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Ordinary citizens subjected to terrorism through legal and justice system.

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on Mon, 04/14/2014 - 08:59
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Ordinary citizens subjected to terrorism through legal and justice system.

8th April 2014



Please take the time to read this letter and you will get an understanding of what ordinary citizens of the Commonwealth are being subjected to through our legal and justice system.

The citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia have had more than enough of the corruption and collusion resonating from our Judicial system. It is time that members of the Federal Parliament of Australia stepped up to the mark, stopped playing games with the lives of ordinary citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia, grew a backbone and honoured their commitment to serving the citizens of this country.

It is time that there was an investigation involving the corrupt activities of the Family Court of Australia its associated agencies, State Courts and the sexual abuse of children in their jurisdiction. As an Ordained Christian Minister and a Social Justice and Human Rights Advocate I appeal to your moral decency to pay immediate attention to this matter.

Family Courts, Parental Alenation and Parental Rights

As a community leader I present my case to you on behalf of some very respectable but angry citizens who have had more than enough of the unlawfulness and corruptness resonating from the Family Court of Australia and its associated agencies. I have a wealth of experience and expertise in fighting corruption and of exposing the corrupt and I am not afraid of stepping up to the mark when it comes to naming and shaming paedophiles and those associated with their factions, particularly as it relates to the judicial system and other high profile offices.

In recent decades the Family Court and State Courts  have been responsible for routinely removing young children from their protective environments and placing them in environments that are abusive and into the hands of paedophiles and their networks. Legal teams, independent solicitors and independent psychiatrists have all contributed to this unlawful result through their gutless actions of playing along with the ‘Family Law Game’ and ruining the lives of many Australians.

These parasites have exploited the Family Court system in order to satisfy their overwhelming greed for personal gain and sadly at the expense of an abysmal outcome for the children and their families.  

All of the decisions and actions by the Court are couched in legalese that makes it virtually impossible for the ordinary parent to comprehend. It is certainly unacceptable to the Australia community to force contact between an abused child or children and their rapist.

Within the Family Court and State Court system we have ‘controversial’ mental health experts such as psychologists and psychiatrists who wield the power to change and determine the course of the case. These so called professionals make custody recommendations in horribly biased and unscientific ways.

Letters and Articles Regarding Politicians and Government Organisations

These so called experts are rarely seen working outside the Family Court System, however inside the Court they do not hesitate to unlawfully and unethically label a parent who reports sex abuse of a child as a fabricator or a parental alienator and to slap a personality disorder on them, or worse still, taking away the parent’s rights of the child or children.

Child protection agencies that are supposed to protect and have the children’s welfare at heart have become so powerful that they can derail almost any child sex abuse case into an attack on the parent they don’t like or believe. This behavior is outrageous!

This highlights the fact that lawyers especially appointed to protect children’s interests in Court abuse their role and authority to influence the outcome and they get away with it. Most independent lawyers have not met let alone had any interaction with the child or children they are supposed to be representing and they take on the agenda of the court, siding with the abuser and ultimately do not represent the child or children’s best interests.

Importantly and most significantly this illustrates how corrupt Judges have allowed all this to occur while presiding over a system that all too often has forgotten to act like a Justice System, usurping and derailing cases with their so called judicial powers and corruptly handing down unlawful decisions that are nothing more than a Judge’s decision based upon a lie. Their actions and decisions are couched in legalese, making it virtually impossible for any parent to understand.

Our Family Court and State Court System as it currently stands is not a safe place to send children who have been sexually abused and neither is it a place to send parents who care about their children.  Until the system is reformed and rethought at every level and judges and magistrates investigated and prosecuted our Court System will remain an unsafe environment, malfunctioning dangerously and betraying its critical tasks.

Corruption in other government departments

It has been my experience and of research into the Family Court practices involving sexual abuse that the Family Court System actually places children being sexually abused by a parent back into the abusive parents care. This is due to the protecting parent making the claim in the first place and is thus stigmatized.

These protective parents have as a result of their speaking out, been given inexplicable

punishment and whose only crime if one could call it that was to try and protect the child or children from sexual abuse. Again I say that it is certainly unacceptable to the Australia community to force contact between an abused child or children and their rapist.

It has been my experience that in dealing with the Court system in both Commonwealth and State that its officers are not applying the law as the legislature intended and are in fact fabricating to clients to justify their position using such tactics as administrative obstructionism in an attempt to detract clients from pursuing their case. This includes the refusal to file a client’s documents in the court, a right citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia are freely entitled to.

Our government is permitting courts to prohibit decent parents from utilizing the services of independent, unbiased expert witnesses. Instead they compel the exclusive use of the court appointed and favourite corrupt compliant and lying psychiatrists, lawyers and social workers to provide their evidence instead and so the court gets the result it wants.

