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Liars from top to bottom in FACS NSW - Director General Jim Moore

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on Thu, 06/13/2013 - 13:43
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Liars from top to bottom in FACS NSW - Director General Jim Moore

Lies Lies Lies - Director General Jim Moore beats this poor woman, holds her hostage and now forces her to go to court and lie along with him. These are the sort of skum that children stolen from their parents in NSW have their kids taken by.

This predator even looks like a paedophile, fat rich prick, fat from living off the misery of thousands of devastated children and parents he is responsible for ruining the lives of, along with his lying skumbag counterpart Pru Goward, the FACS NSW Minister who started her lies before she was even voted in. These liars start at the top of FACS NSW and make their way right through the ranks of this putrid, evil, disgusting department falsely portraying itself as a protector of children.

Anyway, let us look at what the papers have to say about this fat evil bastard Jim Moore, Director General of FACS NSW now, and what the lying low life child stealing minister for FACS NSW Pru Goward has to say about it, shall we ....

THE director-general of FACS has denied allegations of domestic violence, with a court told today that his partner wants to return to live with him.

Jim Moore, 52, who stood down from his department after been charged on the weekend, this morning pleaded not guilty to assaulting his partner Cindy Mills at their Paddington apartment.

Waverley Local Court has been told there are 10 prosecution statements in the case, and the court hearing will take one day.

His barrister Robert Greenhill SC asked that the interim AVO be altered to allow his partner to continue living with him, as per her wishes.

The court granted that adjustment, and continued his bail.

Moore denies assaulting and intimidating his partner. It was alleged the assault occurred after she wasn't allowed to leave the apartment after an argument.

Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward said she "supported and agreed with" Moore's decision to stand down from the department until the case is finalised.

The case was adjourned for a hearing at the 27th of August at the Downing Centre Local Court.


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While we're at it, let's take a closer look at this high ranking predator director general of FACS NSW's barrister, Robert Greenhill SC and the sort of people he represents, keep in mind this court case was at the same courts ...

A man standing trial for rape during black magic prayer sessions denies he had sex with an alleged victim, or that he adopted "evil" and "angel" personas, including one named King Rasoul.

Tony Golossian, 62, is standing trial at Sydney's Downing Centre District Court along with Arthur Psichogios, 40, and his wife Frances Psichogios, 38.

The trio has pleaded not guilty to a raft of charges, mainly related to sex and the use of intoxicating substances, against two women between 2001 and 2008 at Sydney hotels.

In its eighth week, the jury trial on Thursday heard evidence from Golossian who has pleaded not guilty to 42 charges.

Golossian says he was contacted to perform prayer sessions on one of the women to rid her of a black magic curse that would see sickness befall her and her family.

The woman and her husband, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have given evidence that they found black magic objects on their doorstep and in their garden, and received telephone calls from a demonic sounding male voice, claiming to be King Rasoul.

King Rasoul allegedly gave instructions to the couple including that the woman must have sex with particular people.

Under questioning by his barrister Robert Greenhill SC on Thursday, Golossian denied that he was King Rasoul or that he had sex of any form with the woman.

"At any time did anyone have any sexual activity with (the woman) while she was in a hotel room during a prayer session with you?" Mr Greenhill asked.

"No," Golossian replied.

Further, Mr Greenhill asked: "Did you at any time give or arrange to have given to (the woman) a drug of any kind?"

Again, Golossian replied "no".

"Did you at any time during prayer sessions with (the woman) speak in two types of voices - one being evil and one being angel?" Mr Greenhill asked.

"No," Golossian said.

He admitted rubbing oil on the woman's hands and head and praying over her at a Sydney hotel, but said it was she who asked to use the bathroom from where she emerged wearing only a towel, before requesting to lie on the bed.

He said that midway through the prayer session the woman said she was being "raped" by men, including Golossian.

"She said `he's laying on me and he's having sex with me'," Golossian said in evidence.

"I told her `that's impossible because in this room only Frances and you and I are here'."

Golossian said he then tried to end the session but the woman insisted it continue.

He also said he was involved in subsequent prayer sessions with the same woman at other Sydney hotels.

The trial continues before Judge Penelope Hock.

Scarred forever by DOCS's picture

This man was given the parental resposibilty for the near 20,000 children in care in NSW, many corruptly stolen on false allegations, or because the mother was domestically abused by men just like him.

He was hand picked by Pru Goward for the job in 2011, the system is rotten to the core with bias and corruption from the top down and destroys so many innocent families.

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Hi Luke’s Dad,

I worked for the Department of Human Services in NSW and know Jim Moore professionally. I can see how this would look to both you (given the grief you have with your son) and to other people who read articles about this domestic dispute. I can assure you that I have watched Jim Moore work extremely hard over a very long career to help people with disabilities and children in need of care. He is up at a ridiculous hour every morning and works late to try in his own way to help people. He is under serious stress trying to manage a huge department and had apparently just found out that 800 people were about to lose their jobs. No doubt he would have felt it his responsibility to try to help those people keep their jobs.

