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Manager of Cairns North Child safety Ms Pat Anderson and staff did not co-operate with us

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on Mon, 07/30/2012 - 08:02
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 



To Whom it May Concern,
                   Received an email from Teagan from Brave hearts advising us about the inquiry you are conducting as we have been corresponding with Brave hearts now for over 8 months in regards to the conduct of the staff at Cairns North Child Safety Office and the actions towards our grandchildren that was in child protection and the failure of duty of care from this office.

We greatly appreciate your time in reading this for your inquiry as this type of conduct has been going on far too long and the Regional Directors and Client Liaison officer supports this type of conduct.

The person we name in the following should be appreciated for their excellence at their job. The people we name all have tried in vain to assist us through a very difficult time in regards to our grandchildren and yet the Cairns North Managerial staff ignored all of them. We greatly appreciate and value these people for their high standards of professionalism in their jobs and compassion they have shown.
Di Abbott from the placement team in Cairns, Tracey Blankers from FCQ, Rachelle Arnott from the Foster,kinship care help line, Christina from the Complaints department in Brisbane and Teagan from Brave hearts based in Brisbane.

The issues we have faced with Cairns North Child safety office, been over 12 months we had to resort to going to our local Member of Parliament even to be able to have our kinship papers looked at. We have been refused many times from this office from the start. Which we were forced to lodged a complaint to the Brisbane office in regards to this office.
From then on Manager of Cairns North Child safety Ms Pat Anderson and staff did not co-operate with us held such contempt as one of the case workers stated to us “We have no rights. Brisbane does not have a say over what happens in this office. Therefore our complaint against the office was not accepted what they say and do has nothing to do with Brisbane Head Office.

The mother of the children have made threats to the children stating to them “enjoy your last night with your grandparents tomorrow they will be dead.” This is on Police records as they took statements in Aug 2011.
Child safety knew about this yet we still had to continue with supervise phone contact, It was Rachel Arnott kinship foster care help line. We were bullied from the staff stating we had no rights and had to continue with the phone contact. Rachelle informed us that we do have rights and with  that type of talk contact should be stopped as the children were severely being affected by it. Rachelle sent Cairns North in email requesting assistance for us manager Ms Pat Anderson refused and ignored what we were going through.


It was during this conversation with Rachel we do not have to supervise these phone calls to write a letter to the department requesting that we are not going to continue with them as it was severely affecting the children as we have the right to so . Still we had not seen or heard from the case worker team leader any one in regards neither to this nor given a copy of “standards of care”. Even though we had mention to various people we have not received or seen any one.
We were forced to take A DVO against our daughter Sandy Woodrow in April 2011 due to her abusive and violent actions towards us. Judge granted also at the same time to include Lionel and Anthony Woodrow.
No parent likes doing this and it broke our hearts to do so we had no other choice as police cannot act unless a DVO is in place.
This was taken from Senate in 2004.

That  all state governments and non-governments agencies provide dedicated  service’s and officers to assist care leaver(child/ren)fund counseling services for care leavers and their families, the extensions for specialist counseling service that address the particular need of the care leaver.
This was what not done by Cairns North Child safety.

Issues .

  1. Manager Ms Pat Anderson conducted and MOC(matter of concern)on us without our knowledge which is a breach of department policies.  Made the decision based on false information.

This was substantiated in Client Liaison letter in April 2012

  1. Ms Anderson did not give us any support with self-harming, suicidal intentions extreme behavior, mental problems due to the abuse received from being in mothers care. This also was substantiated in letter in April 2012. We contacted and sent many emails begging for help to this office and the managerial staff ignored it all. (this was their way at getting back at us for making a complaint through the children desperate need for help.)
  1. The school was extremely supportive they made several attempts to Cairns North to assist. Our grandson went to school had sliced himself with a blade from the pencil sharpener, resulting medical attention, poured ink in one of his time of slicing himself. Tempted to jump off the high balcony in front of young children stating he was going to kill himself. This office ignored the school and us for help. The child was in fear of returning to mother. Yet Cairns north child safety failed their duty of care for the children by refusing to assist this poor child/ren with their mental state.  MS Anderson would state they could not afford nor assist us with any form of counseling for the children as the mother does not want them to see any one.

