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In loving memory of Lee Bonneau Murdered in Foster Care Aged 6

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on Sun, 09/08/2013 - 10:13
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
In loving memory of Lee Bonneau Murdered in Foster Care Aged 6

Lee Bonneau, 6, was killed on Aug. 21 at Kahkewistahaw First Nation in southeast Saskatchewan. Police have confirmed his death as a homicide, allegedly at the hands of another child.

Saskatchewan government faces questions over foster care after six-year-old slain

The Saskatchewan government is facing further questions about its foster care system, while it has no plan to build a locked facility for troubled youths following the recent slaying of a six-year-old at the hands of another child.

“We have a range of facilities that assure the safety of the child,” Andrea Brittin, assistant deputy minister of social services, said on Wednesday of the province’s plan to house the child suspect at an “out-of-home” facility.

“Some of the facilities in Saskatchewan use intensive staffing models to ensure the children are safe and are receiving the supervision they need.”

While declining to comment directly on the killing of Lee Bonneau last month at southeast Saskatchewan’s Kahkewistahaw First Nation, the opposition New Democrats said they have “serious concerns” about the provincial government’s foster care system — particularly after the deaths of several children under the watch of family services in recent years.

“This is the fifth foster child death — categorized as suspicious or criminal — in the past four years (in Saskatchewan),” NDP spokeswoman Erin Morrison told Metro of the child suspect’s alleged killing of Bonneau, a ward of the Ministry of Social Services, on Aug. 21 at the reserve near Broadview.

“There are more questions than answers right now.”

RCMP have confirmed that the boy who allegedly killed Bonneau with an unspecified weapon is under 12 — the minimum age to face the judicial system under the federal Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The suspect is being held at an unsecured facility equipped with 24-hour supervision, according to the province.

While Alberta and Ontario have locked facilities for such youths, Saskatchewan does not.

“The facilities we have here in the province are very good,” Brittin said, noting that if it’s determined that the suspect in Bonneau’s killing cannot be “safely and securely managed,” the ministry might look to other provinces for help.

This past spring, the NDP criticized the province for housing toddlers and infants under its care at Dale’s House — a Regina group home for troubled teenagers.

The government described that as a temporary measure and said the younger children had been kept in an area separate from the teens.


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JUSTICE CAME.        Focus,  cames when  we  are still  courages, wisely strong,  is  devine,              THIS IS THE PART  THAT  WE  STILL,  KEEPING OUR SELF IN  SILENCE, ALWAYS; GOD,  HOW WE  CAN  SEE,  FEEL, SAD    and  feeling  that we still couldnt  do  anything.  Oh GOD,  our apologies to all,   this  is the  only  way  to describe this; with  apologies, GOD IS  WITH  ALL NOW.  GOD  SAVE  THE  PEACE IN ALL THE ONES NO  ARE  HERE  WITH  US  NO  MORE,    FOR THE  ONES  STILL  HERE,  AND  FOR  THE  ONES WE STILL, COULD  DO  SAMETHING  HERE. WE  DO  NOT  WANT  TO  SEE MORE  INNOCENTS  LIFES  GOES  PASS,GOD  PLEASE  MAKE  US  BRAVE.  GOD GIVE  US  STRENGTH. YOU  TRUST  IN  US, WHAT  WE  CAN  DO,   show  Us  the  way,  with  Wisdom.     This  is  In  behalf  of other parents, and grieving parents,  we are with all  of you,  in  spirit,  we  love  you all.  none  of  Us are  alone here,we are a family.                          Thank you,  for  share  this  piece  of  info,  with all, always with support.

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A very unusual killing event. Indeed, an innocent victim. Very questionable, since he was in the hands of government. Condolence to his family!