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Family Courts, Parental Alenation and Parental Rights

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on Sun, 05/13/2012 - 05:53
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Family Courts, Parental Alenation and Parental Rights

The section below is for all the Websites, bloggs and news articles I find noteworthy which pertain to the family courts and the corruption in the family courts, parental alienation and parental rights of mothers and fathers.

For many parents dealing with family courts this can be the beginning of parental alienation for a mother or a father, with the family courts solicitors being the only clear winner taking the inheritance of the children involved in legal fees.


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does anyoen have any useful information on fii and emotional abuse after ss fail on so many levels and then remove when everything is settled?

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Its called being contrary.

Or just plain garden-variety nasty.


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I have heard of a new pos traumatic stress related directly from SS removing a child from their parents being diagnosed by doctors. Of course it would damage a parent but these animals don't want parents to be recognised.

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i had the diagnosis of complex pstd for many years now but it was not like what i live with now, since DoCS, the foster care placement for my daughter, her getting put back with her dad, and all the court cases. there was the borderline thing thrown around but always with a catch phrase about how there are many levels of borderline.

the thing is the mental illness now is all about what happened then over those couple of years, and the dissociation is often very bad now. the crying is embarressing because it just starts from a song, or seeing the kids section in Big W or even stupid things like seeing tiny teddies in the shops or my little ponies. the dreaming is the worst because it is endless, it stopped for two days after i had a severe reaction to an operation anesthetic last month, two days in 3 years.

now i just think my daughter must be better off without me or somehow someone would do something to see to her needs to see me. mostly i feel so bad about myself that it is like living as though the life i had just did not exist before like it was just all in my imagination. the inability to do things i once enjoyed and to understand things like i used to cognitively is draining and frustrating, its what i think it must be like to live with a head injury and neurological impairment or even something a bit like altseimers (cant spell it).

but i believe that this is diagnosable just like all the hate out there that comes with it from people you thought were friends and family. DoCS dont care what they do to peoples lives or how mentally unstable they make someone, the whole time they are pushing people around, it is criminal and that is what makes us sicker and sicker, the disbelief that you complied with them, but each thing you did was turned against you. and the dragging up of your own childhood to take your kids, that is just very wrong to injure people like that.

being judged by everyone, being judged by courts and police, being raped and beaten because there is sick people around and having that used in courts against you. what could be more traumatic and make you more vulnerable.

its a multitude of offences committed against you and your children and other family members, your being tainted for life, it is very hard to exist afterwards and existing for me anyway, is all that it is, i already feel dead and i know that i have been left very very sick and that no one is willing to help to fix it.

my strength has gone, people tell me, i am a very strong person, but i am not, i am over it. i am over all the people who say DoCS are so great, and those who just blame me for everything, i am over being accussed of being a slut and hence therefore i dont deserve to be a mother, and of how rape is not considered an offence anymore, because off course the woman wants it. i am just over life because of DoCS, the name sends me running for cover when it is brought up.

i still cant believe that no one is in jail for taking this little boys life and leaving his parents floundering for answers. you only have to look at affected parents and talk to them for a while to understand that they have very similar illnesses but that it gets placed under the banners - ptsd, complex ptsd, personality disorder, psychotic, schizo affected (its a conspiracy stuff) histronic, depressed, anxiety, desnos, etc etc.

no one in the country wants to take or share the blame, they just place it onto people who are already hurting and many who have been badly damaged in life, if that is not abuse then i dont know what is. it is violent, anti social, denigrating, damaging and to someone who has been beaten and raped it is further as though being raped.

it is also legal, unfortunately for us who are left mentally unfit, and waiting for time to just finish and end the shame and abuse.

im sorry for being so depressing but these are my real feelings about it, it is something DoCS have caused and i have been blamed and diagnosed with everything under the sun, except the truth, that justice was never and will never be carried out. so too anyone who has faced this after going in blindly and believing in the government doing the right thing.

i will never vote again, i get fined and write on my fines that i asked for help and they never helped me, i write please let me see my child in big black texta colour. i am just waiting until i die, im not living and even though it is three years and one teen came home, i have two here but one was known to DoCS and getting abused in care, i just do not seem to get better, and yes i have done all the meds, nothing changes it, i am no longer the person who i was, time is all screwed up and i go through the motions of the days.

what would it be called???

DoCS Syndrome???

Bad life disorder???

Badpersons wasting disease???? 

Banshees disease???


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I am sorry that happened to you. It is likely you were severly abused as a child with no way to escape the abuse by people who should have been there to protect and love you.  I dont know were the system was when you needed help and i dont know why this sytem would not help you now by offering support so that you can be a parent. It would not be possible for someone with complex post traumatic stress disorder to complete the tasks they want you to complete because the system they use is intrapment rendering you helpless. It retraumatizes you. I hope you know you are not worthless you are very important and need to try and fight 


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Reading your words touched my heart as my daughter's 3rd baby has just been taken by DOCS Allthough she has never harmed a child in her life.I understand what u r saying they keep bringing up her sex abuse which was 20yrs ago but they won't leave alone. Guess they have to have something to go on. We just went to court last thursday & DOCS are not prepared to work with my daughter & her husband at all no programs nothing! There answer? the past well you can't keep bringing up the past when the risk has gone What do they want? My daughter haqs offered to do every programe they want but they do not want to work with her So, what does she do??? They are a law onto themselves untouchable

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Sorry to hear you are another victim my friend. Thankyou for sharing this with us. Stay strong and never give up, and please keep commenting on the site as it helps to expose the system and encourages others to come forward,


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I had my two younger children removed whilst I was stillin the family court being damned to hell like the worst criminal and abuser you would think I was satan himself

 my crime the TRUTH.

I did not drink do drugs sleep around infact I should have followed my first choice of becoming a NUN ( truly ) until I realised they did not get married have children and live happily ever after..

no I knew the truth would out  hmmph..

throughout te Family.court trial of which I was denied legal representation by the same judge who damned me and who upon giving at that stage a illegal immigrant full custody . full parenal rights .passports  and permission to changetheir name to his .stated I was a liar and so on.theDCP I foundwereat the school over3hrs beforeth judgement was handed down.the did not hav o    


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I always atold myself if I wasn't going to amount to much, on terms of a career, then I wanted to at least be the best mother that I could possibly be. I've been doing just that for tweenty years now. Then just befor I was able  to obtain credentials for medical assitance CPS comes in to my family's life and rips my children out of our, just bought, home and traumatizes  us all. The investagator lied in the report, the "team meeting was set up...meaning nomatter what we said ...out come was already "place in order". The paperwoke, temporary custody, was prefilled prior to the meeting. CPS did nothing to try and help our family stay services were offered prior to the removal of the children. This was  just befor  mother's day.I didn't get to speak with my children until weeks after they were removed.Then the phone calls stopped due to "inappropriate disscussions. Basically fosterCAR WAY AND STILL IS MISTREATING MY YOUNGEST DAUGHTER by being mean to her, punishing her for not asking for a second piece of pizza...she got 5 days of punishment for that one. So we were talking about  things that pertained at fostercare, not suppose to.Now  my visitations are soon to be in jeporty aswell because I've been having issues with the maintnance of my car.I 've been late to visitation twice and CPS denies my visits after 15 min. well my childre don't get to eat when they get back to placement because I am suppose to provide the dinner at this time, at our vist. At placement dinner is at a set time when my visits are denied children don't get to have dinner not even at placement,. Thanks CPS for mentally and emotionally abusing my babies (not  true)Their courrupted. My casa worker doesn't help withabythina much less with any referrals I love mu kids with all heart. I hate CPS for profiting off my little one