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MOTHERS INJUSTICE - United Kingdom Social Services Help Group

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on Tue, 03/06/2012 - 07:40

Mothers Injustice Support Group a group of mothers from the United Kingdom fighting the miscarrage of justice cases in the high courts by judges not letting mothers have a fair court case.

The following is a post from the group...

Hi all, just want to share something with everyone on this group. In 1998, I responsibly asked ss for help with my 3 children aged 3,2 and 1 respectively. During the time my children were in respite care, I had a fight with a senior social worker who provoked me into attacking her. My children were not present. I didn't get arrested or charged with assault. But I was arrested for suspicion of cruelty and neglect of my children. The police later on dropped all charges against me saying it's because "I had enough on my plate." child cruelty? Then that was very unprofessional. Long and short of this is that I have not been allowed to see my children or know where they are, or with whom, for the past 13 years. The children are grown now, ive had one letter of update in all these years. My 4th child was taken 4 years later- at birth, with no assessment what so ever, not even a home visit. Her birthday is the 24th of this month. She will be 10. I have not been allowed to see her since she was 5 months old. She was taken- merely because the older 3 were removed 4 years prior to this. Every reason- everything they said about me-(basically that I'm an inhumane monster) I have spent these past years, disproving. I even have my 5th child, my precious son, 6 years old, who has had 1 night apart from me ( a school outing) and we are very close. He is perfectly happy and healthy and the ss have had no involvement with us for the past 4 years.
As a mum, it's been a pretty horrendous time for me to get to where I am today. My first child is 18 in just 14 months time, and I'm counting. The adoptive mother of the first 3 has asked that I not ask my kids to meet me, until the youngest of the 3 is 18. The court order does not request this. So I'm going to go public. I'm about to write my first of 2 books, describing in explicit details of how my children and I were failed in our whole life by ss and councils and the books are about our life, pain, what those animals are allowed to do to children, and parents. It's an expose, in a big way, so I'd like everyone to have hope that someone has found a way forward. Thinking of you all.