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Rolf Harris One of Many Paedophiles in the Australian Entertainment industry

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on Wed, 07/02/2014 - 07:59
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Rolf Harris One of Many Paedophiles in the Australian Entertainment industry

Rolf Harris has been convicted of being a paedophile, but would things have gone differently for Rolf Harris had he remained in Australia where there is a highly organised and protected paedophile ring that is protected by the police and politicians?

Rolf Harris & Bert Newton.... Have heard some stories about this pair.

"Rolf Harris and his little four-piece band were in the foyer playing during the interval and he was so good they had him starring in the following year's show. He went on tour with me to New Zealand as my piano player and then he became Bert Newton's musical director in Melbourne."

Harris says the Schools Spectacular is most valuable for finding young talent and establishing a realistic appreciation of the entertainment industry in young people aged from five to 18.

How it works in Britain...

STATE-RUN PAEDOPHILIA in the United Kingdom Linking Back to Australia

Aussie tv icon a paedophile
It  can be quite easily said that every communications medium has its “Golden Age”, i.e. the golden age of radio could refer to the decade between the 1930’s – 1940’s, or the golden age of Hollywood that being American cinema, being from the mid 1910’s to the 1960’s, which all are of course subjects to debate, as they are a matter of opinion.
In Australia, it can also be said that there was a golden age of television, which could refer to a period of time from the 1960’s to the 1970’s or even 80’s.
Whatever the time frame is, there can be no doubt that there have been some iconic or legendary television performers and hosts.
One name synonymous with the baby boomer generation is that of media personality, Graham Kennedy, who not only graced the radio waves, but also the television frequencies as well.
It was a well known fact within the industry that Kennedy was a homosexual (and for that matter who his partner was), and whilst his popularity was on the rise, word started to get out about his homosexuality, so the truth had to be hidden by perpetuating a lie. 
The so called rumours that Kennedy was with this woman or dating another woman, were perpetuated by the corporate media, in order to conceal the truth that he was a homosexual.
These facts are well known within the Australian entertainment industry.
It is surely the common opinion of the masses that one of the worst crimes against children is that of paedophilia.
This can be supported by the fact that today the authorities are spending billions of dollars worth into technology, in the form of censorship, data collection, in order to catch paedophiles that lurk on the internet.
What is most concerning that an entertainment icon that graced the television screen was a paedophile.
The person that graced the Australian television screen was born, of the lesser known identity as Morton Donald Isaacson, or more familiar to the Australian public as Don Lane.
There is no question that this fact was known to authorities, but the truth remains hidden whether the television producers knew of this fact, and hid it from the rest of Australia.
The truth was concealed about Graham Kennedy’s homosexuality, and even an elaborate public hoax, that Kennedy had an interest in women was given to the masses, so it could also be quite plausible that Isaacson’s conviction of paedophilia was also known to producers, as it has been hinted that his return to Australia was met with hindrances.

Twenty years later, Hey Dad! actor finally exposed

Robert Hughes
On Friday Rolf Harris is expected to be firstly taken to Wandsworth Jail in south west London, the same jail that Australian actor and Hey Dad star Robert Hughes was taken to when he was arrested in London of child sex charges ahead of his extradition.

Hey Dad! actor Robert Hughes enters the Downing Centre to face court.

Television has always had its share of dirty little secrets, indiscretions, and even crimes. Stars have been quietly moved on, sometimes victims have been paid hush money as a channel goes into damage control.

Invariably, the public hears nothing about it as it remains in-house, mainly because of defamation laws. If actor Sarah Monahan hadn’t spoken up, Robert Hughes’ depraved behaviour would have remained one of those open secrets within the industry, something he had managed to hush up for two decades.

The case in the District Court, that this week saw Hughes convicted of 10 counts of sexual assault on girls as young as seven has laid bare the truth behind the man who was once Australia’s favourite TV dad.

Ben Oxenbould, Julie McGregor, Robert Hughes, (front L-R) Sarah Monahan, Mathew Krok and

Ben Oxenbould, Julie McGregor, Robert Hughes, (front L-R) Sarah Monahan, Mathew Krok and Rachael Beck from the hit show in 1992.

On Hey Dad!, he was head of the fictitious Kelly family that everyone wanted to be part of. They were the Brady Bunch without the stepchildren and Hughes played their father Martin as a lovable klutz, a bumbling architect bringing up three children, including Monahan as the youngest daughter Jenny, after their mother died.

But off camera, Hughes, 65, was an ego-driven predator who got a thrill out of exposing himself, a star who thought he could get away with anything because of who he was, the court was told during his six-week trial.

