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on Thu, 02/05/2015 - 07:46

Hello Everyone,

ok i have looked and looked for hours and hours, i am trying to find the supervision standards for child protection victoria, the link on DHS web page for that will not open and hasnt for weeks.

a little run down on the situation is child protection have made a protection applaction its agains my ex partner as far as ive been told by them they want him  to only have supervised visits the last 2-3 months it has been lie after lie from them playing us off eachother

not admiting things to him telling him im seeking all of this and im instructing them to do everyting i was tricked into taking out a full intervention order NO CONTACT AT ALL i had to record a phone call with them just to prove to him that it is them lying almost everyday to both of us.

he has been alloud supervised contact or access he was able to chose a friend this person was called and asked

her name, address. and date of birth and that was all she was told they would do a police check at this point in time the C/P WORKER we had was on holiday with those details over the phone was given the all clear for a contact visit they did say to her that they needed her to sign a form and they would have to inspect her house and asked if the first visit could be done in a park...... on a 42 degree day

contact did not go through due to the heat

the following weekend our C/P worker was back and the access superviser was told no no we dont need to inspect your home and contact was arranged for the following weekeed

my Question is does anyone know their procdures and pollices there would have to be some guide line they would have to follow when allowing these people to be suppervisers


I will just add last week this superviser could not do a contact visit as she was busy, i told my ex to give them this name and phone number as a person that could do it for this weekend. they called that number and were given by (me or someone talking for me) a fake name, fake date of birth and fake address they did not even confirm her last name... I did this to see what would happen sure enough 1 hour later this fake person was called back and it all approved to go ahead time and date set for supervised access..... TO A PERSON THAT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!