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Kidnapping Ring Works Through Social Services and Scottsdale Hospital

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on Thu, 08/02/2012 - 19:55
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

Imagine going to the emergency room while in extreme labor at three in the morning, given an epidural that causes your baby to go into extreme distress, and then finally when your baby is born, having to deal with social services trying to get you to sign a paper saying you neglected your baby. The baby isn't even 6 hours old.

This is what happened to Sarah Sandy in Scottsdale, Arizona. The head nurse Jennifer Cornelius said she called social services because Sarah was 'thrashing around' during her delivery. They called in a crises counselor, put a guard on her door, and a psychiatrist all because Sarah told them she wanted to sue them because of the way they handled her epidural and caused her baby to go into distress.

Jennifer Cornelius who was on her day off the Monday after baby Ruby was born pulled up right outside Sarah's window in her white van parking in a no parking zone to intimidate Sarah. Sarah took a picture of the van and another nurse tried to jump in front of the window to prevent the picture from taking place. Jennifer was upset because Sarah had threatened to sue them for malpractice because the baby was in danger. They told Sarah that no pictures or videos were allowed of the staff. It is widely believed by families who have suffered this horrible fate, this is to prevent any evidence of the hospital staff obviously breaking the law from being shown in court or to law enforcement. This is also the rule while inside social service agencies but parents are getting smarter and are recording every interaction on the phone or off with social service agencies because of their criminal activities.

More and more evidence of late has come to the surface directly pointing out crimes against families and their children by social service workers and their affiliates such as believed in this case.

Friends of the family were careful to collect audio and video evidence of the strange behaviors of the hospital staff.

Ruby was only 24 hours old when when her mother was brutally kicked out of the hospital by police officers in only her open robe. They didn't allow her back into the hospital to collect her things, get dressed, or get her baby. Sarah requested her discharge papers and they told her they didn't have to give them to her while just a little while earlier they told her she wasn't discharged yet. They told her they would give her a trespassing ticket if she didn't cooperate. Sarah's pastor was inside holding the baby in the room. The police officers came in took the baby from him and took him outside and gave him a trespassing ticket.

The police claim to be acting on behalf of the hospital and take no responsibility for their actions even though they know a kidnapping was taking place of an innocent child and her mother.

The hospital took Sarah's baby hostage and claimed she abandoned her. Lorraine Reed who works for Scottsdale, Arizona Social Services had a meeting with Sarah the next day after they took custody of the child, a whole 24 hours later, and tried to trick Sarah into signing paperwork that she neglected her baby. Sarah refused.

Sarah is distraught. She wants her baby back. The couple who had their baby next to Sarah popped positive for marijuana, had nowhere to live, and was apart of the occupy movement yet, they took there baby with them when they left.

"This is a clear case of child kidnapping!" Says a close friend of the family. "We are outraged and heart broken! Do we even live in America anymore? Help us get baby Ruby back!"

Update: Social worker Lorraine Reed says during our phone interview, "I did not kidnap that baby from the hospital. I don't have to talk to you."