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Help Hinch fight DHS 'pinheads'

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on Mon, 08/13/2012 - 10:32
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

TUESDAY: The foster Mum and her three kids have been reunited, but the fight to keep them together is far from over.

In six months, the DHS will take the case back to court to review whether the children are fit to stay with their 'Mother'.

Derryn Hinch spoke to Mary Wooldridge, Minister for Community Services, who said "we would've liked to resolve this 10 months earlier."

The children are conditionally back with the carer...but there is a further decision that needs to be made," Wooldridge added.

Hinch remains adamant that the DHS has bordered on cruelty in this case.

"These kids have suffered much longer than any department should let them have it," Derryn concluded.

Listen to Mary Wooldridge's interview below.

SUNDAY: There has been a big online response to Derryn Hinch's campaign to reunite children, victims of the Black Saturday tragedy, with the woman they call 'mum'.

Even the real mother has posted this comment as Hinch continues to attack the Department of Human Services with toying with people's lives. 

"I am the birth mother of these 4 children and i just want to say dhs dont care they just want the kids in care so they can there pay packets at the end of the week and i can tell you how they take my kids xmas gifts off them and how they make the kids go with out a drink on a trip or food and i would like to say thank you to everyone that is helping the forster mum out and i am still wanting my kids to go back home where they belong."

More details on what appears to be nothing short of a disgraceful approach to real people's lives by the DHS.

HINCH: In recent weeks I have used some brutally unflattering names to describe some unidentified dickheads at the so-called Department of Human Services.

I have used words like vindictive, callous, pompous twit, heartless pen-pushing jerk and shiny-arsed bureaucrat.

I meant it then. I mean it even more today. Damn right I do. If you heard the last few minutes of yesterday's program you would know that these schemers – who have been playing human chess with three young children – have decided at the eleventh hour to launch an appeal to stop a foster mum from getting those kids back.

*Scroll down to hear the foster mum with Hinch*

Three traumatised children, who were snatched from their school by DHS goons with a Police escort nearly a year ago and taken 200 kilometres away from the only family they knew. The woman they know as 'mum' travels 400 kilometres a week just to see the kids. They don't understand why they can't be together.

A month ago DHS agents were accused by a Children's Court Magistrate of acting irresponsibly or mischievously to prolong court proceedings that kept the family apart.

Those court proceedings had gone on for months with the DHS spending about $6,000 a day of your money on QCs. Bottomless pockets of your money to 'dollar a woman to death'.  This foster mum has been dragged into court six times for a total of 16 days of hearings.

The magistrate saw through the DHS tactics and their vindictive charade. He accused the department of doing 'whatever it could' to prevent the return of the children.

He recommended that the children aged seven to 11 be returned immediately. As I said four weeks ago: You'd think after that shellacking the department would move heaven and earth to reunite the foster mum and the kids. Oh, no.

A DHS spokesman told us way back then the return of the children was 'not imminent'. And they were not kidding.

They decided to continue defying the wishes of the children, the foster mum, the magistrate – and even the children's biological mother who thought the kids had a better, safer more loving home with the foster mum.

The magistrate was so angry with the DHS over those prolonged court hearings that he threatened them with Supreme Court action. He accused them of an 'adversarial win-at-all-costs attitude the likes of which I have rarely seen'. He called them 'recalcitrant'.

Return the kids immediately? No way. The DHS smugly told us they were reading the judgement carefully and then had the gall to say 'we will act in the best interests of the children'. What absolute crap.

The children were victims of Black Saturday, along with their foster mother and her child. What were they doing on the anniversary of the tragedy? They were starting back at school miles away from family and friends.

And yesterday, DHS informed the broken-hearted foster mum that they were appealing the decision - only two working days before they would be forced to hand the children back.

Their plan is to get a stay of the return order which will keep the family apart for at least another six months.

This is bloody-mindedness to the nth degree. I believe they have deliberately let this family twist slowly in the wind.

Still doing, as the magistrate said, 'everything they could' to prolong proceedings. Our appeals to the Premier and to his Minister for Community Services, Mary Wooldridge, have gone unheeded. The DHS apparently is a law unto itself.

As the mum said on my program yesterday, because of this last gasp appeal she now has to find at least $4,000 she doesn't have to be represented at yet another court appearance.

Well, I've decided they are not going to just walk all over her. And win by default. She will be represented. I'll put in $1000 and I know some disgusted listeners made phone offers to help yesterday.

Call back and donate to the Beat the DHS Fighting Fund. Or email me at

I've personally guaranteed the cost of a barrister.

One more thing: Today is my birthday. I celebrated it by being guest speaker at a Variety Club luncheon. Our motto for decades has been: 'Nobody stands taller than when they stoop to help a child'.

I wonder if those pinheads at the DHS even know what that means.


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Good on you Derryn, you remain a true Australian!

Still sticking up for the little ones, still looking for a decent outcome for people!

Still outing those who hurt and condemn and abuse.

It was a strange law that put you in jail yet protects the rights of abusers. I am so grateful that people like you still exist.

Here is to your health and wellbeing.

Thankyou for being you.

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These poor children are in danger of the child safety departments. THe ones who work in these offices abuse their power and failure duty of care. Only concerned with how many lives they can destroy for the sake of more funding . No thought for the child/s or parents or grandparents.The poor children that are in need of depserate help and protection the department does not care as too hard basket yet don't they have a degress in this field. Looks like any idiot can do this qualifaction as I have  first hand experinced their failure duty of care. The manager team leaders case workers don't give  a shit. Being a grandparent we had to sit back and witnessed the abuse of our grand children and when I went to this so called department I was basically told to mind our own business they did not care. After 9 years of being sexualy abused and drugs and alchol enviroment severally physically abused. The useless Cairns office finally acted because of the school and neighbours and finally they took action , we were hoping they would help these children receive professinal help and after being in the department care of 6 months nothing. That's right NOTHING we had our poor grandchildren trying to commit suicidal and self harming. THe department did not respond. I left messages and sent emails begging for help. NOthing still a further 3 months went passed. We could not help the children every attempt we made to get them the professional help they need the department would not allow it. So we made official complaint. Because we made this complaint the Cairns North raced into court and handed the children back into the this violent home with drugs and sexual perdators. Yes so they did not have to answer for their actions they rather put these children lives in danger than to faceup to their responsiblty.CHILD SAFETY DEPARTMENT IS THE BIGGEST CHILD ABUSERS OF ALL and allow to get away with it. The useless government rather ingore it all  then make the ones accountable for their actions. Come on we need to make a satnd and stop these monsters getting away with murder.