Many attempts were made to this office Cairns North child safety for assistance each email and phone call made for the children mental state, we were ignored. This was also substantiated in Josie Riley letter April 2012.  Managerial staffs have not been affected by their actions at all. So why does Ms Pat Anderson and Mary Jo gall remain in these positions.  Why?????????


  1. Ms Pat Anderson and Mary jo Gall made a decision on a moc based on false information and made her decision based on this information even though it was dismissed as being false allegations yet Ms Anderson accuses us of breach of standards .What abuse of power from this person and allowed to get away with such unprofessional conduct.
  1. Social assessment was conducted on our daughter Sandy Woodrow and children in June 2011. It stated to the Department children are in fear of their lives if returned to mother. Why??? Was the assessment ignored by Cairns North Child Safety?

  1. Child Safety has had years of abuse reported to them yet no actions was taken. In department records June 2010 Cairns North Child safety was supposed to take a 2 year order out to protect the children from further harm but no action was taken.   Liz Colahan from the Regional Directors stated on the 18/1/12 that they did not have enough to obtain an order for child protection. Judge wanted more. Do you believe this I surely don’t? Please read the following of what some of the things have happened to the children over the past 6 years and these are the things the department knows about there is so much more they don’t know.

TREATMENT THE CHILDREN RECEIVED YET NOTHING WAS DONE> for over 6 years, many I mean many reports form neighbor’s ,schools and others on the treatment the children were receiving.

OUR GRANDCHILDREN have been shot at by a shonky drug deal done by the mother’s boyfriend. Drugs and alcohol given to the child, sexual and physical abuse.  Police reports stating found child cowering, scared from the abuse. Back then the eldest was only 7 years old how much he already had endured.  Throughout the department records clearly states Grandparents (us) have provide food and clothing for the children or they are safe at present staying with grandparents.

Our grandchildren have indigenous background. Is this why we did not get help??

Yet this office Cairns north has the Gaul to treat us in this way when we have for many years have been trying to help the children and protect them from serious harm.

  1. Aug 2010 after many reports to us about our grandchildren were living on the streets in Cairns(check police reports) Finally our daughter Sandy Woodrow allowed us to collect Nathan as he called us begging us to travel down 1 ½ hr travel to get him he has been telling his mother he has wanted to live with us. Our grandson Nathan was a very unsettled in his mind. We sat him down and explained to him if he needs to talk to someone to help him we could find out for him as we are not professional in this area. WE DO NOT want you to feel that you may upset us if you tell us something as he was trying to tell us but fearful he may upset us or we may tell his mum.

Nathan did come back to us a couple of days later and said YES I want to talk to someone. I made arrangements for him to see a counselor in Atherton Family support house.

Sept 2010 Nathan had a session with Jane Buschkens plays Fiona during this session Fiona the manager came out and stated by law we must report this. Till this day I do not know what Nathan told them. It was not our intentions for this to happen we were only and always thinking of our grandchildren state of mind and happiness.


I was asked by a child safety worker over the phone “ DID I THINK THE OTHER CHILDREN WERE IN DANGER?  I stated I know things gone on but have no proof. What my daughter’ does in her own house is her business. If the children are in danger than it becomes our concern. I asked are the other 2 children in danger, we can look after them if our daughter needs help.

We had the eldest Nathan now with us what can we do to protect him.

What a stupid question to ask us if the children are in danger when child safety has the records we don’t. Yet they still did not act.

During this time while Nathan was with us Cairns North had several more reports of abuse to the other two children and NO ACTION  was taken  WHY????????????? I know why

                                    FAILURE OF DUTY OF CARE

  1. We tried in vain to try and protect Nathan so he did not have to return to his mother. In September 2010.  Everywhere we went MUM has the rights even child safety would not intervene. Stating Mum has the right at any time to collect the child. Even though he told them he was scared.

