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on Mon, 03/05/2012 - 14:59

Ontario Child Protection Reform The following is a documented history of a compilation of text book replies & written responses I would receive from various Ministries of the Ontario Legislative Assembly as I PLED in DESPERATION for someone to help me help my children after they were locked into permanent Crown Wardship through solicitor negligence. Not having the resources on account of poverty & seemingly insurmountable hurdles to access Windsor Court Services; grievous failures within the Windsor Ontario Legal Aid plan that began a domino effect of variables which would claim my children for which 11 years of litigation would never recover. Now their minds have been programmed to revile me for child abandonment; the extenuating circumstances & nature of the violent marriage all befalls my responsibility for having failed to protect my children from any of it, according to the colour of law & child protection statutes. Many factors & circumstances influenced decisions for which I will pay for the rest of my life. The bitter irony in all of it, is that I lived for my children; I invested myself into their protection & betterment, to the best that I could with what I had on hand. I consistently put my needs aside & dedicated myself to nurturing my children, trying to shield them from their fathers hatred of me & infidelities; promoting their relationships with the paternal family whom I trusted & valued, & would irrevocably betray that trust & loyalty for their own protections. My children were always with me or around me. I would not entrust them to their dad or any care provider who hadn't gone through rigorous screening. I questioned my sanctity of being, & as a mom. I felt like a miserable failure because I couldn't provide stability & keep their father at home to love his children & be responsible like he should have been. When I had to "step away" to collect my inner strength & reserves; orient myself after a final climactic occassion, I could not reclaim my children upon my return for they'd been relinquished to the child protection authorities. This was the beginning of the end to my ability to parent my family. During the initial 2 years in foster care there were insolvencies with the inappropriate handling & treatment of my children by in-home workers & my sons foster siblings. I eventually laid private charges, against the offensive parties, to enforce protection of my children & their interests where CAS was failing to take any action! I'd been a particular/cautious mother, taking diligence in the raising of my children. These strangers whom they'd been placed in the care of & other agents to transport them to visits, were outside of my scope of approval to have the delicate responsibility of my precious children; keep them from harm. My sons foster siblings incessantly tormented & both physically & verbally abused my young boys (2 & 5 years old at the time) for 2+ years until I took extreme measure to put an end to it, as CAS was doing NOTHING. The following is the first of many Ministry letters about the systemic abuses & grievances with the case & management of my children by these infidels called foster providers & CAS workers. Post it Notes on envelope addressed to the Ministry of the Attorney General, Crown Attorney's office, read: "File complaint with Dennis Harrison, Crown Attorney with the Attorney General's office. Kelsey's rights were denied. No statement obtained for court despite victim witness assistance's ASSURANCE they would retrieve one from Kelsey. Unfair that Penny Miflin (in-home worker for Hilda Wales) has a lawyer to represent her interersts on the charge but my daughter has no one! My hands are legally tied because of the Crown Wardship without access order, therefore I can't communicate with my child contrary to the AG's dictate that I should obtain a statement from her, hence the reasoning for employing Victim Witness Assistance to contact Kelsey, it's what they DO as appointed by the Crowns office. I am unable to be further advocate for my daughter because of the restrictions imposed by Crown Wardship. The Crowns office is using section 43 of the criminal code as a "loophole" to absolve CAS affiliate, Penny Mifflin, from her assaultive actions toward my daughter Kelsey. If I'd done what Penny did (stood over top of Kelsey who'd thrown herself down on the floor in the doorway of the kitchen/hall & begun having a tantrum because she didn't want to leave the visit; Penny stood over top of her, straddling her with her legs & began bellering in Kelsey's face to get up OR ELSE! Then Penny commenced threatening Kelsey [8 years old] with calling Leamington Police & having her forcibly removed from my home. I stepped in, confronting Penny over the treatement of MY CHILD, she redirected her attentions & began threatening me with CAS disciplinary actions; termination of future visits!). If I'd EVER conceived of doing such a thing to any of my children I'd have been charged with committing an assault on a minor & have CAS place me on the National Child Abuse Registry". Photo: Custodial Step DAD Donald Coleman A Registered Sex Offender in the state of Florida, Domestic Violence, And is on Disability for Mental Issues!! What The ?? Whats WRONG with FLORIDA???