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Help! DoCS and Police are at my Door to Steal my Babies

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on Wed, 11/14/2012 - 13:52
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Help! DoCS and Police are at my Door to Steal my Babies

I have just had DOCS at my door with the police. They want to take my children based on an argument I had with the car pool guy my Ex has picking up my daughter from school.
I refused them entry and now they are going for a court order. Because of toys scattered about the yard by active children they claim the place is "filthy". I corrected them by pointing out they were toys being used by spoiled children who have so many toys I cant keep them packed up!
These f*****s are after me.

I was informed the school made a report to DOCS. As I said I was on my way to pick up my daughter and was delayed. When I got there I looked for her and went to the office. They informed me they had put her on a bus. I said I ALWAYS pick her up on thursdays unless prior warning is given and said no one know she was on that bus so no one will be there to pick her up when the bus drops her off.
They then said THEY HAD CALLED THE CAR POOL GUY to pick her up. This man is NOT related to her, I have NOT given consent for him to pick her up, he has NOT had any checks run on his back ground and is not registered in anyway to pick up children! The school broke the law and I WILL be charging them.
Apparently because I was upset they had put her on the bus when I was meant to pick her up, they reported me to DOCS for the way I spoke to them. I was not rude, I didnt cus, I was simply concerned for my daughter's well being.
DOCS had been to the school to speak to my daughter and she told them about the Antechinus that we have befriended and feed, yet she referred to it as a "Mousey". Therefore DOCS have said my house was rodent infested.

DoCS Representatives.....

Heather Croft or Renee Hall
Coffs office 0266591555
fax 0266591444

Taken from the Luke's Army Support Group on Facebook


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Elvis Azard I havent read all your comments yet, but I will.
Just after I posted my partner and I decided it would be best if she ran and hid. We packed her things and the childrens and I took them to a safe place.
Yesterday at about 3.30-4pm DOCS returned with 4 armed police and a warrant to search my home and remove my children. The warrant was fraudulent, the signature was unreadable and there was no name under it. All it said was "registered officer", so it wasnt even signed by a magistrate. There was no court stamp on it. Could have been written by anyone, anywhere.
Under extreme threat and duress I allowed them entry. Her first question was the location of my partner and my children. They searched the house and then informed me it was unsuitable for children. I asked her how she came to that conclusion and her response was there were TOO MANY TOYS and a child could run and trip over a toy!!!! FFS!!
She informed me I was not to pick up my daughter from school (I have her from Thurs until Mon, she has been in my primary care since she was an infant).
I filmed the entire event and I am currently uploading it to Youtube.
Both myself and my hiding partner are seeing solicitors today. I also have my mentor, a Senior Consultant Psychologist who has known me and my family for 10 years, who is calling and faxing DOCS to inform them they will do serious psychological damage to my children if they are removed and tell them what a perfect family unit we are.
If anyone wishes to call me my number is 02 66558502 although I will be out most of today. try this evening.

Heather Croft is the case worker from the Coffs Harbour branch trying to abduct my children. Any dirt on her you have please forward it to me.

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Note from Admin: I edited out the swearing Steph. This is a memorial group for a deceased baby, and for all the children who have died due to child protection abuse therefore language like this is highly appropriate. It also detracts from your statement's credibility.

I saw your clip! Why would you be so deffensive and not open the door in the first place if you did nothing wrong? GUILTY as charged?? They would NOT be on your doorstep if you did nothing wrong!! There has to be numerous complaints and evidence of neglect before you can even come to the house let alone remove a child! Maybe you need to grow the f**k up an look after ya kids proply than there would be no need for police or docs?? Its unfortunate that we need them but in the society we live in they are an asset to the community and should be praised for what they do for our future generation not put down as you have done! Grow up!!

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I have read your post; apart from your terrible spelling, and some offensive choice of language, I would say that you are thoroughly misguided about DOCS, unless of course you are a Social Worker disguising and posting as a member of the public!

You don't need to do anything wrong for them to show up at your doorstep! All you need to qualify for this high level harassment is that you are a parent of young children! Better still if you have jealous or malicious neighbours, 'friends' etc in your life - then you make the perfect candidate.

I have had them round my home more than usual, all on false allegations by unknown persons! At the end of all investigations, the cases were closed as they were all unfounded. I know who was doing the reporting, I found out and got my hands on a piece of a seriously damning evidence!

I am now preparing for a defamation of character lawsuit against this individual and the organisation she works for - believe it or not, she works for my landlord, a   housing association!

In my case, all it took for me to qualify for the 2-year long harassment was that I was a mother of 2 very gorgeous young boys and I lived in a lovely apartment she did not feel I deserved! That was all!!!

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Note from Admin: I laughed so hard when I read this. Thankyou for that.

i would love to agree with you about having nothing to hide if you done nothing wrong - but unfortunately YOU'RE A F******G IDIOT WHO DOESN'T HAVE THE FEINTIST CLUE WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT! Why don't you go and have a tugg at another website ... or maybe you should watch the whole video. Point 1. has native animals runing around = RODENT INFESTED. Point 2. Has toys - CHILD ENDANGERMENT. POINT 3. Everybody has the right to freedom from government interference - this includes this man. Nobody who says they're coming back with a warrant because they can't take a look inside is of the right mind. Especially when joined with the words "GRAVE CONCERN" BECAUSE of a few bags of rubbish and a bit of mess. For f**k sake half of australia would be losing their kids - this woman needs to be reigned in ... and shot. How dare she say she has GRAVE CONCERNS for the children after he refused entry. That is his f******g right. And you ADMIN can go and **** my words out but at least put the **** there so this f*****g idiot can see how angry i am at her self righteous stupidity. Theres another stolen generation and its morons like her protecting guilty parties like that - and yes it is plain as day - that is further worsening this stolen generation. Complete blindless. However, i have a feeling that this steph is steph eyres from out west somewhere and she is a foster carer who thinks she knows everything. She lives with half a dozen foster kids and half a dozen dogs in the house also. YUK.

