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Lukes Army Tasmania CPS Documentary - "We Want Blood" Tour

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on Thu, 05/09/2013 - 20:26
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Lukes Army Tasmania CPS Documentary - "We Want Blood" Tour

I am coming to Tasmania in the next few days and would love to attend a protest while I am there if you guys are having one. I am also filming a documentary about the corruption and negligence, the blatant paedophilia which is being overseen by politicians and the police. Please inbox me with your number, your story, or any information which may help to expose the truth about what is happening in Tasmania


You have the right to remain anonymous, but I have nothing left to lose and am not scared to tell your story, to expose the truth, to expose these evil predators who falsely portray themselves as protectors of children when they are nothing more than monsters who hide at the bottom of the deepest, blackest caves and feed upon the souls of children, parents and decent foster carers. Bring it on....

Please sign the Australian Child Protection Victim Impact Statement and Petition. What this means is we are not waiting 20 years for another fake sorry, we are coming for these bastards now. I want blood for what they have done, are doing, and continue to do. I want these predators jailed.

Australian Victim of Child Protection Impact Statement on Australia's Forced Removal of Children - The New Stolen Generation

What this means is that we are not going after the department, we are going after child protection workers individually. Not me, not you, we, and that means a whole army of us.

CRIMES ACT 1914 - SECT 36A - Intimidation of witnesses

What this means, is that I am doing my homework. Parents in Tasmania should be reading all of this and including any instances whereby these statutes have not been followed, and include them in your victim impact statement, which you should sign and hand to me or send to the PO Box number listed on the site.

After Hours Emergency Services Policy for Child Protection Services

What this means is that FIN in Tasmania is run by ex CPS workers who are still best friends with the most corrupt of CPS staff in Tasmania such as Rosie Crompton-Crook. I want every bit of information possible naming these corrupt child protection workers in Tasmania, and if you are not recording people, start recording...

Rosie Crumpton-Crook and Deborah Charlton - The Child Protection Worker and the Parents Advocate

You tell me what this means??? Does it mean anything? Does it change anything.... What does it take for these mongrels to be held accountable. You will need more than stress leave to get out of this one Rosie Crompton-Crook, I want accountability for your lies, your evil theft of children, for your predatory terrorism inflicted upon Tasmanian families. Stick your sorries, your tribunals, you fricking ombudsmans recommendations and your inquiries, we want a royal commission, and we want transparency, we want the death sentence brought in for those who have preyed upon children for profit, and I am not talking electric chair or euthanasia.... I want to see the guillotine or crucifiction for these bastards... PUBLICLY.

Tasmania Ombudsman - CFS Child Family Care Staff Recommendation

What this means is that a royal commission into child protection Australia wide is needed, one where Bob Atkinson is not appointed to protect his paedophile cop mates...

Pedeophile rings protected by police and politicians in Australia

What this means is you can ring in to the Luke's Army talk back radio show on Sunday nights and tell your story and help expose these government endorsed predators

The Luke's Army Talk Back Radio Show With Luke's Dad

What this means is that soon your children will be taken from you no matter where you are in Australia, no questions asked, and you will be jailed like over 100 parents currently behind bars for speaking out about the theft of their children by the government, it is called a gagging order and if you don't stand up for yourselves now, there will be no turning back. I am not doing this for me, they already got my boy...

Permanent Adoption From Care - A NSW Response



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May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
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Day 1 - Luke's Army Tasmanian Child Protection Corruption Documentary Movie

The following people I have seen evidence of...

John De Jong - Psychologist hitman for Devonport and Burnie CPS Tasmania who worked for years employed by the department but now rapes the system as an "independant" assessor making a fortune off the thousands of lives he has ruined.

Samantha Seymour - Fake psychologist submitting false imformation and lies to CPS. It is no coincidence that all of her reports coincide with the departments accusations.

Tracey Quinney - Fake psychologist, CPS hitman. Provides fake psych reports to the department in Tasmania.

Rachel Baker - Corrupt CPS worker now even more dangerous as a mental health worker.

Kylie Stien - Access Supervisor, born liar providing false information as required by Burnie CPS, Tasmania.

Pamela Lovell - Team leader/Case management lies and consorts with other corrupt CPS agents.

Diane Casey - Officer of the department and case manager, born liar and cohort of the corrupt Hobart office of CPS.

Andrew Mead - Criminal solicitor hitman for the department fighting parents whose children have been wrongly taken.

Carmen Colbeck - Works for the department and submits false affidavits to steal innocent children.

Andrea Askeu - Misrepresents true family status to wrongly remove children

Sue Patterson - Case worker (criminal)

Sue Walkon - Case worker (criminal)

Emma Gebreal - Submits false affidavits.

