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How easy it was for my darling daughter to be stolen by the government

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on Sat, 04/12/2014 - 06:04
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

My story begins by starting by saying thank you Michael for without your dedication and your army I would not have come out of it but it still hurts so bad I am forevermore destroyed for what they did. Maybe if I tell my story it might make someone from that place the understanding of terror.

I am a mother of five children and one angel Emily who passed away 9.9.2001 (she was two and half)
On the 27th my youngest daughter Ava was savagely attacked by a friends dog. Luckly we were able to get to her before the dog went for her neck the third time or she would have been killed.

She attended the hospital where they fixed her up and saw that it had frightened me. I was scared I was going to loose another daughter.
On the 3 of September my daughters bite got infected enough for me to take her to the hospital
I told them my story. I even stated I hadn't given her the antibiotics as I wasn't in the right mind and had no funds until that day they were nice they said it happens all the time and made me a coffee. Ava had to have the bite cleaned and we stayed their five days I did not leave that hospital.

I accessed social workers and family support services to help me get over the ttrauma of nearly losing another child. I had no idea what was to follow...

On the 10.9.2012. The day after the anniversary of my daughter Emily...
We were about to be discharged and two women came in the room telling me to come with them before we leave. We were led into two separate rooms. Ava told to come wIth one lady as they needed to talk to mum. I didn't even have time to kiss her.
I was sent in another room where a man and girl sat
I said "Hi, how are You. Call me Krys" and thought they were there to help.
Instead they told me that I had medically neglected Ava and that she wouldn't be coming home.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing all I could say was "No, you made a mistake .No, what are u kidding?"

I told them don't be stupid I love my babies. I was horrified that they got it wrong that I of anyone who has buried a child, who has other children that were doing well, that I engage in many parenting courses that I am no harm.

He kept telling me they would be taking her for two years, that I was a horrible mum, that I was skinny and had displaced grief.
They didn't let me say goodbye ........

I walked down those hallways with her stuff and balloons without my baby, without my soul. Walked to my car and screamed and cried for two hours in the car and drove home.

To the other children who came out welcoming their sister home... only to find mum falling out of the car crying that they took their baby sister.

My other children were 20, 16, 12, 8 at the time. They didn't understand either and they told DCP this too, but still it didn't mean anything they still Took her.

They made up stuff and let me have first contact after nine days. Nine days ...oh God that kills me just thinking about it and then it was only for two hours in an office with some lady watching me. She had to rip Ava off me... she tore my child off me while Ava screamed "Mum take me home."
Sorry guys I need to stop and continue later bit upset now ........hope u understanding.

Then for three months and one day I reaffirmed every policy, everything. Went on radio, showed up to their stupid meetings one by one their own staff didn't understand why Ava was taken

Ava was scared and had been groomed in care, the foster mother wrote evil emails, they made up lies and every hurdle they made me jump, every organisation they said we don't know why you're here. Yet still no return

Then on the 11.12.12 the day of Ava's forced removal of four teeth, after her operation they handed her back to me, no reunification programs no anything then spent a further six months covering their ass to make sure that if someone calls again about me that they will read my file and close it.

There is more details in that time however I managed to receive a withdrawal which I now hear is unheard of. Now how can that be?

How many parents here are loving parents? Tell me how can they keep kids away, it causes more harm than good!