This is not the sort of portfolio you aim for if you don't care for the people you are trying to help. It has got to be the most difficult thing in the world to deal with - managing a department whose staff are forced to decide fundamental things about so many children and families. Can you even begin to imagine how stressful that would be?

Please take a step back from your grief and don't include this man in your accusations. I am the first person to condemn domestic violence (and have reported someone myself when I once witnessed it). But his partner is with him in court holding his hand; she is an educated woman who has choices. He has lost his job (which is his life) and his hard earned reputation. Please don't add fuel to the fire by accusing him of things you have no evidence of. Apart from anything - you could open yourself up to a case of defamation that you don't need.

All the very best to you and I am so sorry for your loss. I do hope you are able to deal with your anger over time and turn it into something positive. I'm sure you wouldn't like people judging you on the times when your life was really difficult and you were perhaps not the best person you could be. I wouldn't like people judging me that way either, so perhaps don't judge this man who has dedicated his entire life to public service.

Kind regards,


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I have not heard any other stories from the thousands of victims of child protection in New South Wales about how Jim Moore has helped them. All cries for help fall on deaf ears, this time he has been caught out.

Scarred forever by DOCS's picture

 Hi Ali,

I am about to take you on a short but necessary journey of insight, both personal and Professional... I hope it is helpful to you and your Department.

Take a look in the mirror and what you will see staring back at you is a person that condones and excuses VIOLENCE, INTIMIDATON and ABUSE of women and families... because of STRESS ... and then LIES about it ...SHAME ON YOU Ali.  You need to resign or be sacked with the 800 others.

There is NO excuse for abuse EVER. Don't they teach you that at DOCS/FACS training school?

You have no idea how this situation with your professional colleague looks to us and that is blatantly obvious by your post.

Your phrase "I CAN ASSURE YOU..." is the most repulsive and offensive sentence written in daily practice by DOCS/FACS NSW...who use that phrase in just about every letter sent to us that does not hear what we say that does not address our very REAL valid complaints or investigate them just covers then all up with those few words.

You have been indoctrinated by your department very well!

That phrase is used to:

Abuse our human rights

Cover-up corruption and Criminal Misconduct by your staff at the highest level

To abuse your power to destroy our families and our lives forever

In court to purger yourselves to steal our children with false allegations

To be cold, callous and outright CRUEL when you even bother to respond to our communications to you

To create the most vile horror fiction Affidavits of putrid judgements and "HEARSAY" about us to steal our children... with NO evidence…

Yet I can assure you Ali ... you actually know NOTHING about us except for the false filth you read about us manufactured by your unprofessional frontline workers.

So Jim Moore .... WELCOME TO OUR WORLD...

I can assure you...we have been lied to by your department too many times to ever be assured by you about anything

I can assure you that you have destroyed our trust in humanity for all time

I can assure you that I am a hard working Professional

I can assure you that DOCS NSW did everything they possibly could to destroy my long and successful career of providing care for the most vulnerable in our community to stop me having the money to fighting back for my stolen son…just one example of the dirty tactics of your frontline workers that are NEVER fair, moral or ethical

I can assure you that every time your Department enters our lives that you destroy our reputations forever

I can assure you that in our difficult times you provide NO help or assistance or support -  just steal our children creating trauma and torture beyond any pain you could ever imagine for us and our children

I can assure you that you are responsible for the New Stolen Generation

I can assure you that thousands of parents are innocent of the false allegations you create to steal our children

I can assure you that there is no greater crime against humanity then your department stealing our children from innocent families

I can assure you that your department is not held accountable for the crimes they commit against us

I can assure you that your department is failing family’s everyday and destroying lives forever

I can assure you that sacking 800 child stealers can only benefit innocent families and their children and save our children from your harm and our taxes, as we are your employer

I can assure you that trial by DOCS/FACS opinion finds us all guilty of a future risk of emotional harm sufficient to give our children a life sentence without any chance of parole … even the worst criminals get treated better

I can assure you that being found guilty by DOCS/FACS NSW and the secret Care court that accept DOCS/FACS fabrications and false allegations without question does not mean a case is SUBSTANTIATED ...It means justice has been denied us and that our legal system has been corrupted as we are deemed guilty and have to prove we are innocent ... Not innocent until proven guilty like Jim Moore ... so we have the democratic right to give our opinion of his crimes the same way DOCS/FACS deem us guilty of the false allegations they create against us and then deny us the due process granted to your colleague

I can assure you that having stolen our children then raped, abused and murdered then that your threat of litigation is meaningless ... we have NOTHING more to loose our children were our life and because you have stolen our lives we have NOTHING more of value that you can take from us

Let me assure you that you all desperately need to do some self assessment and ponder on what really needs to be done to save the New Stolen Generation of children from you and protect us all.