The steely self-control that had held him together cracked when the jury returned on Monday with guilty verdicts on nine of the charges, including two counts of sexual intercourse with a child.

I’m innocent

He walked to the edge of the dock and screamed at them: “I’m innocent.” By the time they returned later that day to convict him of another two counts, Hughes was looking shaken and even teary.

Back in court on Tuesday after his first night in Silverwater jail, he was puffy-eyed and dishevelled as the jury convicted him of one last count — exposing himself to a 10-year-old Monahan on the set of the Channel 7 sitcom. Hughes looked as though his humiliation was complete.

He was a broken man, his fiesty lawyer Greg Walsh said outside court.

Hughes, who had consistently denied the offences, had been tried in the court of public opinion before he even got before a jury, Mr Walsh said.

The publicity after Monahan went public with her story across the pages of Woman’s Day in 2010 had meant it was virtually impossible for him to get a fair trial, Mr Walsh further claimed.

You can be a very nice human being and a paedophile. That’s my point

He signalled that Hughes, who is due to be sentenced on May 2, would be appealing the verdicts. The jury could not decide on an 11th count.

Fans of Hey Dad! had long puzzled why Hughes had ignored the show since he walked off set on his last day in February 1994. He shunned his own farewell party, refused to take part in a 2005 reunion ­organised by Seven’s Where Are They Now series and also missed a later radio reunion.

He had moved to Singapore in 2004, living quietly with wife Robyn Gardiner, who has steadfastly supported him throughout. Gardiner is best known as a celebrity agent to the stars with clients including Cate Blanchett, Anthony LaPaglia and Rose Byrne.

One of her friends, former casting director Liz Mullinar, revealed this week that Hughes had been pushed to leave Hey Dad! after his behaviour culminated in a number of stand-up rows with the show’s executive producer Gary Reilly. Mullinar had been brought in to find a replacement.

“The cast didn’t want him to continue on the program. Channel 7 behaved fantastically as did Gary Reilly and in the end Hughes resigned,” Mullinar said.

The former casting director said she had told Gardiner about the industry suspicions.

“She didn’t believe me ...,” Mullinar, herself a sex abuse victim, said.

She added that paedophiles were not that seedy man in the corner or the “greasy men in dirty coats. (Hughes) is a very nice human being. You can be a very nice human being and a paedophile. That’s my point.”

Originally published as Hey Dad! actor finally exposed

    JANET FIFE-YEOMANS Chief reporter
    The Daily Telegraph Note: This blog is under construction as research uncovers more information regarding Rolf Harris & other paedophiles or suspected paedophiles in the Australian entertainment industry. Anyone with information should email me on


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I’ve been researching occultism, ritualism and those who partake in these practices for a number of years now. Based on everything I’ve looked at, I believe there is a strong connection between occultism (which literally translates into “knowledge of the hidden”) and the people who run the small group of major corporations that control our food, water, health, education, entertainment and finance. This, in my opinion, also includes various individuals within politics, royalty and the entire military industrial complex.

I’m not saying that these realms do not have good people in it, people with good hearts who want to see things change. I’m saying that the information and allegations that have been making headlines over the past few years regarding child abuse by people who hold great power is overwhelming, and is shedding light into a world of darkness that some could have never imagined.

This time, a whistle-blower who kick started a UK police pedophile probe operation is saying that as many as 40 British MPs and peers were involved in child abuse. Retired child protection team manager, Peter McKelvie, has spent two decades gathering information and evidence of alleged child abuse by people in authority.

He was responsible for bringing Peter Righton (pedophile) to justice when he worked for the Hereford and Worcester child protection team. He believes that at least 20 Lords and MPs should be investigated. He believes that these people have been abusing children for decades.

“I believe there are sufficient grounds to carry out a formal investigation into allegations of up to 20 MPs and Lords over the last three decades, some still alive and some dead. This list is there. I would say we are looking at upwards of 20 people and a much larger number of people who have known about it and done nothing about it, who were in a position to do something about it.” - McKelvie

The first time the issue of child abuse was raised in a session of parliament in the House of Commons was in October 2012, when whistle blower McKelvie told Tom Watson (MP) who then raised the issue as a result of the information McKelvie passed to him.

Watson said that there is “clear intelligence suggesting a powerful pedophile network linked to parliament.”

I think it’s important to state that many times, the victims have refused to give sworn testimonies to police. You can imagine the type of fear they live in.

