya about the CFYS system where I am from.

I can tell ya from Canada and around the world the DoCS, CAS and CYFS system is so corrupted with social workers making false reports on health families and the local police just answer the bell to theses blood sucking social workers,

Everyday I see on the news from coast to coast even the world kids dying in care and the system just covers it ups to say oh the kid fell down the stairs when you know there was a abuse in the home.

as a former foster child Alberta child welfare system i was abused smashed on psychotropic pills put on hospitals because they said i cant be handled,

well maybe if someone out there listened to me and understood me plus checked out the home i was in even quit listening to the foster mom you assaulted then all this would never happen me.

i have seen Sandra Rogers assault some of her foster kids i cant remember what year it was this foster child had a bed wetting problem  i remember sleeping then her asking Chris do you need to use the bathroom then she smelled the piss guess what she grabbed his arm in the air and smacked his ass very hard. i never spoke about that this happened in the 90"

i am part of theses groups about the system where kids are abused even assaulted out there in the foster care system and hearing peoples stories about the system shocks me.

i don't like talking about this but i do risk my neck for speaking out about the system and the foster care system when its corrupted, people need to wake up say no thanks your not taking my kid without a proper cause plus record the SS workers and ask questions because they will lie to take your kid.

well i hope someone reads this and gets back to me the system is corrupted

thanks Donald smith

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Donald thanks for speaking up. Though all of it is absolutely horrible we all need to hear the truth so that we can change it. Keep going brave one!