You all must be held accountable:

      Social workers must become a regulated profession, registered and governed by an external body that will hold you accountable for your misconduct and provide you all with a Professional code of conduct that is moral, ethical and humane to guide and dictate your current unprofessional misconduct. You must be brought to trial for your criminal misconduct and held accountable.

      You MUST outsource your complaints department to an external body that will investigate our evidenced complaints and make you all accountable for your crimes and misconduct


 and let me assure you that LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY is your departments biggest problem

You must have recording devises available for every contact you have with families as that would clean up all your crap and dirty tactics quick smart and reduce the children stolen to only those genuinely in need of care and protection and save any further carnage to the lives of the innocent victims now destroyed by your current failing system

INDEPENDENT AUDITS for every child you current have in care is URGENTLY NEEDED by an outside NOT connected with DOCS/FACS NSW group of appropriately qualified professionals and work on RESTORING children on 18 year sentences back to their Families … even Criminals get a review of their sentences … yet innocent children are denied that by your current practices.

STOP STEALING CHILDREN … support and help families that are in need … don’t take their children unless you have sufficient evidence to lay criminal charges against the parents.

Scrap the injustice of SECRET Care Courts … All cases to go through the normal justice system open to the public where parents are innocent of your false allegations unless you have EVIDENCE to prove them guilty of ABUSE and NEGLECT … and if you can’t meet that burden of proof DON’T steal our children

Stop severing the relationships between children and their families

Stop punishing parents and children by reducing their contact time that is inhumane abuse of power

Stop your campaigns for more foster carers and put the money into restoring the stolen children you already have back to their families and you will solve your financial problems for decades to come

Stealing children and putting them in Foster Care is not the answer and creates far more life long problems including higher rates of abuse, neglect, poor education levels, Juvenile Justice candidates, drug and alcohol dependence, teen pregnancies and child deaths because NO one can ever replace the unconditional love and sacred bond that parents and children have as their birthright that DOCS/FACS sever and destroy

So Ali - we will NOT be assured by you about anything until your Department is held accountable for your crimes, you stop stealing children from innocent parents, start to support families to stay together and restore the stolen children to their families…

Until then I can assure you Ali we will deal with Jim Moore as we see fit and hold him to account in the same way as your department has done to us.

So Please STEP BACK from our GRIEF and LOSS and don’t include us in your poor insight

I am sorry for the MASS DESTRUCTION you have brought to our lives

We are directing our grief and anger caused by your corrupt intervention into positives by bringing on a revolution to MAKE YOU ACCOUNTABLE, STOP you DESTROYING any more lives and SAVING OUR STOLEN CHILDREN FROM YOU


DOCS/FACS operate by judging us at times in our lives that are very difficult…THAT IS WHAT YOUR DEPARTMENT DOES…YOU PROVIDE NO HELP OR SUPPORT JUST STEAL OUR CHILDREN and DESTROY our lives forever

Please feel free to distribute this response to all employees of DOCS/FACS NSW and the Minister.

Kind Regards

Scarred Forever by DOCS

bluejay's picture

Absolutley. Excuse of STRESS? What do they think they put on us when it is proven wrong. Give his job to three people then. Why do we have to find sympathy for him, or anyone when we are not treated the same?

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Above comment sums everything up that US as parents had out kids stolen for 18 years...YEH..prisoners get more reviews also than we do...I aggree massively with above wanna know why you self righteous child is severely messed up BECAUSE of how the system failed her and IS STILL FAILING HER...don't get ME started... I stand beside Luke's army all the way as thousands more of us do,and as sadly as it was sad...We have nothing more to lose,because its already been taken" is wanna sit up and worry.... Cause I too are coming to get people...that have illegally wronged me,my child and my family..and I will not stop till I'm done...remembering,I have 18 years and some of you still around the dept.... The ones that aren't..well google is my best can't hide.. This is not a threat...if you are worried,then you obviously have a lot to worry about.. So long story short...spare the pity party..karma walks... That is ALL for bosses

When you have taken everything I love, then I have nothing to lose and everything to gain...I fear not one Child Safety worker...anywhere, anymore, i have taken my power back, and I continue too

bluejay's picture

I am now in that fight as well, and I wanted to be a foster carer. Never now. I will not help a system, or "work for them" as they have yelled at me, now that I know how it is flawed. I am only 4 days into my wrongful accusation, and police, lawyers and everything I have is coming for you. I don't care how long it takes, or how much money. You have turned my life upside down because of a "lie". No one should have the right to talk to my daughter for 6 hours at school, then take her, without my consent, especailly with no proof. You all seem to be "power hungry" animals. Can I come into your life and turn it upside down for no reason? Seems only fair.

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Some facts ..

1. / His partner was his Personal Assistant PA & got a massive raise within 3 months of being there !!!

2./ He got caught with one of his ex employees a 25 year old girl sleeping in his bed with him.

3./ He too extensive trips overseas with his PA & the taxpayers paid for it !! (Caleed it work)

4./ His ex wife left him because of abuse & cheating ...

So Ali ... if you worked there and you know him ...