This isn’t the only news that’s emerged within the past few weeks, as RT reports:

“Earlier this week it emerged that a separate file on an alleged Westminster pedophile network, which had been put together by the now deceased MP Geofrey Dickens, has mysteriously gone missing after he handed it to the then Home Secretary Lord Brittan in 1983. ” (source)

At least six other MPs have also recently written to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, demanding a public inquiry and investigation into this. One of those who submitted a request was Labor MP Simon Danczuk, who said:

“I’ve asked the permanent secretary at the Home Office to do everything he can to find answers to all of these questions and to make sure we can reassure people about these events. It’s right these investigations are made. We mustn’t do anything, of course, that could prejudice or prevent proper action by the police.”

McKelvie also said that the victims were “almost exclusively boys”, and were abused “over many, many years and moved around like a lump of meat.”

The quote above correlated with much of what I have researched. These children are used, abused and tossed around. I believe a lot of this abuse is correlated with Mk Ultra, a CIA program that utilizes trauma based mind control for behavioral engineering. You can read more about that HERE.

“I can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was and still is and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem, for children in this industry. It’s all done under the radar, pedophilia is the big secret. I was surrounded by them when I was 14 years old, surrounded, they were everywhere like vultures.” - Corey Feldman

“There was a circle of older men that surrounded themselves around this group of kids. They all had their own power or connections to great power in the entertainment industry.” - Corey Feldman

The quotes above are from former child star Corey Feldman, arguably the biggest child actor of the 80′s. You can read that full article HERE.
The Vatican

The Vatican has been outed for child abuse practices over the past few years. A number of child abusers have been outed, and it’s no longer a secret that the Vatican has been involved in this for a number of years. These are occult rituals in which children are abused, raped, and murdered.

Earlier this year, the UN made an announcement expressing how the Vatican ‘must immediately remove’ child abusers. According to this BBC article:

“In its findings, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child said the Holy See should open its files on members of the clergy who had “concealed their crimes” so that they could not be held accountable by the authorities. The Holy See had not acknowledged the extent of the crimes committed, and expressed its deepest concern about child sexual abuse committed by members of the Catholic churches who operate under the authority of the Holy See, with clerics having been involved in the sexual abuse of tens of thousands of children worldwide. The committee said this practice placed children in many countries at high risk of sexual abuse, as dozens of child sexual offenders are reported to be still in contact with children.”

The Vatican has denied an official cover-up, at the same time refusing to release any information regarding the matter.

“Church officials knew about it and they refused to stop it. Nothing has changed. Despite all the rhetoric from Pope Francis and Vatican officials, they refuse to take action that will make this stop.” - Barbara Blaine, president of a group representing US victims of abuse by priests.
Final Comments

This is another example of what was thought to be a mere ‘conspiracy’ theory that’s turning out to be true. A lot of these abuses (in my opinion) are ritualistic in nature, involve members of the Illuminati, Elite, or whatever you want to call them. It’s clear something very strange is going on at the highest level of government, politics and entertainment.

What can we learn from all of this? That it’s important to keep an open mind. That not everything which conflicts with your beliefs is a conspiracy theory. That there are children and victims of this type of behavior who need us to keep exposing what’s really happening.

We’ve seen how and what the government and corporations have done to Earth and its people; A great example is the Canadian First Nations genocide, something that practically wiped out an entire population and was overseen by the Church and the Canadian governments department of Mining and Natural Resources.

If they can do these things to Earth, and to human beings, just imagine what else they are capable of doing.

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We have come a long way Michael, we have all learnt so much from where we were in 2008/2009. We have discovered hidden agendas and lots about each other and groups and such. We are stronger than ever, I want to say this is all about the children, that was one of our catch cries but it is not just about our kids. It is also about us as people and who we are, it is about our identity and about the way we act as a community towards each other and it's about causing grief and heartache. Australians were once known to help each other out but now we hide behind closed doors, it is rather awesome that you got out from that to do what you did over these years, and get others to speak out. Hang on, I will just change that to what we have all done so no one gets offended, and if this was Facebook I would have to say lol, but only together are we all strong in this loss, and ironically what has happened to many of us has given us a gain, that is, those who have survived it because we have lost so many. From Luke to all those who have passed after DoCS came and took the children away, many from their own hands. It is always a case of some days are better than others, on a good day you see that to fight the system you must remain stronger than it, many people together standing up to the bullies is the only way but it starts with one. The power of one! Congratulations on your interviews with John Laws, that is so powerful, he is still a powerful man, perhaps justice is just around the corner. I hope this posts as I just lost the last one as spam, if not I know the universe is supporting you and the messages are out there anyway.   

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone please recommend some of the best child protection Lawyers in Melbourne city area please, Contact details, their experience in this field (if known), pricing (rated reasonable Medium or High if known) and any other information relevant would be great thanx! Needed for case of 2 young kids in temporary foster care & in the process of trying to get them back through the relevant processes