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well heres some fvcking info for all u docs arz suckers....when they turned up on my door they told me they wanted to check my daughter, they had concerns for her "medical": condition!! my daughter was born at 25weeks gestation..she survived but had a bowel and bladder deformity...they were still growing while she was breathing!! which left her incontinent..her medical condition is hirschprungs disease, which needed Xrays and a full abdominal check as faeces would intercept from her full bowel n float round her body causing her to have ample enemas on a regular basis. while visit my mother in law in armidale where i had my child she experienced great difficulty in passing i took her to the hospital, but beforehand i rang her paediatrician whom was her dr from birth, had her enema done and returned to sydney where i lived to be followed in my driveway by docs. i fought good and hard with them and used as many choice words as i could, i had travelled 500kms to my home and docs wanted me to attend the hospital to check my daughters comndition..they had "grave concerns". i told docs..yeah i am all for getting her checked but be screwed if im sitting at the hospital waiting for my number to be called, my daughter was ill at the time. they called hospital and got me rushed thru...after checking i had placed my child in the proper restraint they followed to hospital. the head paediatricain came down to assess my daughter for her "medical condition". the doctor simply opened up her tiny female flaps walked over washed his hands and told my partner to dress our baby he was done!! We then said excuse me?? ur to check her medical condition, i want xrays and full abdominal done thnx..he said no ur here to check to see if u molested ur child as he looked and spoke to my hubby...Campbelltown hospital walls flew off and my partner ripped strips off docs workers in the emergency department at Campbelltown hospital.......few weeks later they turned up to my house again..this time they decided because i was heavily preg with my 2nd child that i couldnt handle 2 kids by myself!! i hadent even had the 2nd child they forced me to place my daughter in their docs run family daycare 3 days a week..i was fine, complied with what they said and didnt miss a day....til 1 day mmy daughter never got changed at daycare, she was fully incontinent and required a nappy change at every 2 hr interval...i sent 6 nappies plus supplied my own huggies wipes yet 6 come back...was the same the next day so i pulled her out after obtaining a fully medical on my child from birth, everything he had been sick with was on this her 2 yrs of life..she never had a nappy rash ever...send her to a docs run school and she got one!!!!!     as a foster child i cant think of anything worse then placing a child in the system.i have 5 kids now..i dare docs to turn up to my house, im gonna be more hostile then before..yes some parents need help, but shouldnt they help rather then take children ?? DOCS ARE NOTHING BUT LIFE WRECKING BASTARDS WHO GET A THRILL OFF A CHILD CRYING THEMSELVES TO SLEEP AT NIGHT!! yes thats right, im 29 yrs old now, and so physologically damaged from being in the system its not funny.. they think that they r doing good, well some1 needs to tell them they r wrong!! help parents first and if all else fails then move to next step...dnt make the last step the first

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Remember uneducated morons who are clueless about the corrupted business of cps who steal children because cash bonuses incentives paid my their state to kidnapped children for human trafficking to enslave in state foster care for federal funding used to balance the state budget. These are the same uneducated morons that instead of doing the research on the facts, talk about something they may think they know something about. Unlike myself who actually fights for the rights of children and families in court for people who thought the same way marey not verified does until it happen to them. I once too remember being one of the uneducated moron who was clueless and thought they cannot take children without a parent being guilty, but I am so ashamed of that person who open their mouth without taking the time to do the researcher and worst CPS did not know I existed until I when to them to asked them to enforce a court order from a judge because I was a victim of a violent crime of a serial killer who rented out a duplex and stole the identity of his renters and 5 women where found missing one found dead in the desert and I went to the police when I notice something was not right, and also had a background check on the house I was renting , on landlord and surrounding neighborhoods before I even move in. Once I notice personal items and cell phones and bank information was disappearing from my home and from my mail box which is a federal offense, I had several PD run checks and was able to get a restraining order against my landlord after he was question by the police and attacked me while my son was at school. All I needed was time to pack my things so my son could stay somewhere safe. While my son stays in a safe place I continue to just pack up my items to move out. James Painter attacked me while leaving and put me in critical condition for six day in the hospital while my son stays with my friends. Meanwhile James clean out all my banking accounts maxs out my paid off credit cards, got loans, stole everything I worked for. When I got out of the hospital I had nothing but the few items I was able to get out and it took two years before any justice was served which was help out with relocation which I was denied because I was not on Welfare and did not meet the right requirements, because I was a white single mom who was disabled and was denied help with the DFS. Therefore, I went to CPS to see if they could help enforce the court order with relocation because I could not afford a descent place and moving cost to another faraway location because Painter had never been caught. I did not know about the corrupted business of cps or the fact that they had a side business where they would fill pedophiles wish list and when a child fit the criteria they auction off to the highest bidder. I just wanted some type of justice and I lost the most important that matter to me which was my son. christina part 2 Therefore, to help you morons to learn here is Senator Nancy Schaefer

