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Hull social services have ruined my life says father

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on Sun, 08/12/2012 - 09:39
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Dispute: Nine families are currently in dispute with Hull City Council over how their child custody cases have been dealt with by the authority.

A FATHER battling to win access to his son says his life has been ruined by social workers.

The 48-year-old is one of nine families currently in dispute with Hull City Council over how their child custody cases have been dealt with by the authority.

He says one social worker was forced to apologise after falsely stating in a care assessment that his son was at risk of sexual harm from him.

The assessment statement came after a police investigation into alleged child sexual abuse involving members of his then partner's extended family.

The Mail has seen a separate letter by Humberside Police confirming he was never a suspect in the investigation.

But he claims it has destroyed his chances of ever being properly reunited with his son.

Along with his two-year-old child, the man, who lives in Hull, cannot be named for legal reasons.

He said: "It was the last straw when it was actually put in writing that I was considered to be a risk to my son.

"The social worker concerned had to apologise but only after I submitted a formal complaint.

"A simple apology is not enough for all the heartache I have had to endure."

His son was formally adopted last year after initially being taken into foster care because of concerns over the mother's ability to care for the child.

The father, who lives apart from his ex-partner, is currently banned from contacting the council's children and young people's service after being given a six-month jail sentence for making verbal threats to a social worker.

He lost his job after coming out of prison when a probation report repeated the claim that he was a risk to children.

He said he admitted making the threats but only because he had been "driven to the edge" by the situation regarding his son.

He said: "I only initially agreed to put my son into voluntary care because I was told by a social worker that if I didn't, the police would be called to take him away and I would not be allowed to see him again.

"I did put my son in care, which I now truly regret. I have asked for him to be returned several times and have been refused."

In a letter sent to him in June, the council said the adoption meant he was not allowed to even see his son's case records.

"You no longer have parental responsibility or parental rights in respect of him," it added.

The letter also confirmed he is the subject of a court order prohibiting him from contacting the council's social services except through a solicitor.

A council spokesman said: "We do not comment on individual cases."


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