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Royal Commission

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on Tue, 01/13/2015 - 17:51

Please every one write and submit a complaint to the Royal commission.Keep writting to Local Member of parliment . Sooner or later they will have to take notice of this disgraceful department called Child safety. Their staff are unqualified and have NO children or any real knowledged about children and their behaviour. They are only trained in telling and writting lies about parents and grandparents so they can take your children and traumatised them and get away with it all. Because they seem to fall under this so called government safety banner, called corruption.

know First hand at how child safety works, Cairns and surrounding districts are cruel and nasty people. Useless Regional Director Arna Brosnan and her side kicks all conceal the abuse they do to you and your children.

They claim they care for children and their safety yet they left our granchildren in a place where guns where held at their heads and shot at because of bad drug deals , plus the children where sexually and physically abused.

Many people reported this abuse for many years and child safety did nothing. Until both children tried to take their own lives at the age 9 and 10. We had our belovered grandchildren in our care which were mentally disturb and behaviour problems. They refused to help us with our grandchildren. No help came for the children who were self harming and who were forced to still have visitation with parents who abused them terribly.

Children did not won't to have contact yet Child safety made them and ignored the childrens plea for help and ours. We made a complaint against this Child safety Office and soon the manager made up lies and got her staff to write false allegations about us to take the focus off of them.

Removed our grandchildren from us and handed them back to this violent home with NO follow ups.


Stating they always have the best interest of the children in mind. What bloody lies.How many more children and parents and grandparents have to suffer before anything is done.

DOC'S stand for Department of Child Snatching.


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I would have to agree with you that DoCS Cairns North are particularly nasty bastards.