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Freedom of Speech - A threat to Corruption

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on Thu, 12/12/2013 - 13:30
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Freedom of Speech - A threat to Corruption

There are whispers that the some in the Australian government wish to shut down Luke's Army and throw me in Jail.

This site does not pose a threat to national security, it poses a minor threat to corruption by exposing it and those who are corrupt are doing their best to have it shut down.

Part of communism is that the majority of people depend on government for their income whether it be in the form of a government job or social security payments, and we in Australia are not far off reaching the percentage of people depending on goverment payments needed to be classified as a communist country.

Australia's Aparteid - Segragation of Children from Parents

Recently I received an email comparing me to Nelson Mandella. While I hardly hold a stick to Mandella's achievements having only been speaking out against corruption for four years in a small way, it did instigate contemplation on the similarities between us.

Nelson Mandella was jailed for speaking out against blatantly obvious abuse of citezens by a corrupt government while I help expose tales of government victimisation.for those who have no voice after having fallen victim to the child stealing phenomenum which has stretched across generations in Australia.

I have been stalked by numerous people continuously over the last four years, and cruel and vindictive lies have made up the foundation of this cyber bullying. There is nothing one can do, as complaints fall on deaf ears.

If however one such as myself speaks truths about injustices, they face a high risk of having their site closed down and being jailed, just as Mandella Nelson was jailed all those years ago, just like Julian Assange, or others who stand up to the powers that be and expose evidence of the Australian government's hypocrytical lies, abuse and perversion of justice.

Australia's treatment of it's so called "Friend" and neighbour East Timor is a current example of how much this country bullies not only it's own subjects, but those who it deals with.

Not Content with spying on East Timor for financial gain, the Australian government then blatantly perverts the cause of justice with ASIO seizing evidence and stalking witnesses, to the point of seizing the passport of the prime witness in this case, preventing them from giving evidence. This is blatant corruption for the world to see, but what can you or I do?

Herin lies the problem for myself and this website. The government does not care how many lies you tell, how much you harass each other.... as long as you do not hinder those who are corrupt and in positions of power, or if you do that no great number of people hear you.

Most Australians do not realise how easy it can be for these corrupt social workers posing as protectors of children when they are nothing more than predators to take your children. Something as simple as an arguement in the street can be an excuse to victimise your children, this is no exaggeration.

With Australia in the midst of it's latest stolen generation which has been dubbed "The New Stolen Generation by DoCS", few would argue that this website and

Luke's Army has become a voice for victims of this new stolen generation, and as a source of support.

Luke's Army has never asked for donations on the site, and therefore is not susceptible to the tainting of the organisation by government supply of money nor influence of government by threats of removal of funding.

I am one of the few who has nothing left to lose, and a man who has nothing left to lose can be very dangerous as they say. So I will continue to expose corruption in the name of God, in the name of free speech and in memory of my son Luke, while we still have freedom of speech in this country.

God bless you all.


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Every one don't let this happen. What happen to our rights of freedom of speech and if everyone is speaking the truth then why is the government trying to shut you down.Instead of trying to fix the problem you monsters the government high ranking twits rather let it continue yet you stand up and say you will make a difference to this country. Talk about liaring to the good people of australian with your false hopes and you are guilty as charged for covering up the gross conduct of what goes on in Child safety departments all around australia.   Karma has away of making it back to you.