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Epping DoCS - Looking for other victims of this office

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on Mon, 06/16/2014 - 03:22

Wanting to talk to anyone who has had dealings with Epping DoCS . My grandchildren have been taken by them and my daughter and myself are desperate to hear from anyone else who have had dealings with them. This info is urgent Please call us on 0404844883.

More evidence of corruption from Epping DoCS...

Epping DoCS Stole my Autistic Child When I Went to them For Help

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My Daughter was born at Wollongong hospital, first of all she was 3 weeks premi. When my girl had her first scan the technician calculated my little angel was to be born around early July 2014. But the OB from the hospital said early June I argue the point that the Doc said he was going to induce her 5 June, about, to 4 week before she was jew. The OB said that she was not gaing wait and she was small "no wonder she was small because she was induced about a month before she was due. She came out completely healthy lungs fully developed no mini crib needed. For her own safety and care. Two hours after she was born the hospital social worker came to visit that DoCs want to see you. We had a bit of an idea that they would enter our lives as I have got my two taken by DoCs a few years ago with anther partner that was highly addicted to substances. Also to take the cake my recent girl friend had a bit of a alcohol problem that I do believe her adopted mother become informant with her daughter that she had two years ago. just my suspicions. Now we have a battle again. Me and my girl are clean from any substances, but we still enjoy a drink.  I do believe the patter has arise and I believe with informants and jealousies narsy backstabbing people would like cause harm to our new family. I had the visit by DoCs 2 hours after she was born to serve my girl and I a "order for assumption of care" they took her on the grounds (1)previous child remove (2)Limited anti natal care flight risk threats to harm the baby. and now I have to go through this heart ace again 

Can anybody give me some advice as the law and there dirty tricks to manipulate us and all these nasty bent to system that feeds them and the only way they can earn a dollar is to steel my baby.