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Fritha Parks'' who works from Strathpine Qld = This ''Woman'' is a Professional Hit-Man Liar for Child Safety

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on Mon, 03/03/2014 - 14:54

This Request is a Need to Know Basis by those who have been Seriously and Legally Affected by the Corrupt Expert Witness Social Assessor one ''Fritha Parks'' who works from Strathpine Qld = This ''Woman'' is a Professional Hit-Man Liar for Child Safety, a Professional Criminal who ''Intentionally Writes-Up'' Fraudulent Social Assessment Reports by the ''Use of Docs Fabricated Allegations and her Own Suggestive Questioning and Heavy Collusion with Child safety'', All against the Fact that she is Suppose-edly an ''External INDEPENDENT Conveyor and Social Assessor'' = This Professional Criminal is 100% Child Safety Orientated and Affiliated and is the Judge and Jury against you to Child Safety even before you get to Civil Court and then the Magistrate Uses Her and Child Safety's Colluded and Fabricated Alleged Allegation-al Evidences'' to ''Sum-Up against you in the Children's Court Decision'' to Stop your Contact and Access with Your Children (Until they are 18 y.o.)= Anyone having ''Any Information'' (Factual Proof's) of this ''Woman's'' Professional Lying against you in her ''Social Assessments, Please Contact Me'' = For Anyone who has to Deal with Child Safety ''Anywhere'' be ''Well Warned'' this Professional Liar this is One of your Worst Enemies'' =

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Hi im in exactly the same situation as you through the very same Strathpine department. Had a child safety investigation begun on myself thanks to a report from a different department that was proved was done on malicious grounds.Coincidently, this report against myself was issued because i exposed the other department for fraud and illegal activities. The two departments are working together to attempt to shut me up.My only advice to you in this situation is to make sure you have a good, agressive lawyer to take CPS on. If the worker that did the assessment on your situation is in any way affiliated with child safety itself - its considered CONFLICT OF INTEREST, and your lawyer will be able to use that against child safety in court and order a seperate, non conflicted assessment done.Don't give up, record and document everything, and continue getting your information through FREEDOM of information so your lawyer is prepared. good luck and let me know if any questions but getting your lawyer to focus on the conflicted interest in your case can benefit you.