Governments Drugging Children With Psychotropic Drugs

These parasites ignore and even deny the facts to falsely accuse decent parents of misconduct or mental health issues and in doing so are negligent in identifying child abusers. It is also important to note here that what they say is accepted by the judge without question.

Not one of these corrupt parasites is concerned for the welfare of the children otherwise justice would have been accomplished. These corrupt judges unlawfully place gag orders on parents, in order to protect their own vested interest and this is in breach of the constitution and before due process has taken place. These Judges and officers of the Family Court have no moral conscience. Not everything in this world is about ‘power, control and money.’

Court Orders restraining parents from making complaints to persons or agencies (i.e. government bodies such as the police and DOC’s, medical practitioners, religious institutions etc) in relation to the abuse of their children is a common tactic used.    

It is obvious that no court can make such an order, preventing a criminal enquiry by police. This is a clear breach of the fundamentals of our legal system. Police have a clear duty to investigate crime, including child abuse without any interference. No court may interfere or tell police what to conclude, especially before any investigation is conducted. However, Police are running scared cowering in submission of the Court! They are puppets for the buffoons they report to.

Additionally, NO Federal Court has authority under the Constitution to make orders affecting a State department unless the Constitution specifically names that department as falling under Federal jurisdiction. And only Australian Federal police do come under that jurisdiction.

These illegal, corrupt “orders” are designed to prevent reporting of child abuse, using

tame or corrupt solicitors working in the family law area and State children’s courts.

These solicitors place enormous pressure on a parent to “agree” to so-called “Consent Orders”, often lying to them, saying that they have a poor case and coerce them into complying otherwise they are told that will lose their children and be put in jail. They are often told that the time to get the truth out to save a child is six months after that child has been taken. However, by then it is too late.

Bring Them Home! Heartbroken parents fighting for the return of their children

These so-called “Consent Orders”, based on a lie and duress, are catastrophic to the parent's legal position. They are told by lawyers that if they do not  consent, they would have the child or children taken from them or the possibility of being put in jail. I have now come to understand that this is a common trick and tactic to mislead a parent, and always later of course denied. Subsequently, without any evidence having been filed in court, and before due process of law had taken place both constitutional and human rights along with the children’s constitutional and human rights have been violated. Parents are then told, “Well, you agreed.” They are bullied under duress. This is exactly what I have personally experienced and have been dealing with numerous cases just like this. We have the evidence!

Australians are entitled to free speech and, under International Law, Freedom of Association. These are fundamental Rights. Our Constitution forbids any interference with religious practice and the Commonwealth may make no Laws about that. Therefore no court may interfere with that Right.

All of this order as mentioned above is beyond the power of this or any other court to make it is illegal and is of no effect.

The sheer absurdity and inevitable result of this so called “Order” is that it prevents authorities being informed of anything, even advising them of a murder or, the sexual abuse of children and the order attempts to silence parents ILLEGALLY.

These are illegal “Orders” designed to protect paedophiles from being reported, which is ILLEGAL. And who’s responsible for placing these orders? Guess who?

Governments are appointing many unsuitable people as Judges and Magistrates and it is evidently clear that the appointments are inappropriate.

Judicial corruption, using convenient rules, excluding of evidence, whilst bribery is rife and obnoxious and totally illegal Orders like the ones mentioned above appear often, with the result in protecting paedophiles. One must ask the question: “What kind of judge would make such underhanded, devious and illegal orders?”

Section 75 of our National Constitution was deliberately created to provide a solution to the above issues. At that time, our first Prime Minister Andrew Barton QC, answered a question about section 75, saying:

“It may not strictly be necessary, but it may prevent a great evil.” We need this section to be obeyed.”

Section 75 of our Constitution is there to enable any person to enlist High Court help to prevent corruption, without any preliminaries such as appeals in other courts, but three High Court Judges have recently defied the Constitution and refused to allow these special Writs to be filed when other judges are the respondents.

The High Court, Full Court will now have to find three of its own in Contempt of our Constitution for protecting paedophiles and corrupt judges in lower courts.

At issue are sexually abused and brutalised children. The courts under review ignored the facts, refused to protect the children and assisted the child abusers. There needs to be harsher penalties for people in such high profile positions who abuse their power.

The Family court has for more than a decade been legislatively prohibited (by Section 66E of the Family Law Act) from making child maintenance orders, but nevertheless continues to illegally make such orders for excessive and illegal 'future' liabilities.

I am aware of a case where the father payer was unusually successful in his appeal to SSAT arising out of CSA Officers unlawful change of his child support calculations from Taxable Income Assessment to 6A administration that had no legal or factual cause for change.

