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DoCS & JIRT Have Stolen our Daughter

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on Thu, 10/16/2014 - 21:58
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
DoCS & JIRT Have Stolen my Daughter

Hey Michael. I was so gutted to hear about your son and have been following your story and the amazing work you are doing, My thoughts are with you. 

I never thought in a million years I would be in the situation a lot of innocent families find themselves in. But now it is my turn to ask for help. 

on August 12th 2014 my little girl was taken off my partner and I by JIRT from her daycare. She is 3 years old. JIRT wouldn't let me sign my daughter out of care unless we agreed to police interviews and to take my daughter to the hospital to be looked over. My daughter had 3 bruises, 1 to her back, one to her forehead and 1 to the back of her ear.
 My daughter was interviewed by two detectives before we arrived and they asked her questions, "who is in your family" My daughter said "Mummy and daddy, daddy naughty daddy angry all of me but I did fall over, just fell over again" when they asked her "what happened to your ear" My daughter replied "dad bite" (which to her means that dad told her not to bite, but you can imagine how they took that). When they asked "what happened to your head" my daughter said "did fall over" and then they asked her "what happened to your back" My daughter said "scratched" , From there they asked her "who touches your ear" She said "dad", same reply for her back and her head. They took this as my partner had viciously attacked our child out of anger. Just to make it clear, my daughters injuries came from smacking her forehead on her bed post in the middle of the night, her back came from throwing herself on her toys in a tantrum and the ear injury we believe to have come from the daycare. Each of these injuries were very different in ages and The doctor even said to JIRT that she could not say how these injuries had happened, but did comment on how strong of a bond my daughter and I have.
 We agreed to do the interviews because we believed we had nothing to hide and we agreed to take her to the hospital to be checked over, because we knew if we didn't they would take her anyway because we refused her medical treatment. We at this stage had no idea they were planning on taking my girl. 
 In the police interviews both my partner and I had given the exact same details as to how the injuries happened and we were both told the other had said something different, they held our police tapes from us for 48 hours, we believe hoping that one of us wold turn on the other. The doctor checked my child over, my child was so upset that they were taking her clothes off because we had always told her that no one is allowed to do that unless she agrees. They wouldn't stop touching her when she screamed for them to stop and she became very upset. 
 2 hours later They told my partner and I they believe my child to be in immediate risk and that they were assuming her into the care of the minister. They tried to tell my daughter that mummy and daddy didn't want her any more - We still to this day cannot believe that happened. 
The next few days were such a horrific process for our family. My daughter was not allowed to see her daddy any more, every time I came out of visitation in tears and distressed they would barrage me with questions and accusations about my partner. They stopped him from coming any where near the building because when he would wait to pick me up, our daughter would see him and become extremely upset screaming she wanted her daddy. They are saying she is distressed because of something we did, when she hasn't been home in over 2 months and has made statments whilst punching herself saying "they dont care they dont care mum and dad dont care" - This broke our hearts. We love her so much and would do anything to care and protect her as we have always done.
Within 5 days we were in court. Every word and every detail was twisted into lies. My ex husband whom was abusive to me and my daughter was invited to the court case and is now the clear favourite in the eyes of DoCs. he had not seen my daughter in over 18 months and because he agreed to contact sessions, My daughter is not allowed to go and live with my parents because they live a few hours away. She is in foster care. 
My daughter has recently started acting out in care, screaming, crying, becoming aggressive, extremely distressed, refuses to come and see me any more and is in counselling. Because of this they have cancelled my contact with her for a minimum of a week. 
In visits my daughter would always ask for her daddy ( my partner) and beg me to take her home and each time I said I couldn't she would become really angry. She is suffering and there is nothing I can do to save her. 
My solicitor thought it best if we go straight to placement in court because if we had fought establishment and I stated that I don't believe my partner could have done this they would use it against me saying I have no protective mechanisms.
 DoCs do not believe I am a capable parent because I do not agree that these injuries were inflicted in anger. They are not considering me for restoration even though my daughter has been in my care since the day she was born. Until JIRT showed up I had never heard from DoCs before in my life. Although there have been complaints made about my ex husband in regard to his behaviour around my child. To which DoCs are saying are "unsubstantiated" - They have even excused him from court proceedings, his solicitor is there but he doesn't need to be apparently. 
We have begged DoCs for assistance to bring my daughter home to us and our home, in which she knows and loves but because I won't accuse my partner of something he didn't do and have charges laid on him they won't restore her to us or give us any help to bring her home. 
I am currently 4 months pregnant to my partner. Our hope was to extend our family (This happened before my daughter was born) - The child carer made the report to DoCs after she found out I was pregnant. She had told me and my partner in the past that she wishes My girl was a part of her family and that she loves her like a daughter, also the moment my daughter was taken off me the daycarer put up her hand for foster care. That seemed really odd and concerning to me but I cant do anything about it without people thinking I am paranoid. 
I really need a way to win this and bring my daughter home, to our loving and caring family, where she belongs, before she becomes even more damaged. 
We have done a parenting course and have signed up for even more and gotten ourselves into counselling, but we still feel like unless my partner leaves we will lose our kids and even if he does, there is a chance the kids wont come home and if he does leave the kids will miss out of knowing their loving stepfather/dad.
There is no way to win this that benefits for our children. The only people any of this benefits is DoCs and the foster carers. My poor little angel is suffering and there isn't a damn thing we can do. 
We really need some help and support. Please. Our lives are being destroyed by their assumptions and beliefs. 
With loving regards - Terrifiedandtired. (Jessii)
Please know this is in front of the children's court, with the next appearance being on the 28th of october. 


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The most recent update is that my lil lady needed trauma counselling as she started hitting herself and stating that mummy and daddy didn't care. Then she refused to see me so they cancelled all of my contact with her for close to 2 weeks. During that time she was allegedly saying "don't love mum, angry at mum, i hate mum". I have seen her once since this happened and she clung to me for dear life, she didn't want to let go. This whole process is destroying my daughter and there is nothing i can do to save her.
They still havent let my partner see her since the day after she was taken.

Thank you for lukes army and thank you for listening.

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The accused step father should do a Lie Detector Test. It will cost about $1,300. I believe they are admissible in Tribunuals.     

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I feel for you, I wish you strength on the 28th of October.  I believe one thing we can do is Voice Aloud of what these corrupt organisations are doing.  Now they take on the educated, they will be up against a team of fighters who will stand with everyone and expose their corruption and lies.

Kind Regards