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Seeking people involved in the assumption of care (AOC) process where newborn babies are removed by FACS NSW

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on Mon, 10/28/2013 - 11:38
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Seeking people involved in the assumption of care (AOC)  process where newborn babies are removed by FACS NSW

Have you had your baby removed at birth from the hospital by FACS NSW (Families and Children Services New South Wales). Please come forward with your story.....

Hello Michael.

I spoke with FIN NSW this morning and they introduced me to Luke’s Army web site. I have accessed your site and I’m sorry to hear about  your loss of young Luke- he looked like a beautiful boy and  full of life.

I am a midwife and student researcher  interested in learning  from people  involved in the assumption of care (AOC)  process where  newborn babies are  removed from their mothers by child protection case workers a few hours after birth. This is my PhD study.

My aim of the study is to gain a perspective from those involved to be able to highlight the effect of the AOC and therefore improve the process. This study will raise awareness of the situation and as a consequence improve the process with  the woman and her significant others  being more involved, allow them a say or choice and gain more related information etc.  prior to another pregnancy or throughout her pregnant journey.   

I have ethics approval for NSW.  I will interview midwives, doctors and social workers and surprisingly I have ethics approval to recruit and interview the DOCS case managers. I desperately want to include mothers in this study as they are the focal point and no one , to my knowledge, has ever asked them about their experience. Docs are not happy to help me advertise form the woman to participate. They were will to assist as long as I only  interviewed women /  families that have had the babies/ children returned to parental care . I was not happy to accept this as I would like to have a variety of situations represented.

As a midwife and as a midwifery manager I have been involved first hand in the assumption of care (AOC) process and seen the hurt and suffering that this creates. This is important work Michael and never been undertaken before. Women need a chance to  speak  and be heard.  I am contacting you to see if you have any information or any way of assisting me with gaining access to women who have experienced AOC in NSW.  

I am happy to talk more with you at any time. Please get people to leave their contact details below this blog on the Luke's Army website.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.




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hi i have had my newborndaughter taken at birth from John Hunter hospital  if you want to know more please contact me at 


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 I had to stand by & watch as my daughter's heart was ripped out DOCS werein the next room whilst she was in labour. They waited for me to leave as they knew I would b a problem to them (Barstards)Then they just tookmy tiny Gdaughter from my daughters arms.This year she had a little boy this time the nurses put the bub to her breast Then they all turned up with there paper work ID"S & again took him from her arms Long story if you want to understand & be aware of why these pigs are a law unto themselves you can contact meon 0295831047 M0433035238  Iam happy to speak with you at length  I can tell tyou both sides of the story or u can contact me via emailbut too  long a story to explain in detail Kind Regards Diane Mancuso ps I will give you an objective view of the dept

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Hello  Dianne

Can you please provide an email contact so I can send you some information prior to us talking. I have to do this to meet the ethics approval process.

Once this has been done I can then contact you. I look forward to hearing about your expereince.

Many thanks

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I to had my newborn baby girl taken in August 2012, I am in South Australia though, they took her on a basis of risk, they were going for a long term guardianship order ( 18yrs) but I took it to trial ( after getting my own psychological report ) and won a 12 month order instead GOM 12 I am currently waiting to be allocated a reunification worker and hopefully I will know soon the outcome of what happens the last 15 months have been so hard

If I can help in any way plz email me on