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on Mon, 03/05/2012 - 09:13

Q. I was just wondering if someone could help me with my question. I found out that the social worker involved in my sisters case is not a registered social worker. What does it mean if he's not registered?
A. not sure but i would check into it because if they are using regular people not good means they cant do job properly and have a way to get out of things.
A. They are illegally ''engaging the practice'' of social work. But their loop hole is they take their case to their supervisor, which their supervisor takes to whom is really the social worker. Who ever is just a ''protection worker'' their job ends right after apprehension of a child. Anything past that, is totally illegal. But be careful confronting them about it, you will not be listened to by any athourity and you will be running the risk of them acting out in revenge. ( For they are well known to do that).
A. None of my supervisors are registered, or the 'case manager' who brought the apprehension order to my house. I am confused and going around in circles with this. NONE of the people who have been dealing with me are supervised which is supposed to be illegal, and I'm pretty sure ALL of the stuff they're doing with me is considered Social I can do something about this or not????
A. ''no'' unfortunately is the answer. Transparency is the only pathway to accountability. AND THE C.A.S. KNOWS IT!
A. I think the C.A.S. is starting to realize the amount of Ontario's parents being fed up with them is growing at an alarming rate. Especially over accountability. Why do you think it was suggested to have a child death review board? To be open and transparent? How much do you want to bet if this review board surfaces, their job is NOT to investigate but ''review'' behind the same curtain as the review board they have now? There are so many child deaths that are getting noticed more and more under the care of these monsters. Planning a new ''smoke and mirror'' review board is desperately needed for the C.A.S. to try and stay ahead of the public's eye.
A. Well nothing wrong someone going to their mp's and asking if and why this is happening and go from there. Where are you located are you in Ontario if so maybe bring it up with the mp's that were trying to get the bill passed and have them voice it for you?
A. ell think about it they will fight till the end to keep "Nazi" ways till they are toppled....but once we win and we have control u will see the society die down because they will quite quickly to avoid investigations and chance of charges against them.
A. Ontario as you know only province that don't have the over site so your still in you should contact the members here that was in our Parliament fighting to get it in.....they can voice your concerns...and maybe they can talk to your members of your office to check into that. we need everybody in Ontario to send letters and letters with there concerns there stories etc etc actual facts to the members who are fighting to get it in.....more petitions....for a bigger fight saying we don't want more this and that from the government to control it....we want someone who will fight and watch over us and that over site from the obs will do it. e need everybody across Ontario i think petitions are one thing but actual stories read by the members in the house might make them think harder. We need them to feel for us in a way they have never before.
A. I sent letter to Hudak and no response. Going to send one to NDP party. I think people need to go to an all candidates meeting and as the question.
A. Agree with you Mike however not many of our political members in the house are listening to the parents. I think it might be because we are the parents the Children's Aid Society has made look abusive/neglectful/etc. parents. Now may be the time for our children who are old enough obviously to write their feelings down and send it to the politicians. Maybe when they read the feelings of the children affected, they will truly listen. But it would have to come from the children and not edited by an adult, grammar and spelling mistakes who cares its from the heart.
A. Jen, the NDP want the Ombudsman, the PC want Grand Juries/making Ministries more responsible and the Liberals want no accountability
A. Mike, everyone should also CC their complaint to the Ontario Ombudsman so they can add the stats to their report and also have the complaint on file when the day comes.
A. I cd Hudaks office as well--no response at all:(
Q. Does it mean anything if the social worker isn't registered like will it help the case at all?
A. Unfortunately no. you can request a registered worker, but a vast majority of them aren't.
Q. Does anyone also know if it is illegal to keep a child in foster care if myself (there aunt) has gotten my house approved for them to come to my house until the parents can get them back? The social worker will not let them come to my house even though my house was checked by cas and it was approved.
A. There should be no reason why they can't come to your house , but by keeping them in the system they get money for them. FIGHT IT! If you were approved to have them there then there is no reason they need to be in the system.
Q. Exactly what I was thinking. I'm not sure what I should do now. Any suggestions
A. I should demand a registered worker now, and try to start all over again. My current worker doesn't even personally communicate with me, they have a sweet young 'go between' (unregistered too lol). They will say no but I will keep demanding it. And I will keep track of EVERYTHING that transpires between us then, if you know what I mean ;0
A. I would go for it. no harm in trying right? at least if you keep fighting your son will see that & know that no matter what you won't give up.
