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Subpoena facs files in Dubbo

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DevilishDeb's picture
on Sat, 01/31/2015 - 00:59

I have tried to get my Daughter's file at the Dubbo office thru freedom to information but to no avail, my Lawyer has gotten a subpoena for that file, and the caseworker abusers me back stating i am not entitled to get that information and she will appeal at the next court hearing, from what I have been told it is against the law for her to refuse it and if she doesn't comply she is in contempt in the court of law. she has also stated to my face that she can subpoena my medical files, I asked my lawyer this he said that is true....but I can also subpoena her medical files too...has anyone here ever tried that and is really true that i can get their medical files if they get mine.