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on Sat, 12/14/2013 - 13:00

Hi I am a woman from Melbourne. I have been researching the hell (perhaps literally) out of my sons birth in 2000 at a Very large hospital.

I had a lot of unanswered questions on how the child came to be suddenly small like a skinny adult cat , dysmorphic (deformed) and deemed on an ultrasound on my regular appointment (late over 40 week appointment) to be suddenly looking like a child that could suddenly die.

The child did die 6 days later. It was traumatic it was hell it was nasty it was horrendous and it was shocking enough I could hardly cope with thinking about it for years.

However over the past two years I have got the guts together to research the hell out of how this child went from a 5 month scan to be normal healthy and big at a private ultrasound clinic and THEN be genetically deformed.

I also wanted to explain some other strange situations re hospital staff, admission, signing of papers etc lack of blood tests... and the truth is the deeper I research is this the truth is that was not my son.

The truth is I was given an emergency caesarean that day for the one sole purpose of stealing the child right out of my body.

The truth is I have never even seen my child. The truth is the more I research this the more I see the shuddering truth that Forced adoption is going on right now. Call it Rapid Adoption. Call it whatever you want. I am suspicious now of any woman that says to me she had a stillbirth and she is young.

For me personally it seems I have been also part of a medical research scam with no warning mind you as right there in my medical FOI record is me being administered drugs which were illegal then and illegal now.

I further researched and found that there was testing going on at the time to see how this affected anxious mothers in caesareans - HILARIOUS. I am writing a book on the subject and have to take big breathers from the whole thing because it is enough to make one cry for the lack of humanity being shown by those that are still working off the old paradigm written by the eugenicisists of old and with even further historical ideas (eg world population levels at a minimum) that only those with unbelieveable amounts of money - SHOULD have the right to survive.

What is so hilarious about this is that though I was to be a single parent both me and my partner (whom was the father of the child) both come from families with extreme wealth just one generation back.

More hilarious was the hospitals reaction to our choice for private burial having got them angry and their extreme push for no autopsy.

HOME BIRTHING is all I would consider for the future HOSPITAL = VAMPIRES. I will add here that it seems from my research that the child we were given was actually murdered as from what I can tell the baby was reacting badly to the administration of a particular drug and it was in far too high level and then once we were demanded to remove child from ICU23 care he had two severe seizures which caused total rupturing of the face and killed the child.

The medical record shows regular seizures occurring at the same timing after this specific drug ie 3-4 hrs post administration. I believe the reason that this child was supposed to die on site was that:

#1 lack of evidence that child is not ours if child never leaves site

#2 if child is cremated via hospital cremation service as we were so pushed to do then no one will ever know the difference.

The fact that 3 months later there were no blood samples or tests in existence was interesting and now I find that you actually cannot do a genetic test prescribed in the amount of time they said that they did one in which verifies the there are no test results.

WHAT A GREAT WORLD. I hope my son and I meet somewhere and I pray to God he is not being sexually abused every single day.