A. I don't know about Montreal CAS so not sure I can be of any help. We are actually looking into moving there as we have ALL been told that Quebec isn't nearly as bad as here. I would LOVE to hear your experiences before anyone decides to uproot their families to move there
A. Montreal is a great place to live. When I had to get my home checked by the CAS here she was very nice and wasn't judgemental at all. They are more understanding down here. They actually think about what's actually good for the child.
A. Chris York has some knowledge about the Quebec system and we've received 2 complaints in 6 years.
A. **** - that's awesome that you have a good worker. I was born in Montreal & moved to Ontario at a very very young age. It's definitely something that we may look into once our daughter is returned here & CAS closes the file.
**** - the fact that there has only been 2 complaints in 6 years is amazing considering the number of complaints received DAILY due to Ontario CAS.
A. I tried getting help from my MP and MPP when i was dealing with CAS over the CAS lies , MPs and MPPs will not do anything if you are in a open court case with CAS, and even if your case is closed, their is still little they can do.
For more advice in Canada Please visit the "Stop CAS" group on face book.
Activist/Advocate info.
Activist/Advocate info.
Have been sitting around thinking about how we can all help each other better & help create local groups of support for organizing protests/rallies, & helping people with information & fighting in court against CAS. I thought it was a good idea to create a document to see if we can get ALL the members who are active to post their name & where they are located. This way if someone new comes in & is in desperate need of help others can easily tag the closest person in a comment & can refer the needy person to the closest advocate. Not only will it help others but it always helps to know which CAS everyone is battling just in case someone has to move & they end up in your area. I am encouraging EVERYONE to please add their name & their location so that we can start moving this forward. If not comfortable with exact locations then post what county CAS you are dealing with. If you haven't had the displeasure of CAS & are interested in helping or beomcing informed simply post your name, location & the word INFO beside it. Hopefully this will help get things more organized & then when we see there are people close in need phone numbers can be exchanged if both parties are comfortable & we can start make more changes.
Activist/Advocate Name: Location:
1. Melissa or Ray Buckingham-Russell Southern Simcoe County, Ontario
2. Neil Sudbury/Nickelbelt/Maintoulin, Ontario
3. Kim Shook Niagara Region/St.Catharines, Ontario
4. Shannon Sudbury/Nickelbelt/Maintoulin, Ontario
5. Alyssa Marie Bishop Pembroke, Ontario
6. Sonny Bishop Pembroke, Ontaio
7. Jan Johnson Peterborough, Ontario
8. Chris York Niagara Region, Ontario
9. Bobbie Gellner Niagara Region, Ontario
10. Carrie Locking Chatham Kent, Ontario
11. Sara Gray and Bruce, Ontario
12. Tina Hurst London, Ontario
13. Penny Biebuyck Owen Sound, Ontario
14. Shannon Edsall Niagara Falls, Ontario
15 debbie m brown hamilton ontario
16.Donna Behnke Belleville,Ontario
17.Tammy LaRonde Toronto Ontario
18. Brittany H Parkin Owen Sound and Grey, Ontario
19.Katelyn Woodruff London Ontario
20. Lillian Christine Sorko - Houle Oxford/Elgin/Huron-Perth/Haldimand- Norfolk/Lambton, Ontario
21.Troy Fraser Leeds and Grenville, Ontario Prince County, PEI
22. Joe Roberts Prince George BC
23. Monica Knihti North Bay, Ontario
24. Mary Joslin-Whitehouse Hamilton Ontario , Central Newfoundland
25. Cassandra Robillard Trail, BC (formally NW Ontario)
26.Chelsea Nicol Hastings County Children's Aid, Belleville ON
27.Cheryl Watson Mt. Uniacke, NS (near Halifax)
28. Velvet Martin Edmonton, AB
29. Linda Plourde Hamilton, ON
30. Jamie Sullivan Leduc, AB
31. Marilyn Koren Leduc, AB
32.thomas kingston ont
33. Bill Miller St. John's. Nfld.
34.Stephanie Semple Simcoe ( Haldimand - Norfolk ) Ontario