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The NSW Department of Community Services in Orange

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on Wed, 05/14/2014 - 01:05
My ex wife has lost custody over 4 children, one of witch is my biological daughter, Jess witch I have 50% custody over.
The department of community services NSW child protection caseworker  from DoCS Orange failed to notify me until 3 weeks after the children were taken.
In this phone call the reason for taking so long to contact me was rather contradictory, at the start of the phone call I was told She had only just thought about it and should call me, then a little later she said they had tried to contact me with no avail,
then later in that same conversation I was told I was not contacted as they didn’t have any information on me and didn’t think I was a part of my daughters life.
This raises a lot of concern about the honesty of the child protection caseworker .
I do not understand why my daughter was taken with out any consideration of putting her in my care, as I have said, I have 50% custody, there was a court order to take custody from her mother and nothing was stated about me.
I feel my child has been taken with out the proper procedures.
I was sent an application and report initiating care and proceedings after the phone call, but do not understand why I have to go to court when I still legally have 50% custody over my daughter, the court never took that right away from me.
I have read the report and have found a lot of contractions and facts that were left out that make the report sound more damaging than what was fact.
This incident has lead to a large distraughtt family where the children had a lot of support.
My Daughter, since being placed in to foster care has been admitted to hospital 3 time for mistreatment from her medical needs, and now contemplates suicide from the loss of her family.
She has been placed 150km away from any family out on a property so I have been told, where her main intake of food is takeaway, so they are not following her dietary plans, (one of the reasons they gave for taking her)