Although this was obvious from Case Officer level and throughout the ‘objections’ processes CSA Officers stubbornly held out to the wrongful decision as they serially do. As a result of their unlawful actions the father payer was forced to appeal their decision to SSAT and was successful.

By unlawfully and knowingly overcharging the father payer, CSA officers have used the Commonwealth Government system to transfer the overcharge unlawfully to the mother who was not entitled to that money.

This is a clear case of fraud yet the Australian Federal Police Commissioner refuses to deal with the matter and continually sweeps it under the carpet.

* Upon the fathers successful outcome at the Social Security Appeals Tribunal the debt became immediately and wholly payable on the tribunal decision. However, the Commonwealth refuses to pay back the remainder of the debt.


* Serving Police Officers have as part of their job description a legal obligation to uphold the law and protect the community and this includes investigating criminal activities involving child sexual abuse, particularly in the light where judges are acting illegal and they cannot be allowed to pervert the course of justice by stopping criminal investigations with their unlawful orders. However,

the police are running scared of the court and comply with what they are asked to do, cowering in submission to the court. This illustrates further corruption.


The Family Court has zero jurisdiction to make an order prohibiting anyone from reporting a crime. It is infamous for such conduct to occur.

Yet I know of a case where it has made an order purporting to prohibit a father from reporting crimes of child sexual abuse to police. The police have been hoodwinked by the Family Court and are running scared because of Orders such as outlined above. They don’t know their own job requirements.  These are two different jurisdictions and each has its own requirements set out in legislation. Police investigate crime and bring the offenders before the court.

I have attempted to inform relevant police personnel to see sense over the following and take action, but I have been hampered by the legally under educated buffoons who populate that department.

These Judges and officers of the Family Court are definitely not sovereign upholders of our law and constitution. They have been so acquainted with derailing and usurping the law with their so called Judicial power that they have no accountability or watch dog to bring them to account and consequently they leave families and children decimated while letting the perpetrators go free.

These Judges and Officers of the Court have no sense of reality for those that have had their children unlawfully taken from them. Interestingly enough Judges are knowingly placing children into the care of abusing parents or guardians. This is a well-known fact and nobody is prepared to do anything about it! Sending Children back to their rapist!

This is not only criminal it is evil and I believe that paedophilia is alive and well within the Court System just as it is in Australia today.

Interestingly enough if a parent pushes too hard in court they often find themselves on the wrong side of the system with corrupt Judges threatening and even applying contempt of court in order to protect their own vested interests. In extreme cases parents often lose their children.

This political driven stronghold with its deep rooted flaws, acts of coercion, nepotism, outright corruption, waste of tax dollars and the disregard for our fundamental right of ‘Due Process’ must be addressed.

The Rule of Law is crucial to any civilised community. When the Law is no longer respected, as it is fast becoming in Australia, then we are in for catastrophic instability.

Our attack on illegality in our courts and the apathy just allowing corruption to get worse is merely highlighted by our present campaign to force the High Court to act lawfully. It has been defying the Australian Constitution and refusing to discipline corrupt judges for at least the last ten years.

The refusal by three High Court Judges to allow Writs to be filed when the Constitution makes filing such Writs an Absolute Right is outrageous and can only be perceived as direct defiance of the Australian Constitution! A further act of corruption.

The issue these judges are trying to bury instead of solve, is twofold in its possible explanations.

1. Judges protecting judges, no matter how wrong they were. Which of course is the High Court just defying the constitutional protection put there to prevent corruption and ignoring that court’s clear duty to do so?

2. Judges, even in the High Court, protecting paedophiles – for reasons that boggle the mind. However, Australians need to prepare to have their minds boggled.

These Judges and Officers of the Court are civil servants of the Crown and have sworn to uphold the law, yet they knowingly and corruptly pervert the course of justice through placing children into abusive environments. They should be sacked and prosecuted without question and the Chief Justice of the High Court be required to give explanation to the Commonwealth Parliament as to why staff in the High Court are refusing to file such Writs. Judgments of Federal Family Courts must be dealt with by the High Court, which is now defying the Australian Constitution to protect corrupt judges and pedophiles!

Our governments are creating and permitting the operation of secret courts. Under section 121 of the Family Law Act it makes clear the penalty up to one year for anyone disclosing the identity of a child involved in Family Law proceedings. It has been my view that this secrecy exists to further hide the corruption and unlawfulness that exist in the Family Court system. Prohibiting public scrutiny has long been recognized as a guaranteed formula for corruption. Why do we need secret Courts? They obviously have something to hide? Absolute corruption corrupts absolutely!