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  • Michael Borusieiwicz what state are you in?
  • Michael Borusieiwicz you need to record it all, and get a diary.
  • Dain Twistedrainbow Carr My god when will it end brother I'm so warn down
  • Childrens Rights what I would do is take the kids to a safe house, like for example your mothers house or family member and then tidy up the house until it is spotless, get cleaners in if you have to. And do this all very very fast. Then you ring them and tell them there will be no need for further action because you have realised your mistake, cleaned up the property and the children are staying for a few days with your relatives to give you a chance to clean everything up. Anger and aggression means that you are out of control and therefore not fit to care for children. This is how they see it.
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  • Michael Borusieiwicz I would avoid talking to them. If you say that they could twist it and say you admitted you are neglecting them. Think as negative as possible and you will be on the same track as them. But good idea CR, get them out of there.
  • Michael Borusieiwicz But then they will go to the school.
  • Michael Borusieiwicz I would be ringing the school and talking to the principal, get them on your side.
  • Roxanne Grinage Get your camcorders, your laptop camera and film everything the way things look with your audio commentary of what you just posted so you have a record of how things really are and proof of defamation to kidnap. Also try to set up your laptop so it is filming/recording when the police come back to the door and have a record of you telling them they have to identify their names and badge numbers and leave a copy of the so called Court Order or warrant and give you time to read it. Try to record yourself reading it outloud. Go get a neighbor clergy as many neighbors as you can to witness there is no eminent danger. And have the neigbor witnesses state "there is no need to remove these children for any reason because family neighbors and community are present and willing to streamline the care of these children in familiar surroundings. Regardless of what the police do. Type up a one page Affidavit statement for each witness present to sign that children were illegally transported absent imminent danger and get and use the affidavits for file Notice Intent to Sue in your family court simultaneous with lawsuit trespass jurisdiction kidnap for profit personal separation trauma injuries public defamation slander libel in your higher court.
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  • Winter Wolf I agree with children's rights but I wouldn't use the term 'you realized your mistake' they are blood hounds and will use it against you.
    Take your kids to a respected family member nice home, works etc then attend to your own home and say they cannot make a judgment call on a single viewing of your home because some days are better than others with the state of your home when little ones are involved.
    Be articulate and well mannered at all times. Like I said there hounds and will take the slightest wiff as a invitation to attack
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  • Roxanne Grinage Many times the county will call off the corrupt agency employees when thy see a massive lawsuit will hit them in their coffers. Do not sign anything and do not give any of your income information or children's identification documents to any person requesting them. Keep verbalizing and writing your objections. They will try to make it look like you asked for services or your getting your kids back depends on your accepting their management of your family through billable services. Do not give the impression on paper or in voice that you ever had any business any contract with these mafioso gangsters.
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  • Childrens Rights No, firstly the school is NOT ON YOUR SIDE, do not tell the school anything because they will ring Child Services and tell them that you rang them. If you take the kids out of school you will be also demonstrating that you are unstable. If you have demonstrated your instability by being aggressive inappropriately (thats how they see it) then you need to prove that it was a "once off thing". Not that you are regularly out of control with anyone. Meantime, I am not from America and I do not know that particular organisation. I do not know how they act or what their protocol is. You cannot be seen to be doing anything that would be deemed to be inappropriate or dysfunctional and that includes removing the kids and hiding them. That is illegal, don't do it.
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  • Winter Wolf Also I would attend to the cause of the visit, the fight with the car pool guy, layout how it was started and your intentions when you confronted him and how it was left.
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  • Childrens Rights clean up the house fast - you should have that done asap
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  • Michele Simmons I'd set your camera now with the date and time if you can and take pictures for evidence they are lying.I know someone who went and helped clean someone's flat up spotless and SS lied saying it was filthy,luckily she knew what they were like and had taken pics x
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  • Roxanne Grinage Also, look up in your state or jurisdiction what the children protective services and family court rules are for agencies to emergency petition for dependency. Sometimes it is 72 hours if they don't show proof in an emergency petition to the court asking for jurisdiction they are guilty of kidnap illegal transport of persons. You file next day demand for evidence of agency's petition to court. There won't be any. You file Emergency Petition for relief in the local court with your witness affidavits who asked for imminent danger and witnessed none. Don't allow them to transfer jurisdiction/authority to a school or any entity that does not have a greater vested interest in your family. Your 4th Amendment Rights (are you in U.S.) give you the right not to open your door to social services or school - they are not the police but grossly abuse law enforcement by saying they have things they do not have. Make abuse of law enforcement and taxpayer funding one of your charges in notice of Claim. Don't add too many defendants, Try to limit your defendant to the most pompous aggressive leader of the wolf pack so you don't have insourmountable service costs and you take the wind out of the sails of the biggest bully.
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  • Michael Borusieiwicz Well said Roxanne, DONT SIGN ANYTHING
  • Michael Borusieiwicz What a low life that car pool idiot is, ringing docs on you.
  • Michael Borusieiwicz DoCS = Department of Community Services Roxanne, in some states of Australia. Good advice even so. Inbox me and I will give you a good legal contact you can trust
  • Tina Parsons I agree with Michael Borusieiwicz ~ dont talk to them. If they try for court orders that can be tricky & you really need to learn your constitutional rights because EVERY court in Australia is unlawul & has been for the past 40 years!! I also agree with Childrens Rights ~ if you can move the children to a safe place (so they cannot talk to your children without you knowing because they will twist everything) & you could always homeschool ( ~ know your rights under our constitution ~ if you could move house with your children, all the better!! Make it impossible for them to locate your children even with a court order. Put NO TRESPASS signs up at your home, on your front door & windows etc. You have the right to prosecute ANYONE (including police officers) who are on your property without your permission. This has already been done successfully in Australia & there was a recent High Court ruling that people have the right to do this, even to the police. These CPS officers think that they are a law unto themselves & use threats & intimidation to coerce people into doing what they want ~ don't cave but instead play them at their own games & indimidate them back! Threaten to sue them PERSONALLY for unwarranted harassment. People do not realise that they can sue the person as a person eg John doe or Jane Bloggs but NOT as a professional as in a CPS officer, police officer, judge, lawyer, as these professions are government protected under more corrupt legislation which is unconstitutional but the private person is not. This is why people need to educate themselves in common law, which is the highest law in the land & what our constitution is based on but corrupt governments have tried to illegally remove our constitutional rights over the past 40 years & is the crime of the century! I will post a new posting with a document which shows how this was done & why there is no justice in our courts.
    Homeschool WA - Christian Homeschool, ACE homeschool, ACE, Ace Curriculum, home school Perth, WA
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  • Michael Borusieiwicz No trespass signs do not make it illegal for them to take you child.
  • Roxanne Grinage No I meant "Trespass Jurisdiction" as a cause of action. sue em into oblivion for doing thing the law nor their position descriptions give them authority to do. You have to strip them of the pretense of immunity functioning as wolf pack serial criminal under the guise of state authority. If you can show they violated their own policies and procedures, the funding source, the laws of the jurisdiction and even their employer's position description to illegally transport a human being, you can get them on Kidnap - Trespass Jurisdiction.
  • Michael Borusieiwicz Give me the car pool guy and the story so I can post his name all over the net, what a dog
  • Roxanne Grinage Yes use as much media exposure as you can access to beat down the credibility of the car pool guy. But be careful, the agency (even the law enforcement agency) employees taking your children are breaking laws - don't let them shift responsibility to the car pool guy "immunity" enjoyed traditionally makes the real criminal culprits hard to pin down for criminal liability. record and transcribe and file into every venue and then start stacking prior filings in damages claims law enforcement class action and whistlelblower transmittals all prior filings as exhibits aggressively posted to internet and control your key word tags so you kids know the truth, other victims of this particular wolf pack know they can fight back and are not alone and as a way to control and keep exposed the truth of the public record quickly and eagerly censored by prejudicial agendas of various corrupt court venues.
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  • Tina Parsons That is not what I said Michael. They cannot take a child if they have no access to a property. This is a recent High Court ruling & we have to "push back" by threatening to sue them etc. They will soon back off & this has already been done very successfully in Australia where someone handed a police officer a bill for $150,000 for trespass & told him that they will be prosecuted for that amount if they did not get off of the person's property asap. The police officer backed off & did not come back ~ threaten to sue the private person NOT the professional person & then you have them right where you want them & this is being done by many people in Australia through many different but equally corrupt situations. IT WORKS & that is all that matters ~ anything to get them to back off & leave you & your precious children alone! It is not about what is legal in their corrupt courts because their courts are rigged against us & steeped in corruption so you go after the person NOT CPS & take them to a criminal court which has different rules & where they are outside their comfort zones & getting a taste of their own medicine! CPS, police etc can only operate through its employees, if they are all too scared to act against us, then they have no power to corruptly take our children. It is all about being smarter & thinking outside of the box ~ work smarter NOT harder.
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  • Roxanne Grinage THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO DO AS SOVEREIGN AMERICANS HERE, BUT THE PEOPLE EATING MACHINE CLOAKS CRIMINAL LIABILITY SO HEAVILY WE ARE JUST BEGINNING TO PEEL AWAY THE ILLUSION OF AUTHORITY TO SHINE LIGHT ON THESE CHILD STEALING MONSTERS. Sorry about the caps lock on. I pray every day we will have a nationwide supreme court class action that will enforce our constitution as your Australian High Court did. Truly a beacon of hope. Thank you Tina Parsons
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  • Tina Parsons Yes but there is nothing stopping you in America from suing the private person (not as a CPS worker or police officer). There is a law I think it is called "tort law" that is about a person doing harm to another. This can be in the form of anguish caused through harrassment etc & I know that it is available in the USA. So look up tort law & sue the private person for placing harm upon you & causing you duress. Anything that causes them to be too scared to come after us & our children for fear of being personally sued will benefit everyone. The best part about going after the person is that they do not have the protection of their employers legislation & also will have to fund their own defense lawyers as they will be "hung out to dry" & left to fend for themselves. If we all did this 'en masse' then they would soon get the message & we would very quickly shut their corrupt system down. Suing them also gets them out of their corrupt courts & into a court system which they are not familiar with as was done in the USA recently. I will try & find the video of this recent court case where a CPS officer was actually jailed (for perjury) as it came under criminal law jurisdiction. We must force them out of their corrupt courts & into criminal ones so that they have no way out. Make them quake in their boots, lol!
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  • Michael Borusieiwicz Thankyou for that Tina, I have forwarded on your message to the person who wrote the letter advising them to contact you on this matter
  • Roxanne Grinage What is stopping us from invoking our constitutional rights and uniform commercial code laws is the immunity language in the congressional act 1983 Civil Rights Act which gives judges state and municipal employees immunity for anything they do expressly stating even if it causes harm the person who acted in their official capacity has full immunity for anything they do. I had two U.S. Marshals sent to me by the federal Judge Mitchell S. Goldberg who I filed my tort lawsuit with demanding the attachment of the lawyer who we have proof who took a bribe to willfully recklessly child endanger my grandchildren giving them to drug addicts - Fern Brown Caplan, Esquire the best friend of wealthy famous powerful lawyer Gloriia Allred. Anyway I demanded attachment of her personal assets for criminal acts which caused theft of not only person but business and vested interest cited our Uniform Commercial Code laws which makes the criminal my debtor. Two U.S. Marshals came to me on Sept 29 2009 and warned me while it was my right to say anything I want on Youtube or the internet they had orders to arrest anyone who filed a UCC Lien against a public official. The final order from the Federal Judge left no doubt that our laws have been usurped by gangland styled criminals (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations RICO). Federal judge actually wrote "for these purposes the private lawyer Fern Brown Caplan, Esquire is given "quasi-immunity" (actually made up a term to accommodate her 47 felonies proven to the court) and that non-lawyer represented litigants receive less weight than attorney defendants." So the threat of arrest if for exercising a constitutional promise to petition our courts for redress of grievances has been so perverted and corruption poisoned that no one interviews us before they inflict aggravated assaults and theft upon us and ask us if we are lawyers, so why do we have to have gone to law school to be qualified to report their crimes. Then the other thing that is stopping Americans from enacting the courage Australians have is a characteristic of the Federal Crime Victim created by official corruption fraud and civil rights violations I was able to measure by providing standard access to claims intake assessment regardless of who the claimant knows or what the claimant has. Just like we can measure the modus operandi of the assailant pool, we see the victim pool touts the same trauma injuries as the assault and rape victim especially bound for defending themselves having been socialized not to question authority and having been injured by database targeting forced psychotropic chemicals and kidnap for profit of Department of Human Services contractor to fall through the cracks of accountability and end up early incarcerated, practicing some self destructive behavior, alcoholism, addition, sex trafficked, homeless, unable to receive education no matter how progressive because of the Federal funding incentives senator nancy schaefer gave her life to tell us about starting in 1984. So even a well meaning person who wants to pull together a force to rally to invoke rights and do what Australia has done is met with suspicion ridicule and questions like I get all the time "but what can you do you are not a lawyer."
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  • Bec Thompson Vexatious Act 2008
  • Tina Parsons Yes Roxanne it is all corrupt & unconstitutional & exactly why I said NOT to file charges against a public figure but rather file the charges against the private person. This CAN be done & what they said & did to you was unlawful & used as an intimidation. They wanted you to back off because if everyone started to do this then their corrupt system would colapse & they know it! So instead of backing off we should all press on & in sheer numbers & keep trying until you get a judge who will do the right thing! Suddenly if everyone did this, they would be cactus!! When they put pressure on someone like this is it usually a very good sign that you have them scared & know you are on the right track but go for the private person NOT the public one :)
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  • Lyn Sahyoun i have told this to docs TWICE and i had a change of fofficers with me- yet the last one still made my life hell after she was taken off the case- bt of cours ei cant get access to all of the documents. AND if you sk for the act of legislation that they are tring to access your children under, they MUST furnish you with a copy IN FULL, and allow you time to read and digest it otherwise even as a statutory(sp) body they cannt proceed. Thats a government requirement
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  • Tracey Cook That sucks docs are mutts
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  • Elvis Azard I havent read all your comments yet, but I will.
    Just after I posted my partner and I decided it would be best if she ran and hid. We packed her things and the childrens and I took them to a safe place.
    Yesterday at about 3.30-4pm DOCS returned with 4 armed police and a warrant to search my home and remove my children. The warrant was fraudulent, the signature was unreadable and there was no name under it. All it said was "registered officer", so it wasnt even signed by a magistrate. There was no court stamp on it. Could have been written by anyone, anywhere.
    Under extreme threat and duress I allowed them entry. Her first question was the location of my partner and my children. They searched the house and then informed me it was unsuitable for children. I asked her how she came to that conclusion and her response was there were TOO MANY TOYS and a child could run and trip over a toy!!!! FFS!!
    She informed me I was not to pick up my daughter from school (I have her from Thurs until Mon, she has been in my primary care since she was an infant).
    I filmed the entire event and I am currently uploading it to Youtube.
    Both myself and my hiding partner are seeing solicitors today. I also have my mentor, a Senior Consultant Psychologist who has known me and my family for 10 years, who is calling and faxing DOCS to inform them they will do serious psychological damage to my children if they are removed and tell them what a perfect family unit we are.
    If anyone wishes to call me my number is 02 66558502 although I will be out most of today. try this evening.