Mathew Burnie - Solicitor for the department

Eoghan Cosgrove - Employee of the department

etc etc etc

Evidence of criminal behavior from all of these predators will be gladly exposed. If you have had any dealings with these criminals and have more evidence of corruption please contact me...

Because of the nature and size of what these criminal have done, the victims have been denied a fair hearing and justice, and their children have been stolen and abused. These children have never been abused by the parents.

We wish to see evicence, not mere accusations, as we intend to give evidence, not mere accusation. We demand our day in court, with the reverse onus of truth. Prove these people wrong, and defend your own innocence.

To be continued.....

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DavidWalter has written a Special Edition for the FLORA News, which explains 3 very vital and very simple elements of the theft of OUR rights in this country.

It discusses who and what are members of political parties, voting and money – OURS and theirs.

And it does so through the details of a bankruptcy, a crime of theft planned against the Ah Shay family in Queensland, by a court in Cairns.

But not for breaking the law, not paying their bills or being bad financial managers.

Instead a person wanted to put an easement through their property, they said no.  Completely within their rights as lawful owners of the land.

The corporate courts in Queensland however, said yes and gave the bill for that decision to the Ah Shays.

What would you have done?  Would you submit to this completely unlawful debt and then feel harmed for the rest of your life?  Or would you do what the Ah Shay’s did and tell the corporate court what it could do with that bill.

Consequently, as do so many Australians in a system that welcomes litigation for the wealth it conveys from your pockets to the legal profession – the Ah Shay’s face the loss of all their hard work.

However, they, like many Australians, are made of tough stuff.  They are fighting back and despite appearances in today’s Australia – the Ah Shay’s will win.

The documents attached to the FLORA News #17 are yours to use.  Hand them to your bank manager, your accountant, you tax consultant, local mayor, councillors, local sitting member, police, friends, family, neighbours, enemies – everyone!

Because these documents hold all the basic details of who these entities are and what rights they have OVER you.  Absolutely, emphatically and unequivocably none!

Read what a farce and complete joke voting for these people is.  I have personally been calling them criminals, but I am told by David that in his time as a policeman, a criminal, once caught, usually faced up to the music.  Every single one of these “things” either ignores us, passes the buck or uses their strong arm muscle – the courts and lawyers, to shut us up.

I am not sure what name to give them, so “things” will do for the moment!  I just know, when David’s case is finally entered into the International Courts and we see them run, I am happy to book their one-way tickets – Christmas Island sounds good to me!

Most of you have been part of this information from the very beginning.  People are starting to prepare for the recovery of our amazing country.

Here is a thought that will assist.

We, the People once had 167 tonnes of gold in our Mint.  Mr Howard and the world’s best treasurer Mr Costello took that gold and sold it to the American corporate government as collatoral for borrowing through their registration with the US Securities & Exchange Commission.

Naughty, naughty.

That gold was sold without the owners’ permission.  That is theft.  So that gold still belongs to you and I.

Current value of 167 tonnes of gold is approximately $9 billion.  This pair of “things” sold it for $2.1 billion – a fire sale if there ever was one.  Therein was their claim of the government being in profit my friends.

Now considering that this was done without permission, as you will read,  and considering all the borrowing over the last 40 years has also been done without our permission – not only is the debt claimed by these things to be OUR problem – NOT our problem – they also owe us both the value of the gold AND interest!!!

So, what do you think interest on $9 billion will be folks?

That will begin the restoration of our country for sure.

Now consider the same situation for all the mineral taxes they have taken – the sale of OUR public assets without our permission – the sale of OUR lands, our farms by people who did not own it but pocketed the sale value – the closure of good businesses destroyed by the fraudulent practices of ALL governments since 1972.

Because, as David has established – the only people liable for any and all debt resulting from the crimes of these “things” is – the paid-up members of Political Parties.  If you are one of them – read and weep – we want our wealth back!

People – this has been a very long and stressful battle David has fought on our behalf.  He has given you the information – is has been verified by international legal teams and Doctors at Law.   It is going to be accepted by the International Courts. 

But We the People need to also protect ourselves.  You will understand after reading the documents, why David suggests we go to the bank, get out ALL your money, get the bank to convert it into American dollars, which hold value world-wide – do NOT put it back into the bank as they will turn it back into Australian dollars which WILL be completely valueless when this matter is decided by the courts in favour of the People.

This invasion of OUR country by people who simply thought they could do it, ignore our protests and steal OUR personal and community assets just because they wanted to, is almost at an end.

We the People need to let these “things” understand their time is over and they need to pack their bags and leave.

We the People of the Commonwealth of Australia have a future to build for ourselves.  And may I say that when We the People recover OUR real de jure Parliament, we must never, ever vote a lawyer or legal person of any kind into power again.

God bless us all and God Bless the Queen.

Sue Maynes