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on Wed, 08/15/2012 - 14:43
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

Sign the Pettition

The county judges are misappropriating taxpayer dollars and state services by using Massachusetts DCF to detain this child for reasons other than intended by law; further these judges are in violation of Mass General Law 119, and have abused their power.

Massachusetts Mother appeals to Governor Deval Patrick, Massachusetts Health and Human Services Secretary Bigby, and Massachusetts Chief Justice of Probate and Family Court, Chief Carey; for the return of her six years daughter, who was unlawfully removed from the mother and in placed in the Department of Children and Families custody by a county Probate and Family court judge.  The removal of Alexiss from her mother was in violation of Massachusetts General Law 119 which give judges authority to remove a child from a home in the event of neglect and abuse.  However, the county judge used the law to remove the Alexiss because the mother refused to follow an order that placed the Alexiss in danger.

The county judge, in placing the Alexiss in DCF custody for reasons other than those stated by law has misappropriated state funds and services. The mother, in the past, filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct, and a previous county judge in this case was disqualified from the case for child endangerment.  Since this time, current county judges in this case have continued to write unlawful orders that continue to deny the best interest of the Alexiss by forcing the mother to allow unsupervised visit with the biological father, who has a criminal record of sexual assault, rape, and kidnapping (Superior Court District Attorney Katherine Cappelli); recorded allegations of child molestation involving his stepdaughter; imprisonment for domestic violence; years of heroin use; discharge from the military for alcohol/drug rehabilitation failure; and who has mental health issues.

In the onset of this case, the disqualified county judge had ordered the mother to allow the child unsupervised overnight weekend visits with the father who was participating in a drug rehabilitation program and residing in a men’s half-way house.  The county judges denied the mother’s request for a home-study; alcohol/drug evaluation; mental health assessment to ensure unsupervised visits were appropriate; and further denied Alexiss a Guardian Ad Litem.  The biological father who is from Baltimore Maryland was in Massachusetts to participate in a drug rehabilitation program when he was charged in Superior court with sexual assault, rape, and kidnapping of a Kingston woman.

Currently, Alexiss has been in a foster-home for over 45 days, and has only been allowed to see the mother and family one hour a week, with the weekly hour visit commencing three weeks ago.   The Mother states during the weekly one hour visits, the Alexiss’s responses are depressed for the first 15-30 minutes; and the visits end in tear jerking heartbreak, with Alexiss and mother in tears.

Further, the county judges continue to hold Alexiss hostage in order to buy time to wiggle their way out of violations of the Mother’s rights under the Servicemen’s Civil Relief Act.

PLEASE HELP GET CHILD HOME, CALL Governor Deval Patrick (617) 725-4005, Massachusetts HHS Sec Bigby (617) 573-1600, Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, Commissioner Angelo McClain (617) 748-2000, and Massachusetts Probate and Family Court chief Justice Paula Carey  (617) 788-6600.

Details of Letter...

HELP GET CHILD HOME! Tell these Bullies to Stop!


Dear Governor Patrick,

It has been over three and a half months (over 100 days), since the County Probate and Family Court unlawfully removed my daughter, Alexiss, from my home and care; and placed her in the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) foster home.

There are no pending court hearings for Alexiss’s release from DCF custody. And there are no court matters related to Alexiss lawfully being in DCF custody, as the County Probate and Family court would lead your entities to believe. There is a DCF attorney (Johnson) present at all hearings I have requested for the return of Alexiss. Attorney Johnson is a witness to the unlawful removal and continual detention of Alexiss. All hearing have been at my request in an attempt to get Alexiss returned, although all the many attempts; via emergency motions have been taken under advisement and denied. Although, DCF reported to the court that Alexiss is becoming ill (depressed) and losing weight. Further, it has been reported to the court via DCF report that the father is not visiting Alexiss on a regular basis, and has no showed for visits; cancelled visits, stating his “car broke down”, and he “could not get off from work in time”. The father has visited Alexiss four times in the 100 plus days Alexiss has been in DCF custody.

Attorneys and I have exhausted all the legal avenues in this unlawful and illegal matter. However, these law breakers are attempting to satisfy a vendetta and are being protected by the law; while they misappropriate state funds and services; and bully and terrorize.

It is time for you to take some responsibility and accountability for Alexiss. Alexiss is in custody for no legal and lawful reason. Now, you must take a stance to stop the unlawfulness and misappropriation of state funds and services, and the destruction of Alexiss.

Alexiss is a six years old, little girl being ripped from a family that loves and adores her. And this court is using tax dollars to aid this unlawful activity. It is everyone in the Commonwealth’s responsibility to care for Alexiss.

The Department of Children and Families could never be in contempt for not following an unlawful order. We all know! In fact, the law encourages citizens to not follow corruption, but to report and expose it.

[Your name]