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Foster Father Abused Me!

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on Tue, 01/28/2014 - 05:35


I just wanted to say that the problems of the foster care system (corruption, incompetence, cover ups, etc) go far beyond QSLD or even Australia.

I stumbled across this site and I was raised in the foster care system in BC, Canada. I was abused in multiple homes, ignored by my social workers, and later had to endure a cover up when they withheld evidece from my case files (I obtained as an adult) so that I couldn't proceed with a lawsuit/investigation. All evidence of my claims/mistreatment/calls for help were taken from the file and all else was blacked out.

I recently discovered that one of the foster fathers that abused me has died. I made a site to get my story out and to give him the PUBLIC NAMING AND SHAMING he deserves and I wish he'd had when he was alive! If I am sued for libel or defamation so be it ... I am ready to fight in the courts! Thanks for reading.

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Thankyou so much for posting here rick and I hope you get some justice soon. Feel free to post here anytime,


(Luke's Dad)

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Its a dirty dirty system that takes babies and gives them to paedophiles. Paedophilia is going on everywhere in closed buildings every day every night making babies lives hell all over the world. I am so sorry you have had this life. I am just a woman of the world, but to you thank you for being brave enough to name and shame this attrocity. Your bravery is amazing. You will make an excellent father one day. Down with men and women that torture children in such ways. Here is to the future and pedophilia being treated across the world with more severe penalties through our legal systems. The damage is unforgiveable, unforgettable and unreversible.

Rachelle Ferrier