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NSW Family and Community Service, New Minister is the Former Attorney General

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on Fri, 05/06/2016 - 11:17
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Last years NSW State Election introduced a new minister for NSW Family and Community Services portfolio, the Hon Brad Hazzard former NSW Attorney General for NSW.

As we said farewell to Gabrielle Upton the former minister for the NSW FaCS and Housing portfolio, many of us hung our heads in shame at the loss of foster child William Tyrell in this ministers care, while the new minister Brad Hazzard was the Attorney General and Minister for Justice.

It an only be described as having been a disgraceful show that we have seen in regards to the missing from foster care toddler, who has been thought to have been abducted by a paedophile ring, according to news media reports.

After interviewing people listed on the known offenders registry on the Mid North Coast a stream of denials have spewed forth, in regards to the where about's of William Tyrell. Police and members of the community, say that they remain committed to finding out what has happened to the foster child. A child in the care and protection of the NSW Family and Community Services, the Hon MP Brad Hazzard, and previously in the care and protection of the NSW FaCS Minister the Hon Gabrielle Upton.

It is said that William Tyrell was in all likelihood abducted from outside a house in Kendal NSW. The fact that Willam Tyrell was in foster care has meant that unlike when Daniel Morecombe went missing, the public has been kept in the dark as to the real events surrounding the alleged abduction of the toddler. This has been well documented by Carolyn Overington, who is a champion when it comes to presenting the facts relating to child protection, and the ever growing child protection industry.

The sixty minutes piece also represents an ever increasing need to express the truth about our children being removed into the ministers care and protection in NSW FaCS and the gags surrounding our media outlets. The public want to know what happened to William Tyrell, where's William is the title of the line used by 60 minutes, we all need to push for changes to this closed and gagged system of FaCS NSW.



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