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In Loving Memory of Faith Saucier Murdered in Foster Care Aged 3 years old

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on Sun, 08/05/2012 - 12:08
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

Sign the Justice for Faith Saucier Petition

The Attorney General for the State of Louisiana has taken over the MURDER case of the 3-year old child, FAITH SAUCIER, who died APRIL 16, 2011 while in foster care in Tangipahoa Parish. The District Attorney of Tangipahoa has recused himself due to the relationship discussed below. 

Faith Saucier was buried on Good Friday with very few attendees to her very quite little funeral. Her Obituary did not appear in the local newspaper until TWO WEEKS after the funeral.

According to the attorney for the birth mother, the coroner's report shows that the toddler died of BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA TO THE HEAD on April 16, 2011.  It was very hush, hush.  No immediate news coverage until the attorney for the birth mother went to WDSU, who did a brief story intially but has never done any follow up.  ActionNews 17 of Hammond also reported briefly, but only initially with no follow up.  It took weeks for there even to be an arrest.

This case has never gotten off the ground because of personal relationships between the Foster Mother, who is employed by Tangipahoa Parish District Attorney, Scott Perrilloux, and 21st Judicial District Juvenile Judge Blair Edwards, who is the sheriff’s wife and the judge who issued the gag order cited by Tangipahoa Sheriff Daniel Edwards’ office as a reason to not release any information in regard to Faith’s death.

The foster dad, MARK JOHNSON was finally arrested in May 2011 and charged with second-degree murder and released on a $150,000 property bond and, amazingly, the information trail seems to grow cold at that point.

This potential baby-murderer is walking around free as a bird.  Louisiana law requires higher bonds be set for alleged crimes against children of this age.  This man should NOT be walking the streets, much less over a year later when there has been no grand jury called or ANYTHING. 

The 21st Judicial District Court, Judge Ray Chutz, set a Sept. 6, 2011 preliminary examination hearing in the case at the request of defense attorney Michael Thiel, who is representing potential defendant Mark Johnson. Aside from Johnson's May arrest, there is no public file in the case, which Chutz noted has not even been heard by a grand jury.

Chutz said he would allow the preliminary examination but insisted that, because the case has not so much as been given a file number, court officials must take the necessary measures to protect and preserve pre-indictment hearing documents. The veteran district court judge noted that the Supreme Court has reversed a conviction from several decades ago and ordered a new trial on the grounds that documents were not properly tracked pre-indictment.  Even this Judge seems to recognize a problem here.

"I'm taking judicial notice," Chutz explained, as Thiel promised he would take whatever steps necessary to preserve the paperwork in Johnson's "temporary file."

In the meantime, the silence surrounding the murder of little Faith Saucier is deafening. As of the date of this Petition, May 28, 2012, there is still no grand jury scheduled and not results reported about the September preliminary examination.

Please consider signing this Petition so we can show the Attorney General for the State of Louisiana that we have NO INTENTION of FORGETTING about little FAITH SAUCIER.  She deserved a life, and if this man took that from her, he needs to be adjudicated.  We're not asking for public conviction before his right to his day in court.  We are asking that the system that we love and believe in be utilized and that a grand jury be empanelled in this matter.

Man indicted for the murder of 3-year-old foster child


A Hammond, LA man has been indicted for first-degree murder in the death of his 3-year-old foster daughter.

Mark Johnson, 51, was indicted Friday by a Tangipahoa Parish grand jury for the death of 3-year-old Faith Saucier who was in his foster care when she died from blunt force trauma to her body on April 16, 2011.

Following Friday's indictment, Johnson was ordered held without bond. He will be booked into the Tangipahoa Parish Prison.


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Obviously. she still works there according to this recent took the mother to request an arrest publicly for them to care...So the Foster mom was married to a child killer and holds no responsibility for the childs safety. The gag order sounds more political than it does to protect any juveniles. The child can no longer be protected. Thank GOd for a few reporters that care to make known any details and facts possible.

The whole case stinks, and this has not even been given to the Grand Jury, How much is Mrs. Johnson going to [rotect her husband rather than the child she fostered?  Perrilloux is so corrupt.

He too has laws that should be obeyed and he took an oath to uphold.


Very little has been written or recorded about the case, which was reportedly subject to a gag order imposed by the court's Juvenile Judge Blair Edwards during the investigation. Within a few days after the child's biological mother made a televised appeal asking for justice for her daughter, Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's investigators announced Johnson was arrested and charged with second degree murder in the child's death. TPSO indicated that a "blunt force trauma" to the head caused the girl's death......

.....The case is being prosecuted by the State Attorney General's Office because Johnson is married to an employee of 21st Judicial District Attorney Scott Perrilloux, who recused his office from the case.



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Two years after 3-year-old dies in foster care, murder case lingers

AMITE- It’s been almost two years since 3-year-old Faith Saucier was beaten to death. Her grave in Washington Parish wears the time that’s passed. Family members are beyond anxious to have someone held responsible.
Saucier’s great Aunt Angela said, “It's been very, very hard and we really want to see justice done," said Saucier’s great Aunt Angela, who didn’t want to be identified further for fear of retaliation, “This is a child that was needlessly taken from us."
Thursday, Faith’s case crept closer to trial as the man arrested for her murder, Mark Johnson, who was also Saucier’s foster father, had a hearing in a Tangipahoa Parish courtroom. Johnson has pleaded not guilty to the April 2011 murder and the case has been caught up in pre-trial motions, like the one Thursday, since, with no trial date in sight. Johnson’s attorney, Michael Thiel, said the state has a weal case, with only proof that Johnson was the last adult with Saucier before she died.
Saucier’s family members, still grieving after all this time, say they want answers, and soon, because it’s been far too long without them.
Angela said, "What could a 3-year-old child possibly have done to anger an adult to that point to actually take this child's life?"
Johnson’s next court date is in May, to continue Thursday’s hearing.

Ashley Rodrigue / Eyewitness News