    Heather Croft is the case worker from the Coffs Harbour branch trying to abduct my children. Any dirt on her you have please forward it to me.
  • Lyn Sahyoun do NOT allow them entry. it is an INVALID search warrant and you can get them on it. No court stamp means NOT VALID and they cant get a second due to the Double Jepordy rule i belive....EVERYTHING to be LEGAL and BINDING MUST have valid signature, a contact name and an official stamp.
  • Lyn Sahyoun and dont be surprised if they challenge your mentor's findings- saying he is too close to the situation.
  • Robbie Mann Take the kids, GET OUT OF THE STATE! NOW!!!!!!
  • Elvis Azard I was informed the school made a report to DOCS. As I said I was on my way to pick up my daughter and was delayed. When I got there I looked for her and went to the office. They informed me they had put her on a bus. I said I ALWAYS pick her up on thursdays unless prior warning is given and said no one know she was on that bus so no one will be there to pick her up when the bus drops her off.
    They then said THEY HAD CALLED THE CAR POOL GUY to pick her up. This man is NOT related to her, I have NOT given consent for him to pick her up, he has NOT had any checks run on his back ground and is not registered in anyway to pick up children! The school broke the law and I WILL be charging them.
    Apparently because I was upset they had put her on the bus when I was meant to pick her up, they reported me to DOCS for the way I spoke to them. I was not rude, I didnt cus, I was simply concerned for my daughter's well being.
    DOCS had been to the school to speak to my daughter and she told them about the Antechinus that we have befriended and feed, yet she referred to it as a "Mousey". Therefore DOCS have said my house was rodent infested.
  • Lyn Sahyoun i got the rodent infested comment and i was a registered pet rat breeder- the person that came down said i had over 200 rats running free in my house! i had them in cages- and there was about 70 of them. I was a vice president of a breed society, and did everything by rules and regulations set down by the group and RSPCA standards and DOCS still didnt care.
  • Elvis Azard I used to always had pet rats. I think they are awesome pets. I havent had one since my children were born as I have enough to look after now with out having pets to feed too.
    I have 3 horses.... Im sure DOCS will call them rabid wilder-beasts or something....
  • Lyn Sahyoun they will. they dont care how many reports saying you look after your animals well, they will then turn around and say you spend too much time with the animals and neglect your chilkdren
Karen_burke's picture

First of all, sorry to hear of your troubles.

Bad news first, as with ANY parent who has been through this will tell you, at ANY given time DoCS can march on your property and remove your children, no warrent needed for 72 hours until they complete their initial investigations to check IF they have grounds to investigate further.  Second, the School is NOT on your side, talking to them will not work and taking her back, well they will uplift her from there and you can bet the school will not tell you.  Now you face the next thing, if you do not have her in school, you will have them banging on about that as well and using it against you.

Here is what you do, take your daughter to a Psychologist and get the person to talk to your daughter, do NOT tell them it is because of DoCS, tell them it is because you are worried that your ex has been saying unfit things to her, or she has been exhibiting odd behaviour when she is returned from his visitation.  That report is GOLD.  Next contact a Lawyer that will act FOR your daughter.  Be as honest as you can be, but first find one that has NO associations with DoCS.  

