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on Tue, 02/25/2014 - 15:17
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

 This is a media release which explains the connection between the (corrupt as in acting illegally) Australian High Court and the Family Court.

 Thousands of Australian parents are having their children taken illegally from them, as well as property, by illegal, corrupt orders in the Family Court.  This must stop. The High Court is the one to do it - and it is refusing to do so.

.....NEWS RELEASE ...... 07/02/2014 ...... NEWS RELEASE.... 07/02/2014 ...

For the first time in Australian history, corruption has been revealed in the High Court.
Australians’ direct access to review by the High Court is guaranteed by our Constitution and it is being refused.
This week Australian Deputy Prime Minister Truss asked High Court Chief Justice French to file a case against corrupt judges, some of them in the High Court itself (letter attached).
Earlier, High Court judges Keifel, Bell and Crennan each defied the Australian Constitution to refuse three applicants their right to justice under section 75 (v). This is corruption at the highest level, according to legal definition of the term.
The case has implications for all Australians, many of whom are unaware that this section in the Constitution was deliberately placed there to provide protection against corrupt Federal government officers, such as Family Court judges.
For 15 years the legal and judicial fraternity has covered up injustices and corruption in the secretive Family Court. Only the High Court has power to review the Family Court. Judges can only be sacked by Parliament.
Legally trained whistleblower Bruce Bell is on the run because of his information about corrupt officials in the Family Court who benefit from drug dealing and paedophilia.
Mr Bell said thousands of families were being affected by corrupt decisions in the Family Court, which had resulted in children being knowingly placed in the ‘care’ of abusers.
“Filing against corrupt Federal public officials under s 75 (v) is a crucial Constitutional right of all Australians,” he said.
“The High Court is refusing to take action where the Constitution says it must. “The unrelated co-applicants in this case have both had the problem of the other parent sexually abusing their sons.
“Yet three years ago when the High Court was first asked to protect these children, the case was refused filing.
“Many other parents have had the same kind of trouble in the Family Courts and been illegally denied the protection of the High Court.”
Mr Bell said suppression of vital evidence and acceptance by judges of biased material from the Bar table was commonplace and unforgivable.
Not only were children being illegally taken from the better parent, but properties also were being stolen through corrupt Court orders and sold to persons unknown.
“The worst aspect of needlessly secret courts like the Family and State Children’s Courts is that they breed corruption very fast,” he said.

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Help I am to scared to say anything on here     5 years on and bias etc is so so strong in my case son 7 is in an absolute certain position of being hurt with his father and the court blank refuses to look at my affidavits with obvious problems    PLEASE who do I see