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Family Services South Australia (Families SA) & Department Mental Health Stole our Baby.

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on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 22:26
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

Department Community Services Department Mental Health Stole our Baby.

3 years ago + I entered into a relationship with my current partner. She had a daughter to a previous relationship, he was abusive, violent, neglectful, and did not want his daughter.

Everything seemed to go alright. There were underlying instances about her daughter when he started to take her. From what we had noticed on several occasions she would come home with bruises to her body and stated she did not want to go with him on weekends anymore.

He entered into a relationship with a social worker from centrelink which changed attitude towards his daughter, this was on show for his new partner. One minute he wanted more time for himself not his daughter... He wanted more time with his new partner... this was upsetting to our daughter.

We decided not to send her anymore. We wanted to know where our little girl was going so we had asked for the address. They refused so we stopped access. My partner and i had another a child. I received a payout through work cover and decided to go on holiday. Little to my knowledge we were being followed by Jason and his friends.

Even my partners' father was in on it. We had received a phone call asking where we were. I told him we were on the Murray. Two minutes after that we had an sms come through from her fathers phone asking her exs' mother to contact him as they know where we are so did not take much notice of this at the time, but thought it was a bit strange.

Went on our merry way after getting off the house boat, we decided to go get my birth certificate in Melbourne so we could finally get married. We had planned on doing this for awhile.

We had gotten to Keith, I pulled into a service station to go to the bathroom and my partner decided to feed our new born as it was time for her feed. I got food and a drink for all of us, took off from the servo.

Got a flat tyre. I had a spare so i fitted that instead. While doing this a small black 4wd rushed up to where we had stopped to change the tyre.

She slammed on the brakes. She had noticed I had looked up and then she took off. After that we went to another servo. I went in to get another drink, that same black car pulled in and was walking to and fro towards my car, she had noticed I was keeping a close watch of my vehicle while my partner and children stayed in the car.

I had paid for my drink, she ran back to her car, got into it and took off. Then as we were going to Melbourne I noticed that same black car following us so i pulled over and watched her speed past us. We decided to head back to Adelaide at this point because something was up.

We got to Murray Bridge and there was some sort of hook on the road which i had to dodge near a bridge. There was a white VL station wagon parked on a bridge. On the side of the bridge there was about 10 guys waiting as i swerved and did not hit the hook.

They rushed back to the car and took off. That same white VL lives 3 doors down from where we live (all his friends live close to our home).

I got into Adelaide and decided to stay at the Adelaide beach front caravan pk as nothing seemed right. We decided to go speak to the police but they weren't overly concerned so we decided to keep on our holiday.

We stayed at the Stamford Plaza, stayed at the Hyatt for 2 nights. I had noticed there were strange things happening, I felt like we were being followed so i decided to go to Lyell Mcewin hospital i did not want my family to be harmed if we were in danger at Lyell Mcewin hospital. They detained me under the mental heath act and stated to my partner she would have to admit herself for them to help us as a family and told us they would send us to Hellen Mayo house as a family.

My partner just wanted to go home with our girls but they stated I would not receive help if her and our girls left so my partner said fine if that's the only way you will help them.

Our oldest was acting up and refused to sit down and was walking out into the ed so I had picked her up and placed her in her chair to which she put up a tantrum and they raced in trying to tell my partner that I was hurting our little girl which was a lie.

My partner witnessed what I had done and told the staff what I had done. They said they would take her to go play while we looked after our newborn and rested.

My partner refused for this to happen but they did it anyway. We had changed and fed our youngest and placed her in her stroller strapping her in ed staff came in with medication for both of us.

My partner refused. They stated that if she wont take the meds she would be forced it by the staff. We stayed on the journey together as our newborn had fallen asleep we had asked for our oldest to be brought back to us, they refused that request.

When transport arrives they will bring her back in. My partner and myself fell asleep enmeshed due to the meds we had just received. Hospital staff took actions to have us forcefully removed from one another, I was thrown on the ground by hospital staff and so was my partner.

Strapped to the bed and jabbed with a big needle she was knocked out, I was also strapped to a bed and given a needle in the leg and was knocked out.

In the morning the hospital staff came around to my partner partially unstrapped she had asked for the girl 4, 5 times she was no longer detained. She was told to go get the girls and go home.

No one would state what was happening with me when she had asked the hospital was told by Families SA to keep me locked up in the room until they got there.

When they had arrived they wanted someone to move into our family home as i had all the numbers in my phone and they would not come and grab it off me. They stated it was a ploy to see me. They told my partner they would be back in a minute. My partner thought they would come and grab the necessary numbers they had requested.

Then they come back in, handed my partner paperwork and stole our children but recently we had just had a baby boy. He was in the special care nursery at the lyell mcewin hospital.

They stole our son in the middle of the night. They say to protect your family but how are we suppose to protect them from them carers Families SA.How would they know anything.


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i am so sorry to read this :-(  Helen mayo house ( more specifically The senior occupational therpist and  psychiastrist ) got my children removed from me aswell after LYING TO MY FACE  telling me they will write to families sa @ elizabeth and get them to supply me with a nanny, they could see i was a struggling exhausted single mum with 4 children, well they wrote to them and told them to remove my kids, Mental health services have a LOT to answer for and i will never trust ANY GOVERMENT ORGINISATION EVER AGAIN!

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Elizabeth families SA have a lot to answer for, they have torn my family apart and I fear the the mental wellbeing of my eldest grandson, he already has abandonment issues and emotional trauma and they have now terminated access as his carers are having difficulites settling him down, yet FSA Senior Social Worker Angela Cameron told me these people were excellent at dealing with difficult children. They are liars, they don't care about the children's best interests if they did my 2 grandsons would still be with me