Now, this is where you get armed for a fight, you have to prove that having toys is normal, having pets is normal, take pictures of the pet. to fight fire with fire, get a pest exterminator to examine your home and give it a clean bill of health, therefore proving they are lying about rodents investing your house.  

Contact the Education department and REPORT them for doing what they did, putting your child on a bus without your knowledge, and be honest and say you were running a bit late, BUT put this back on the school.  

Take your child to a Doctor, so she can be examined and declared healthy, no bruises, fit, well fed etc, do the same for all your children, just say you want the check for your own piece of mind.  Again GOLD.

Once you have armed yourself with medical, psycholgist and exterminators reports, PLUS if you rent a house inspection confirming the cleanliness, also Police reports showing ANY visits they have made to your house(showing NO Domestic Violence) and get statements from neighbors confirming the same, march into DoCS, speak to the CEO or manager, place the reports(make copies of them as well)in front of them, tell them exactly what happened and how the school endangered your daughter, and make it clear you intend on taking legal action.  Produce photo's of books and toys and ask is this not normal for a child?  Then the photo's of the pet in its cage and say is ONE pet in a cage a Rodent infestation?  Inform them you intend on suing for emotional duress and you will go public(these departments know the media eat this up with a spoon)and remember KEEP calm, do not raise your voice, Do NOT get upset at any time.  Armed with the proof you have, they know that in a court of law, the documents will hold up.  

My advice after that is Change your daughter's schools ASAP.  Do not leave the state you are in, sadly once they start this B/S, if they think you have gone interstate, they then contact the feds and the relevant departments in all the states and territories, and it will make you look bad.  They will track you using centrelink, tax file numbers and enrollments in schools.  Aussie might be a Big place but in times like this it is small.

I would also suggest you change the carpool guy OR demand he have a welfare check done on him.  

I will also say, it might also be your ex if you have issues such as custody fights etc.  Some parents DO sink to this level, they would be so spiteful they would rather see the child in welfare care than with the other parent.  Sadly I know this, as one father did, he called welfare and had the children removed, he gets his access regularly, even FACS have admitted he is extremely manipulative, the mother gets hers removed, one report from a so called case worker said she was stoned first thing in the morning, her basis for this accusation was she saw the mother at the shopping centre and claimed she was stoned, in fact the mother had only just gotten up, she ran to the mall to get milk, and had not stopped to brush her hair, anyway, the father said in court, if I am not getting the children, I want orders until the children are 18, yet he is abusive, he has even HIT his child in public, I mean PUNCHED her outside her carer's house in front of the carer's other children, he encouraged the older ones to run away and when they were at his home, if they refused to follow his church teachings, he locked them in their rooms, followed them about the house calling them names and he did hit them, yet FACS listens to him, but not the mother!  Works both ways with fathers in the same situation, BUT this is just warnign you, IF DoCS do get your daughter, they will possibly place her with your ex instead of foster care.

I wish you luck and hope all goes well and that what I have said is helpful :)

annie anon's picture

well you have no idea about this man. it is all lies and he is most definatley unfit for parenting. your views woud be legidimate if u actually new who u were defending.

Lukes Dad's picture

So these kids are better off being shifted from stranger to stranger, molested beaten. There isn't enough foster carers so you are lucky to get one that these kids would rather be with than be with their father. I don't think that rates a mention does it. Take the kids of the parents and who cares what happens. You feel good about yourself, and to hell with the consequences. Who is anyone to judge? You don't even put your name up here but this man stands up for his family and defends himself. What would you say if he happily handed his kids over. Would that make him a better man, a better father. Disgusting.

Leith's picture

Your spelling and grammar give you away Emma Carnie.
Your opinion is invalid as it is YOU that wants full custody of our daughter.

i know who i am, i like who i am and our daughter will be most damaged out of this.
I am bringing fellow souls together and will not end up angry lonely and bitter and I dont care that you continue to contact me anonymously.

Cindylee Lawrence's picture

excuse me ..i know him very well, and in my opinion i couldnt find a better man to have a child to, this guy is caring, considerate...which is alot more then i can say for u being the "other parent"...wake up to urself and do whats best for ur little girl...give her back to her daddy, he loves and cares for her more then u do quit kidding urself sweetheart, ur not fooling any1!!!!!!!!!!

christina Illsley's picture

Through the years I have found the best way to protect yourself especially as a person who is retaliated against because of the billions of dollars I cost them, initiating the OIR to oversee LA COUNTY foster care resulting in removal of judges from the bench and which lead to audit in every direction and finally to the Ca audit resulting in changing the law which open these secret court to the public and allowing accountability to held which was impossible in the past. I keep live audio video camera in my car with posted signs telling everyone that they are on audio and video recording, with live feed being directly updated, follow civil procedure and do not argue with them when they are not since they are being recording, when doing any meeting let them know right away that their being recorded and if they do not approve well then I guess it up to them not to talk don’t let them know what you are going to do to them just let them trap themselves. Go over paperwork aloud and if they do have a warrant make it clear what the warrants state even if they go out there bounds because this type of people may think they have immunity but your wording will set them up for federal question and u will always have property return and cases will be dismissed because of your attitude will effect they power play and that when permanent damages happens I know. They never follow proper procedure and you never plea bargin it means they have nothing, always ask 4 jury trial they will always dismiss on the day of the picking of a jury trial , they rather go find the easy victims than lose with someone who will have media coverage on the case. If they want to see your children they can look through a window if they don’t have a warrant even if the bring a cop with them you simply pick up the phone and call the cops and tell them that someone is trying to break in your home and you need your pd assistance. Watch how many leave fast. Learn the supremacy clause and equal protection of due process l have never lost a case but I am dying from the cancer they gave me. If anyone knows anyone that can allow me to make payments with holistic treatments to save my live so I can continue saving families and children for free please let me know because they hurt me bad last time and everyone is dead including senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband and Ted Gunderson n I barely made it out of live and i want to take godsplan4thechildren to the next level and that is reuniting and healing families by using dolphins by swimming with them and having our own private community away from all this. Dolphin World has agreed to help provided the dolphins.

Help Fight Child Protection's picture

"I figured if I write this letter,I might have a response.But with all the rave about the inner workings about our government,people really don't want to read about anything else.But maybe if there was a fresh voice,someone will read it.I'm writing on a subject that most people would not read,and it's because of that reason -people should.

Now the way I see it is this,people really need to know what Dept. of Social Services really is like for families. Especially families who are involved with CPS.

Yes, I know people will say "it's just another story",but they are wrong. If you were a parent and wanted to know-would you read the article?

Now I don't have a degree in journalism-but I should.I speak from experience on this subject. There are a lot of aspects people need to know and realize when it comes to their children.

Not every person who has children are prepared, nor did they know what they needed to know on how to raise them(children). It comes with learning from our own families, and life lessons.

The same things we were taught, we teach our own children.When it comes to Social services-do they really know what to expect when they arrive at a families house?

The answer is "NO",but they are paid to do their job. But they are not paid to assume. Why assume you ask? Because most hotline reports are false,but they have to come to your house anyway to do their job.

But most of the reports are because people have something against another person. And using our system to get your own way(or revenge so to speak)is not only horrendous, but morally wrong.

