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Justice for Bailey: Appeal against the lenient sentence given to Nathan William Forrest

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on Thu, 05/09/2013 - 07:19
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Bailey was a beautiful four year old boy. His grandmothers were worried about him, but their desperate pleas were ignored. Now they want justice for their grandson.

Bailey was a beautiful four year old boy. His grandmothers were worried about him, but their desperate pleas were ignored. Now they want justice for their grandson.

Nathan William Forrest was sentenced to 6 years non parole period for the manslaughter of Bailey James Constable. Nathan William Forrest struck Bailey across the head and body while he bathed him on the 1st of April 2011 in his home in Warren N.S.W, the actions Nathan William Forrest chose that night resulted in the death of this 4 year old boy we ask that an appeal be granted for the following reasons:

1: Nathan willingly injected a drug that gave him violent outbursts;
2: Nathan choose to bathe Bailey on the 1st of April 2011 knowing he was under the influence of amphetamines and agitated;
3: Nathan struck Bailey on the head and body more than once and as little as 4 times;
4: Nathan lied to medical professionals hampering resuscitation efforts;
5: Nathan showed no remorse after the fact, he was witnessed using drugs and alcohol while enjoying social events;
6: Nathan lied to police for the 5 weeks preceding Bailey's death hindering closure for family;
7: Nathan winked and smiled when handed the 6 year non parole period sentence he was openly over joyed with such a light sentence, this shows no remorse or potential for rehabilitation in such a short term as remorse for a crime would be where one would start;
8: Bailey was 4 years old not even 20kg when Nathan William Forrest beat him with such force he died from as stated in the autopsy "multiple injuries".

We ask that the appeal against the leniency of Nathan William Forrest's sentence be granted.

We ask that an appeal is granted for the above reasons as discussed in the background and we respectfully dispute justice Elizabeth Fullerton's sentence and ask that a heavier sentence be handed to Nathan William Forrest for reasons as discussed in the background to this petition.


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Hi michael, im not sure if you saw a current affair last night? One of the stories involved yet another DoCS failure. I cried over it for hours..

The general gist of the story was focused on 2 grandmothers of a little boy. This little boy was mostly raised by his grandmothers until his mother (with a new partner) took him back, and he was continuously physically abused by his new stepfather.

The grandmothers made numerous reports to DoCS & yet they were told he wasnt in their system!!

The little boy had two younger siblings who were removed from the parents' care, but when the grandmothers took the little boy (who was 4) to keep him safe, the department ordered him home, again saying he wasnt in their system. How could they have two younger children removed yet him not be in their system?? Eventually the stepfather killed him.

This story breaks my heart. When i try to look at my own case from an outsiders view I can see why my children arent in my care - because of people like that. I understand so much more clearly why they say any risk is too much, and I am in a way grateful they consider my children important enough to protect. In my case they are wrong, my children were never in need of protection, although if anything i was in need of some guidance.

Just another example of how the system fails - removes children from a loving home based on risk & sends a little boy back to abuse to be murdered thanks to a lack thereof. An oversight on their part which cost a beautiful little boy his life. Another beautiful child's life over thanks to the blunders of an unorganised government department who fear no repercussions.

As for the man who murdered his stepson, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The judge had 25 years prison available to sentence him, he got off on 6. Well eight, with parole in 6.

I am disgusted, heartbroken & sickened by this story (as im sure everyone else who watched it was). Just needed to share it with someone as it has me infuriated all over again.

At the start of my battle i kept asking "How can you think we would do something like that???!" And now i know. Its because of people like those who were on a current affair last night that i dont get to kiss my kids goodnight anymore.