It has been my experience that in dealing with the Australian media that they are being restrained from reporting on issues of child sexual abuse in the Family and Children’s Court knowing that in many instances the child or children have been dragged back to the abusive environment to live with their abusers despite the overwhelming evidence to suggest this. The Family Court use section 121 of its Act not to stop disclosure but to protect itself from the corruption from within, i.e. the pedophile network?

I do not believe for one minute that paedophiles and Satanists, imprisoning, sexually abusing, brutalizing and even murdering children are frivolous.

One must ask the question how this corrupt and toxic network of paedophiles has been able to intimidate such a supposedly moral society such as Judges and Magistrates, Lawyers, government agencies and professionals into deserting their legal and moral propriety in favour of cowering submission to the evil desires and directives of paedophiles and their factions.

For the situation within the judicial system to get to this stage would indicated that for many years now our politicians have been asleep on the job permitting this toxic environment to fester into the disgusting disorder that we experience today. In other

words for many years now the foxes have been in charge of the hen house!

The Australian Family and Children’s Court system requires an urgent overhaul. It is a self-serving institution with no accountability of its actors or players who care little about our beloved children and needs to be abolished. It is my opinion as it is of many of the constituents of this country that everyone has to obey the law and that they are accountable, regardless of what occupation or office they hold.

Judicial Officers of our Commonwealth and State Courts are corrupt. They do not apply the law as the legislature decreed and are instead using their own ideologies and interpretations of what they believe are right in order to gain advantage and fulfill their agenda.

Judicial Officers continue to demonstrate lack of accountability and judgment by their outrageous actions in denying citizens of the Commonwealth of  Australia Justice. This outrageous behavior is absurd and is a breach of trust and responsibility of one of the Highest Offices in the Australian Commonwealth and it must stop now! This absolute corruption corrupts absolutely!

As members of the Australian Parliament if you would for just one minute take your head out of the sand and discover reality you may get an understanding of the issues affecting ordinary Australians.

To this end I am requesting that the matter be urgently investigated to deal with the corruption and collusion in the judicial system so that it works impartially of Court Officers own personal opinions, desires and agendas. At the heart of this nation should be the protection of our children and the welfare of our Families.

Yours faithfully,

Brian Tucker

Revd. Dr. Brian Tucker,

Human Rights & Social Justice Advocate

Cc: Mr. Bruce Bell, LLB


Real Justice

.....NEWS RELEASE ...... 07/02/2014 ...... NEWS RELEASE.... 07/02/2014 ... HIGH COURT CORRUPTION REVEALED

This is a media release which explains the connection between the (corrupt as in acting illegally) Australian High Court and the Family Court. Thousands of Australian parents are having their children taken illegally from them, as well as property, by illegal, corrupt orders in the Family Court. This must stop. The High Court is the one to do it - and it is

refusing to do so. For the first time in Australian history, corruption has been revealed in the High Court. Australians’ direct access to review by the High Court is guaranteed by our Constitution and it is being refused.

This week Australian Deputy Prime Minister Truss asked High Court Chief Justice French to file a case against corrupt judges, some of them in the High Court itself .

Earlier, High Court judges Keifel, Bell and Crennan each defied the Australian Constitution to refuse three applicants their right to justice under section 75 (v). This is corruption at the highest level, according to legal definition of the term.

The case has implications for all Australians, many of whom are unaware that this section in the Constitution was deliberately placed there to provide protection against corrupt Federal government officers, such as Family Court judges.

For 15 years the legal and judicial fraternity has covered up injustices and corruption in the secretive Family Court. Only the High Court has power to review the Family Court. Judges can only be sacked by Parliament.

Legally trained whistleblower Bruce Bell is on the run because of his information about corrupt officials in the Family Court who benefit from drug dealing and paedophilia.

Mr Bell said thousands of families were being affected by corrupt decisions in the Family Court, which had resulted in children being knowingly placed in the ‘care’ of abusers.

“Filing against corrupt Federal public officials under s 75 (v) is a crucial Constitutional right of all Australians,” he said. “The High Court is refusing to take action where the Constitution says it must. “The unrelated co-applicants in this case have both had the problem of the other parent sexually abusing their sons. “Yet three years ago when the High Court was first asked to protect these children, the case was refused filing.

“Many other parents have had the same kind of trouble in the Family Courts and been illegally denied the protection of the High Court.”

Mr Bell said suppression of vital evidence and acceptance by judges of biased material from the Bar table was commonplace and unforgivable.

Not only were children being illegally taken from the better parent, but properties also were being stolen through corrupt Court orders and sold to persons unknown.

“The worst aspect of needlessly secret courts like the Family and State Children’s Courts is that they breed corruption very fast,” he said.