I speak from personal knowledge of this, being one of those victims. And for some parents, that's all we are,"VICTIMS". For some reason CPS feels that their way of raising children is the best way,and that's not true.

Each person is different,and for that reason many innocent families have been torn apart one way or another by CPS. Me being a mom myself, I feel the same way many other parents do. But I am not afraid to voice my opinion.

I was raised to stand up for myself, in every aspect of my life-including how I raise my children. Now with how children are raised now, it goes to wonder how CPS works.

More and more kids are being arrested because CPS feels their ways are better-THEY ARE NOT! If we as parents were allowed to raise and punish our children-there would not be as many cases in CPS that there is today.

Thirty years ago it was alright to punish your children as you saw fit. Now, if a child gets in trouble by the law(drugs,stealing,etc.) we as parents are held accountable. If I'm responsible for my child, isn't it my responsibilty to punish my child-not a county agency?

Most county caseworkers today do not have children, but yet they take classes and get ceritified to be a caseworker and pass judgement on families. Who are they to pass judgement on parents-because they took a class?

That's not right.People think that the war on Terrorism,and the War on Drugs is bad,and yes it is-but are we really getting anywhere with that-No we are not. We should really look at the Terrorism that is at our front doors, CPS.

I don't know about you, but it is my right to raise my children the way I see fit-and I think every parent out there would agree. Just because CPS doesn't like or disagree's with some of the ways we raise our children, it is still our right as parents-Not theirs.

In my opinion,I think the dept. on children and family services should be disbanded. But we all know that will never happen. Why?Because county agencies rely on the government grant money that they get every year.

And as normal it all comes down to the same thing-Politics&Money. But hey, that's just my opinion. Hopefully you will respond, for many already have.

They like my letters because it gives them a fresh voice to hear on subjects that most people would disregard. I thank you for taking the time to read my letter,a nd hope to hear from you.Thanks again!" ~ Brutal Barbie-Alvarez

Poorman's picture

I think you might find it doesnt matter who the worker is but Coffs took my baby and I have blogged till the cows come home about it.

Before blogging I contacted all the ministers ect. Worked with that office until I ended up yelling because they dont listen if something really bad happens.

They work with the police and you then get a bad name with the neighbours.

My advice is be calm. Stop swearing. Be nice to them through your gritted teeth. This is how they get their income for their mortgage they do not CARE about you or your kid but now you have to go through the hoops. You mite win or you and your child mite both loose. Stick with your psych if he/she is on your side. This is about sides and who has the biggest support network.

I feel for you, I hate these people for what they did to me at Coffs. One manager there took her own sons kids but that is irrelevant to you. You must present nice, be nice, suck up, etc etc. no drugs no drinking (even though they all do).

Treat the cops good as well as DoCS Coffs loves to bring them in and vice versa, and while you are at it beware of mental health in Coffs. Stick with your personal guy and work through them. Chuck the toys away or into a shed if you have to and remember its not the amount of stuff the kids have but the time you spend doing stuff with them and teaching them what you have.

Make a plan for your future with them, what you do and how you do it, after school activities etc. If you get on with the partner nurture that relationship if it is healthy otherwise they will hand the kid to them.

There is something very wrong in the Mid North Coast and the way DoCS,police and mental health work together and you can probably through in housing. Under the same banner MINISTER FOR FAMILIES, HOUSING AND COMMUNITY SERVICES -Is it Jenny Macklin????


Lukes Dad's picture

Elvis Azard
I have spoken to solicitors today. Their advice is DOCS cannot start a case against us until they have the children, therefore we can do NOTHING to protect ourselves from them and basically have to sit back and let them abduct the children
before we can fight them.... which mean my children get put with strangers for months and months and possibly drugged when they cry because they miss their parents. Then DOCS builds a case against us saying the children are unstable.
The longer we evade, the more reason they have to take them.
This is damned if you do, damned if you dont and guilty until proven guilty.
Ive never felt so helpless to protect my children.
The fraudulent warrant (that is apparently legal, so says a solicitor) expires Saturday morning, but then they will just get a new one.
I feel really, REALLY lost.

The warrant, as I said expires this saturday morning. How many warrants can they get for the same thing? If they came here with the warrant, searched the house as it stated, and DIDNT find any children, can they make another warrant for the same reason or is this it? How many times can they do it before it becomes harassment?

About DoCS's picture

Yes, this is how it works, and how they operate but it can become worse.

So if you are with legal aid or one of the others there in Coffs it is irrelevant, small regional centre they all go to the same courts and they all "talk" to one another. However I am sure there are better ones there than others particular the ones I was handed to. The legal aid office has changed at Coffs and the solicitors there I found lacking, (I wont name feel like it but wont) in any morals. Most definitely it was the change that occurred changed the office dynamic. At lot of the solicitors in Coffs represent the drug population, (cash cropping) and tend to represent those who offer money or supply them with dope. So if that is not you, you dont really have anything for "them".

I have only one thought in regards to Coffs small town, small minds, small mentality but it probably fits the whole DoCS worker population as well.

So either you do what the solicitor says, or you do what one of your commentators says and leave as far as you can go.

Why have they got a warrant anyway? Are you dealing or got guns? Seriously, that is bizarre, are you accused of porn in the house or assaulting the kids? I dont really want to know but that is knew to me that DoCS get warrants from the police to enter your house and take your kids. That must come under some type of civil law, like invasion of privacy, or not?

I saw one guy told you to run but where to? The bigger problem is most of us cant afford the rents in the city where we would be considered like any other human being. In Coffs they have to look around for work for the DoCS officers but they have been beaten, so its your choice.

Perhaps read the DoCS website as well and get what they say you should do. I saw that it tells you how to act when they take your kids. children are in foster care how do I get them home? ect.

It is a helpless feeling, that is the trauma they are inflicting. Without seeming like the most horrible person alive, and coming from a person who does care, I can only say suck it up, suck that feeling right up and get rid of it, these people play hard ball so you cant let them see you feel that way. They have no heart and are manipulating people using their most precious part of their lives, and doing it with the law on their side. Dont feel bad about yourself or that you are alone, it is what these people do limitlessly to the community as a service to us.

See your kids as much as you can and leave your emotions out of it, I guess you get the idea, the "clues" are on the DoCS website as to how to be, act, thing, feel, behave, live, treat your kids, ect, ect.

Unfortunately, you have now become known to them - DoCS and police, ect. and so you and your kids have entered the system ie: the database........



I did nothing wrong!!!'s picture

OMG.... I did nothing wrong Julia, except beg you and Kevin Rudd for help and that stupid bitch Linda Burnie!!!!!!

OMG..... They can do what they want to the rest of the country to "us" and they just get away with everything.

OMG..... Its just some stupid BLOG!!!!!!!

OMG..... Doesnt matter if it is the actually TRUTH.......

OMG..... What happened to Australia, since the introduction of the global ecomony, like, and who really cares?????????????????

OMG...... Julia and Linda and the rest of your cronies, you took my babies and let my teen become a druggo, pregnant, who tried to commit suicide because she had to have an abortion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Prime Minister Julia Gillard is refusing to discuss accusations regarding her resignation from a prominent law firm in 1995, saying it wouldn't stop the "malicious and motivated" commentary.

