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Funding certainty for vital services for families and children

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on Fri, 08/02/2013 - 13:50
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Funding certainty for vital services for families and children
One wonders about Funding certainty for vital services for families and children. Do Julie Collins MP, Mark Dreyfus MP, Shayne Neumann MP and Jenny Macklin MP really believe that the organisations this money is allocated to will make a difference, or will this funding be pocketed. How can anyone do anything to help children and families when the child protection departments across Australia are a law unto themselves, and children in the system are doomed to be abused, molested, murdered and taken advantage of by those who make money off these children. Nothing will change until these departments are investigated properly and held accountable for their devastion inflicted upon a whole generation, the "New Stolen Generation by DoCS."
01 August 2013
Joint Media Release with: 

Julie Collins MP
Minister for Community services

Mark Dreyfus MP

Shayne Neumann MP
Parliamentary Secretary To The Attorney-general

More than 800,000 families across Australia will benefit from the continuation of vital support services delivered by community organisations, thanks to $1.5 billion of ongoing funding from the Federal Labor Government.

The funding, delivered through the Family Support Program from 1 July 2014, will ensure families and children have access to a range of early intervention and prevention services, including family counselling, family law services, and specialist programs to help families affected by drugs, violence and trauma.

The move from three to four-year funding gives organisations and their employees the ability to develop long-term plans and properly invest in their services for families and children.

The Government understands the importance of early intervention to prevent problems from escalating, and this funding will boost the level of service available to support families.

The need for four-year funding certainty was raised by the sector during recent consultations as a way to improve services to ensure families and children across the nation get the best support and protection available.

In addition to longer-term funding, other enhancements to the Family Support Program from 1 July 2014 include a reduction in red tape, more streamlined referrals to services and better integrated services.

There will also be a review of the program’s performance framework, including developing and implementing more evidence-based approaches.

As part of the Government’s $1.5 billion funding commitment, $5 million will go towards five pilot projects aimed at improving collaboration and integration of federal and state services.

Only Labor can be counted on to deliver for Australian families and children into the future.

Tony Abbott and the Opposition have made it very clear they will make cuts to the bone which will hurt families