October 2010 our daughter came and collected Nathan, we could not do anything. 2 days later he was in Cairns base hospital as he tried to slit his throat with a knife. Police we called. Cairns North Child safety officer went to the hospital. Child telling them he wanted to be with his grandparents and he miss us. Note from the officer SENT HOME WITH MUM>. We were not even told we were heartbroken when we found out

Our daughter Sandy as punishment for helping her child. She had refused for the children to see us or us to see to have any contact with them even at xmas.  It was through the grape vine that we heard our grandchildren had been taken into care in March 2011 even we handed a letter into the Atherton Child safety office 5/10/10 stating if our grandchildren come into your care and gave our contact details. We were never contacted.
25/3/11 . Rachelle Sutherland at a supervised  phone contact with our grandsons. Kaydan the second child begged for us to come and collect him, when he knew we were in Cairns to come now. Rachel Sutherland rudely and bluntly told Kaydan. ‘NO THEY CAN NOT SEE YOU,YOU CAN NOT GO WITH THEM. How cruel this poor child was in need of us and he was denied any contact with us nor could he come to us and he could not understand why he was no longer with mum why would they stop him going to his grandparents. And to say this to a child who is extremely traumatized is downright cruel and UN called for.  This is what we have been faced with all these years. The child needed us and we were treated like we done something wrong.

Yes we made a complaint who wouldn’t after being treated like that and refused kinship papers. But nothing was done. Brisbane would send it back to Josie Riley Client Liaison officer in Cairns. This area was trying to put a lid on what the conduct of this office was doing. They try and place the blame onto us. So to take the focus off of what Cairns North Staff.
Clearly states throughout books that children that have been severely traumatized by a parent/s have extreme behavior problems, suicidal intentions and anti-social behavior and resort to criminal activities. Yet child safety knew the children were extremely traumatized did nothing to help them


  1. December 2011 all children were handed back to the mother. Child safety withdrew all child protection concerns regarding the children (too hard basket just get rid of them).

Nathan was left abundant and sniffing glue at a creek near Ravenshoe 13/12/11 We contacted Cairns North Child Safety we were told “No longer on our books no concern of ours”

Samantha Parkens from the intake section contacted us and stated if any one contacts us regarding our grandchildren that we tell them to call the police or contact the intake numbers it is none of our concerns what is happening with our grandchildren..  Stated to Samantha that the concerned person did contact the police fear for the child’s life also contacted us knew we were the children’s grandparents.  Contacted the Police few days later No One has contacted them in regards to the matter only us.

  1. Also substantiated that Ms Pat Anderson 26/9/11 had sent an email to the Placement team stating that she will sign us off as approved kinship carer(this was after many long battles with department)once the papers were sent across to her. Ms Pat Anderson did not sign the papers and used this as a weapon against us. We were told we were approved on the 26/9/11 it came as a great shock top us when Ms Anderson contacted us on the 31/10/11 @ 4.50 pm that she was going to have Tyson(3 yr old) removed from our care on the 1/11/11. We did not have the older two boys as Cairns North refused to allow any professional help for them and it was so difficult with no support from this office as well. With the mother threatening to kill us if the children stay here with us. So the children we under extreme pressure at all times fearing that we will die if they stay here with us and the children were scared of their mother and will suffer the repercussions.

Cairns North would not help the children or us with this. The state of their mental health state of mind was a great concern.. They lived in fear that we will die if they stay here with us.
Ms Pat Anderson asked us several times to take the children back into our care. We said YES each time as long as the children received help for their mental state of mind and we receive some kind of support to help them MS Anderson refused each time.
Both boys were seeing a counselor before coming into our care and this was stopped once they came to us . Why.
The children we in a safe house not going to school running away causing havoc instead of helping them just send them back into the same situation as before.