News Limited is reporting Ms Gillard left her job as a partner at Slater & Gordon as a direct result of a secret internal probe into controversial work she had done for her then boyfriend, a union boss accused of corruption.

The new claims have been made by a former partner at the firm, Nick Styant-Browne.

The prime minister says she refuses to dignify the "scurrilous" attack with a response.

"We are talking about matters 17 year ago which have been dealt on the public record," Ms Gillard told Sky News on Sunday.

"I am not going to get into a circumstance when we've got people blogging malicious nonsense and we're having some of this penetrate into the media.

"This is just nonsense and a distraction from the important work I've got to do as prime minister.

"I did nothing wrong. If you've got an allegation that I did something wrong then put it."

Ms Gillard said she had continuing good relationships with Slater & Gordon, and nothing about the allegations was relevant to her conduct as prime minister.

Manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne said there were very serious questions about the prime minister's integrity and she should make a personal explanation to parliament.

Files held by Slater & Gordon should also be released detailing the circumstances surrounding Ms Gillard's resignation.

"In the interest of clearing the prime minister's name, those files should be released," he told Sky News.

But Ms Gillard said she wouldn't make any comment because it would only feed the fire.

"The people who are dealing with this online in their malicious and motivated way would not stop no matter what explanation I gave," she said.

"That is why there is no point in flogging through all the details of this, because the people who are pursuing this malicious campaign will continue to do it. They are not at all interested in the truth."

Defence Minister Stephen Smith played down the issue.

"If people are asking questions about that they should make an allegation about her conduct," he told Network Ten.

"What does something that occurred 17 years ago, with respect to a law firm she was working with that she now has an ongoing good relationship (with), have to do with the big issues of running the economy and running our national security interests?"


I did nothing wrong!!!'s picture

Well you would think after what happened to me and after photographing me after an absolutely brutal assault in Dorrigo, that Neville Middleton would by now have the guts to stand up to these DoCS mongrels! He wanted to give Charles driving lessons for Gods sake! The police look absolutely embarressed and they should be. My Gracies affidavits from DoCS were copy pasted with another kids name still in them, the kid went to school in Bellingen Primary School. Gracie was in kindy at Dorrigo.

BTW your house is a mess, you should buy a skip and chuck all the junk, if that is all that DoCS are concerned about then chuck it all out and stop wasting your money. Go into a coop there and put your money in that.

How embarressing Nev????After what you let them do to Alinta and Grace and me???? BTW Nev how the hell is Matt French at Bellingen police station doing???

Got some new cops at Coffs I see, perhaps that was due to me and my constant complaining about being bashed by a gang of teens.....

Well done LUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole thing is bs and an invasion of civil and human rights.

Now you watch out they do not chuck you in the mental health wing at Coffs hospital.

U did real good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A family member fromThora just got her kid back from DoCS after 18 months. They said Thora is not a good enough place for the kid to live even!!! It took 18months, two days in Bellingen court but it was thrown out!!!!

You stick to your guns, that woman is obviously lying and clean out the house if that is all is the problem..... it is just material crap....

U made my day....

The police came again and again and again...

I hope not only do you get Dee and the kids home but that you also get your other child home, and and and that DoCS seriously go remove the abused kids from the foster carer NOW!!!! and sent them home to THEIR MUM....

It is just an abuse of people, a total abuse. Good luck to you Luke....

Its such a beautiful place to live but the UNDERBELLY is so FAT it cant see its own toes......


Help Fight Child Protection's picture

The anit-male police are alive and well.

Help Fight Child Protection's picture

its not anti male.....its nothing else but a complete and utter abuse of power and authority. clearly a line needs to be drawn ...

if a child is not at immediate risk of harm through violence, drugs and total neglect, then any other complaint must be rejected, as any undue harassment and vulgar display of authority will only involve the child/ren further causing nothing but distress and grief to a child and ensure the setting about of total resentment for both parents and authorities alike.

Any effort made to do the right thing needs to be commended as a positive step toward amicable parenting and should be supported and encouraged to prevent conflict and adverse competition between parents, let alone sending the message that bullying will not be tolerated by anyone.

Poorman's picture

do you even understand the context in which the comment was made and that it is in support of the video footage on the site showing four policemen and two DoCS workers invading a mans house. The DoCS workers claiming that they were at risk of harm from the man who is trying to protect his kids and their mum, after the history of harm DoCS have inflicted on them.

There is no anti male or anti female in the DoCS war. They pick on anyone, why write something that is just your view and where you imagine that is what is being said. You might want to come out of your box or actually see what the comment is about.

Do you have anything to say to people about your experience with DoCS or is yours just a family court situation that left you feeling misrepresented? It is all very helpful to people feeling suicidal depressed after all the abuse, so I am sure people would like to hear more from you.

Help Fight Child Protection's picture

I was reported to CPS by a trusted neighbor because my daughter played on her trampoline everyday, she ASSUMED something was wrong at home because my daughter loved her trampoline, she also exaggerated and told CPS that my daughters clothes were too small, they were clean but too small, my daughters shoes were too big, told them my daughter would come to her house hungry, and they weren't going to school. Most of my subscribers know that I was homeschooling my children for a while and CPS knew about this, so the CPS worker knew it was a frivolous report. My family was lucky! CPS has been known to take children out of the home for no reason at all depending on how the worker feels.


Help Fight Child Protection's picture

Billie-jo Jackson

ok so the house is a little untidy .. ''so what'' they need to clean a little.. but un safe due to maybe tripping on a toy.. ' '' what the world comeing to so lone as there clean and fed. as the father said theres no trust in the doc
s system .. as the only thing the docs do is take you cant negoseate with them.. but were do we go when there the ones placeing them in harms way when our kids are given to child abusers. and alienated from there family. who answers to that bullshit. i would have done the same thing as this man .. hid the kids.. as if my kids were taken as ive delt with the courts if my kids were taken i would go well i wouldnt be held accountable for my actions.. best of luck mate keep them safe...xx
Louise's picture

As an ex departmental worker I would encourage you to arrange to meet with them to try and resolve their concerns. I would suggest you ask that they give you in writing their concerns about the safety and well being and in particular information about why and how they believe the children are likely to suffer significant harm in the household (assuming that their only concern is the state of the home). Ask them what evidence they have to date that supports the children have been significantly harmed or at risk of significant harm in your home environment. Also ask them what they believe is required of you (and others) in order to be satisfied that the children are safe . They do need to see the children in order to complete their assessments but I would suggest you might offer to allow them to sight and talk to the children (with you there) once you better understand what their concerns and current assessment. As you have indicated the children are in good health and well cared (and I am assuming there is no pattern/history of harm to the children as a result of thr home environment) and allowing thr DOCs workers to see this for themselves will be compelling evidence supporting your view thst the home environment is not ausong danger or significant harm to the children.

