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Justice For Families Campaign Group help when dealing with Social Services United Kingdom

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on Tue, 03/06/2012 - 07:52

Justice For Families Campaign Group help when dealing with Social Services United Kingdom

Who's behind Justice for Families?

* Chairman - John A. M. Hemming MA, FRSA, MP
* Directors - John A. M. Hemming MP, Senator Stuart Syvret and Emily L. Wilson-Gavin
* Legal Advisor - Bill Bache

Affiliated Organisations

Justice for Families is not a membership organisation. It has a number of affiliated organisations that have agreed to work with Justice for Families to improve the situation in respect of Public Family Law. These organisations include: (the following links will open in a new tab / browser window).

Other supporters

* Brian Morgan - Investigative journalist who has been working to highlight the injustices suffered by families wrongly accused of child abuse since 1991, particularly the way the secrecy of the family courts has allowed unreliable and unscientific medical evidence from a very small group of paediatricians and psychiatrists to be relied upon by another very small group of judges.

He has also been falsely accused, and cleared, of conspiracy involving one case he was investigating, as a result of information provided to the police by Professor David Southall, who tried and failed to prevent his involvement being exposed in open court, under the cloak of Public Interest Immunity.

Southall also successfully prevented secret information about the Special Case files being handed over to the General Medical Council in 1996, leading to a delay of ten years before the current GMC hearings, in part dealing with these secret files, could go ahead.

Southall's North Staffs NHS Trust backed his legal action to prevent disclosure. This struggle cost Brian Morgan's union, the NUJ, £50,000.

Later in 2007 John Hemming MP, using the FOI Act, uncovered false information held about him in hospital files. During a telephone conversation in 2000 between Professor David Southall and the hospital’s press officer the latter recorded in writing about Brian Morgan that: “His two children had been taken into care at age 12/13.”

By placing this false information on file the hospital evaded answering questions about unethical research at the trust by Southall. The director of public health for the area, no less, said the research was: “Potentially a hot potato as to my recall the intervention resulted in increased deaths and didn’t have proper consent.” They recorded this email comment internally in 2000 in response to Brian Morgan’s inquiry, but failed to tell him, of course.

So why didn’t the authorities act at the time?