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Peninsula-Peninsula Full Movie (2020)

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on Sat, 08/29/2020 - 23:10
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ARAX MOVIES — MY MOVIES CLUB — Peninsula(2020)

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Peninsula 2020
Peninsula is an extremely fun movie to watch. It packs virtually all genres possible, the movie is way too much but very entertaining. You have zombies (although they are not really threatening and felt more like a tool used to advance the plot), you have Mad Max-like car chases, you have wild insane people enjoying the Purge, you have a hint of a comedy and a whole lot of soap opera drama. At one point I was convinced the characters would start dancing Bollywood-style! While Train to Busan was character-driven and emotional film, Peninsula is a wild, action-packed movie which has almost nothing to do with the former. It would fit perfectly into Zombieland universe and the reviews here would be much better then. In other words, it is a bad movie if you expect Train to Busan continuation but a good Zombieland 3. Plot-wise, Peninsula leaves even more question unanswered, if you think about characters' background or some story details you'll notice a lot of inconsistencies, plot holes and unclarities. But this movie is not made to think, so don't take it seriously, don't expect much and just enjoy whatever nonsense is going on on-screen.