Regardless of their concerns about the state of your home they have to have evidence that supports the children are unsafe in the home (eg realistic likelihood that they will be injured or become sick because of the state if the home) to have a case for removing from your care. From my understanding from what you have posted the warrant served on you was to search your home not remove the children. They wouldn't have enough evidence I suspect at this stage, particularly without seeing the children to make any case to remove. Hope you find this helpful

Jacqualine Wheeler's picture

Just totally coming from a different head space BUT "who" makes the rules about how we live? I mean come on the floor...whoop whoop!!! I personally like tree houses and camp-fires...lock me up...I love the bush!!! I am TOTALLY over these wanna be do-gooder-pen-pushing-seat-shiners!!! Enough is enough already!! I am over this false "we love kids ...." If you love kids you would 1: Put the parents as number 1 choice for placement, 2: Respect the parents input on childs needs, 3:Back the .... up when a parent is "screaming" out for you to do so, 4:Know the legislation "yOU" ram down parents throats when "you" come to take thier child/children and 5: Well what can I say? Mate "you" are just a number to us PARENTS, when it comes to hurting OUR kids "get in line" M..... F..... "your" going down!!! As if any parent is going to lay down and take "your" s... easy!!! Who the hell do you think you are?! To us you are the absolute scum of the are lower than shark s... and thats giving you credit...Whoop, mess, dirty dishes (not that I seen any), big deal....WE the people say NO NO NO NO...leave these kids alone...What can you offer them??? 12 different homes in 6 months ?!!! We'll see?!!! How dare you!!! Shame on you!!! Shame on you!!! DOCS/FACS/CPS/SS whatever "you" call yourselves....SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!

whiteLion's picture

There are certain personality types (passive-aggressive/narcissistic//controlling etc) attracted to this line of work, which in conjunction with the mis-interpretation of our state and federal laws, including UN invokation, can manipulate the system to the desired homogeneity of white, Christian, straight, married, father employed/mother at home standardised nuclear family model. Add to the mix the general ignorance of our child's/childrens and own rights, and you end up with a system removing children from loving (sometimes cluttered) homes and of course 'overworked' social workers and an insufficient quantity/quality of foster carers. One in 80 now incarcerated- often for trivial matters or seriously flawed/unobjective snap judgments, orders from the top, vendettas, and outsourced contractors absolutely glued to the letter of the law with no lattitude. No wonder for the 'overwork' and 'deluge of cases' when 90% of families should be left alone.

Docspeak: "We've also received information that..."

= Earthspeak:  "We've been ringing around fishing for any anecdotal, slightly-skewed occurrences/utterances or vaguely negative opinions that we could find, even to the point of suggesting various scenarios and having an unwitting 'informant' tentatively agree with what we've said. Once it's in print it has transmogrified into fact."

whiteLion's picture

After all, its only fair if what is wanted really is the best for the children. Mandatory drug testing has been de rigueur for many govt and NGO employees for decades, and psych tests are required for various important jobs too. Make a bill and have it passed- who's in for an online petition?

Liz's picture

for teachers too!

I did nothing wrong's picture

On the ABC today,

Julia Gillard said that people with a different opinion to hers and newmedia like LukesArmy websites, are rants from nutjobs!!!!

Now how politically correct was that?

She says that bloggers and commentators are nutjobs!!!!!

Invalid and having an anti female and violent agenda.....

Is this really Australia?

She also raved on about how Americans are against Obama because he wasn't born in America and he is a Muslim, smirking the comments away as she made them.

Aren't we at war still with radical Muslim extremists?

Is the smirk because Julia Gillard was born in Wales not Australia?

How come the Prime Minister can call people nutjobs and not be violating people or seem less violent than someone who starts a blog because DoCS killed his child?

Who really is the violent person?

What sort of violence has the government and its caseworkers brought to your front door?

What could be more violent and agressive than (people) armed police officers at your door, questioning you about what sort of a mum or dad you are?

What is more violent than removing a child from someone who loves and cares well for them for the whole of the childs childhood? Never to be seen again?

What is more violent and aggressive than denigrating a mum or dad and being made to sit through an interview with a psychological profiler, who you be honest to, who then turns around and says you are unfit because you were abused as a child yourself, so you must not have been loved by your parents, so how can you love a child? Even though the abused happened outside of the family unit?

Then DoCS using that in courts, to seriously destroy a persons mental wellbeing?

How come Julia Gillard gets to be this way and it is ok?

Does Julia support only some people with mental health problems and not others? Depending on the illness?

Then also, the rest of our society is a reflection on this and our own Prime Minister, and on ABC today for over 1 hour she stood there taking questions about her own innocence and life. It was a very good interview, but still....

It is okay for some but not for others.

Written by a nutjob who has a young child who begged her to see her but who the courts through DoCS said not till 18 unless you do as we say to do, and then there is a father who is married to a NGO DoCS worker.

Life sometimes really does suck!!!!

I think sometimes I write much better than the mainstream media, and that the mainstream media is a pansy to parties such as the Prime Minister and if they are not then what happens?

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From watching this, it was deja vu. Dust on the windows, I worked full time, I dusted once a month, the kids pool outside, deflated, but had like a centimetre of water from a recent rainfall, so it was a bit green, a few dishes on the kitchen bench, which were just a couple of coffee cups, a couple of teaspooons, no pots etc,

The kids beds were made, the washing machine and dryer were running, and i had a mop bucket with mop, they arrived as i was cleaning up!

Same carry on about the yard, mine was the palm fronds which dropped from my neighbours palms over into my yard! They will pick on anything, but you held it together, you were very clear, very honest, and they did NOT once offer for you to come in and make a complaint for criminal damage to your car, which is rather lax of the Police.

It sounds like your ex is now using DoCS to gain custody of your daughter, saves her legal fees and they will be right up her bum.

Karen Burke

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CPS did that to me 4yrs ago. They said my kids had too many toys n made me get rid of most of my kids toys. Then the same CPS worker kept harrassing me n made me white wash my walls w bleach on my hand n knees right after I had just had major surgery. My house was spotless but he said my walls weren't clean enough bc there were dirt marks. Who doesn't have dirt marks on their white walls? 2yrs later that same worker took my kids from me n gave them to my alcoholic abusive ex husband

Sheri Westover

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Hey Elvis, hows it going with this situation- any further news?

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i just had docs (dogs) and cops steal my friends 6 week old baby from my house. all false aligations, except that they smoke pot.  they look after their baby well and don't let their habit interfere with their sons care. i feed the baby 15 mins before they turned up and they are now saying the baby was starving and was not feed, that he was dirty, his mother bathed him that morning. they are saying his mum is mentaly unable to care for him, she has no mental condition diagnosed by a professional. and saying cause they own a dog its dangerous and may kill their baby. the dog is friendly and never showed agression to a child. i dunno what to do to help them. docs said a family member could apply to have him but in less than 1 hour they had already placed him with a strange family.

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They don't need any evidence of abuse, all they habe to say is there is "a risk of harm". and that's it, your child and their parents can say goodbye to a normal life, ever again.

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Its been a while since I have updated everyone so here it is:
Last week baby Persephone Rose was born in Coffs Harbour Hospital. Our DOCS case worker has been into the hospital several times to visit and check how things are going. We had a meeting with her today in the maternity loungeroom, the results of which are; I clean up the house over the next few days then AND MY FAMILY CAN COME HOME!!! :D
We will be packing up the house to move to the Grafton area, DOCS will be assisting in moving costs. My daughter will also be coming home to sort through her belongings and help pack up her room.
The case worker will be dropping in once a fortnight to check up on us, but it seems she is on our side and is assisting us where ever she can.
She will also be helping De to regain custody of her elder sons who have been ward of state for almost 10 years as well as victims compensation for past trauma.
The course of action we took when DOCS first knocked on the door has been the right one. This is a victory.
Thanks to all of you that have supported me through this. I will keep everyone up to date as things progress.