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National Child Protection Alliance Niki Dene is the Vice Chair of NCPA

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on Tue, 08/07/2012 - 15:49
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

Niki is very highly regarded within NCPA and has worked tirelessly for the last few years in helping and advising many hundreds of children, young people, and their parents in matters where there are issues of child abuse. A great many of those children and parents have expressed grateful appreciation for her efforts on their behalf.

Niki works in a voluntary capacity, as do all officers of NCPA, and she has made an outstanding contribution to our work, giving many hours of her own time in helping others. Our funding is limited to members subscriptions and donations and which have mainly been contributed by our members and supporters and it is perfectly reasonable to ask anyone seeking NCPA assistance to take out a membership subscription for $20.00 to help cover the costs of telephone calls, postage, a website, and a National Conference which was provided free to our members (conference fees are usually circa $300), and travel to occasional meetings with other organisations.

NCPA has never held any meetings of members in the manner described by Jodi Chalmers. Our only meetings are arranged between Executive Committee members and which are largely comprised of video-conferencing, due to the high costs of travel. As Jodi Chalmers has never been a member of NCPA or appointed as one of its officers, then her assertions are pure fabrications.

NCPA has not been formally involved in the case referred to by Marney Poland-Morris and I can fully assure you therefore that no contact has been made with the police by Niki Dene nor any other member of NCPA. I can also give you my complete assurance that Jodi Chalmers would never be invited to undertake any work on behalf of NCPA as she has none of the skills and attributes we would seek to undertake such delicate, difficult, and highly confidential work with children and young people. Her public writings regarding her own case are far from discreet in their disclosures regarding her children and she is not infrequently very economic with the truth. I am not aware of any support and assistance either of these subscribers to your webpage have done to assist any other person and they appear to have nothing to offer except to decry the efforts of others. 

Niki Dene is the Vice Chair of NCPA and will continue in that capacity unless and until she chooses to retire or resign, or may be voted out of office under the NCPA Constitution.

I would therefore be most grateful if you could give your earnest consideration to removing those comments from your website and FaceBook pages as not only may they infringe laws of libel but are likely to be considerably damaging to the standing of Luke’s Army with other voluntary organisations which are similarly engaged in supporting and assisting children and families.

Kind regards and good wishes,

Charles Pragnell

Chairman and National Secretary

National Child Protection Alliance.


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I'm new to this site as I followed a link here but have to ask:

Is the above posted by the same Charles Pragnell who "co-authored" this (outrageous, illconceived and offensive) article: (   

with a mysterious Niki Norris, Advocate for Children’s Rights  (whom I cannot trace and for whom there is no feedback form available).

and also appears here: 

a possibly self-appointed "National" Council without a website or any contact details?


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Hi Rabid, would like to know more about this character myself now that you have brought it up. Can you tell us anymore? Well picked up by the way, might have to look into it and send them an email.

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This article mentions Charles Pragnell and he does great work advocating for those who have been falsley accused by CPS and works hard to defend them and help get their children back in the UK.

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This article only mentions:

"Just a month later, Ms Blakemore-Brown along with Charles Pragnell, Helen Hayward-Brown, Dr Kalokerinos and Dr Innis were asked to speak at a conference in Sydney Australia " not his "great work" I'm afraid.

The CPS in the UK may be flawed but it is a legal entity and can be held to account for it's mistakes. Can Mr Pragnell be held to account for his mistaken and seemingly damaging views, I wonder?

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This link will give you the story of Charles last I heard he was in the UK but he could be back in Australia. It lists all the articles that he has written.

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I have just read the first article and am dumbfounded. How can this man write this garbage and it not be questioned? What are his qualifications as a trained psychologist - he is listed as an "independent" advocate only (whatever that means)?

A father who has his children taken, possibly under false and accusatory pretences by a partner (who is commonly favoured by the family law system as the "nominally" appointed primary carer - whether justly or unjustifiablly) is not a psychpath aggressor.

He is probably confused, hurt and emotionally fragile and potentially temporarily unstable which is no more a normal response than would be expected given the circumstances. Both partners are equally at risk of these emotions and neither need labelling as "psychopaths". It's a normal defence mechanism in both a male and a female and is no different to the protective feelings felt when your child is left to enter a playground for the first time.

Healthy Paternal Instincts are alive and well I'm glad to say but sadly overlooked by the current legal frameworks globally - it's called being protective not psychopathic.