  1. Regional Director Arna Brosnan and Josie Riley stated on the 18/5/12, That they back and support

Ms Pat Anderson 100 % Even though the conduct of this office was not acceptable.

So where does this leave us. I tell you heartbroken because we cannot see our grandchildren.

Our grandchildren have been placed back into danger due to the misconduct of this office and their contempt towards us. Ms Anderson should not hold her position as Manager not should Ms Mary Jo Gall hold the position as senior Prac.


  1. To date Nathan has been in court so many times this year for break and enters and stealing cars he is only 12 years old. Trashing the school. Has been seen late at night living on the street

It is very upsetting as the child is very talented at school and has resulted to crime. As his mother and the others she associates with have constantly told the boys that they are gay unless they go to jail.

Then they will become a man so they are trying so hard to do this sot they do not get the label of being GAY!  Sad isn’t it.

  1. Ms Pat Anderson has bullied other staff that work within the child protection, threats have been made she will have their jobs if they help us in any way. Bully tactics when we tried to have our case heard by Q cat this year in March 2012. Josie Riley delayed her outcome of complaint as she knew what Cairns North was doing.

  1. Client Liaison officer Josie Riley was supposed to have the letter of outcome to us in Feb 2012 as the 90 day time frame was up on the 30/1/12 and did not complete it till 19/4/12 nearly 6 months in the hope we will give up once the children were removed from our care and sent back to mum.

  1. Carers have approached us fear of placing a complaint against the department as fearful the children will be removed from their care if they do so. This is so wrong.

I hope you are able to do something about this type of behavior from a Government department that holds great value in the community such as child protection.


                 What we would like from this submission

  1. Ms Pat Anderson stated we had breach of standards we feel it was unfair and unjust we would like these dropped as MS Anderson conducted an MOC on us without our knowledge and based her decision on false information that they had dismissed as being false allegations. Shows you just how corrupt this office is and the lengths they go to hide their misconduct. All allegations against us are dropped due to her unprofessional conduct.

  1. All cases been acted on by this office be reexamined as this office did not act accordingly to guidelines. So how many more have suffered this fate by this office.

  1. MS Pat Anderson no longer remains in the position as Manager and MS Mary Jo Gall no longer holds any position of a managerial status. They both abused their powers to benefit themselves.

  1. We are trying to become General carers and still having trouble with our application as we made a complaint and exposed this office.

  1. Seek some form of compensation due to impact and trauma caused by Cairns north child safety office. We spent $2000 just to have the solicitor help us November 2011 for Qcat just to have Cairns North use bully tactics. Due to the contempt and emotional trauma Cairns North has put us through for no reason except for a personal vendetta on their behalf. We have never had an issue in working with the department records show this office clearly has an issue with us.

The names of our grandchildren are DoCS North Cairns Victim 1, DoCS North Cairns Victim 2, DoCS North Cairns Victim 3.

I hope this helps you with your endeavor to correct the conduct of child safety offices and staff. Child safety has been around for many years but nothing really has changed in all these years. Child safety officer have not changed their ways.

In saying this there is others who work in other offices that generally help children and carers.

Thanking you for your time. Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you require and further information.

Yours Truly


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Pat Anderson stole my baby, threw him into hell and left him there to die. She is a banshee who lives at the bottom of the deepest of blackest holes feeding upon the souls of Children.

Josie Riley uses children's skulls as paper weights on her DoCS Nth Cairns Desk. I remember that evil spawn of satan, both of them.

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Pat the Rat -  were coming for ya!!

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''Wo... unto them that offend my little ones... for it would be better for them to have a millstone hung around their neck, and they be drowned in the sea''. In other words, no mercy on this one.

These evil sods that destroy families come under this catogary. Eventually their henous crimes wlll be shown to them in full panagraphic view.They will also feel and see the effects of the suffering and torment of their victims. They will not be able to justify themselves or lie and will want to hide &shrink  from the presence of God. Then they will be sent to a place they deserve in their miserable state.