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DoCS have not allowed kids with grandmother after mum dies

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on Wed, 10/02/2013 - 06:08
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
DoCS have not allowed kids with grandmother after mum dies

Michael....I am so sorry to disturb u but i have no one else i can turn to...... or talk to..... nobody understands.....

My beautiful daughter Rose was in a DV situation... the children were taken and placed with me...but my daughter was not allowed around me or my home or i would lose the kids.... then after two years they removed the kids from my care and i did everything they said to get them back but they wont give them back.

Last year my daughter died from cancer ...tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of her death. They are now trying to stop me seeing the kids... there is sooooooooooo much crap that they have done in between...saying they have sent letters when they haven't... not letting us have family portraits done with their family and mum before she died.

I have been given back two of the kids... but not the rest. I could go on and on and on all day about the injustice they have done to this family... even to the point where they said that they would not let the kids go to the funeral if they were not allowed to come...and ringing up to say they wanted to view the body...not Rose...or your daughter or the children's mum... ;but the body... last time I saw the kids was at the heart is broken.

I don't know what to do... I m seeing a solicitor but we haven't done anything is on standstill...and now this woman who is a "carer" is making them call her mum...if we ring and mention my daughter or say my daughter is looking over them she hangs up... she is also taking them out of the country.

I cant stand is making me sick... and my grand kids that I have are devastated............ thanks for reading this........**** x

This story goes over a period since 2008 for me... my daughters name is Rose Jean Lawton... and she died last year on this day... she will turn 33 on 22nd of October......... she was my best friend and I let her down by listening to DoCS....

We rang the Courier Mail just before Rose died.. and they were going to do a heading...along the lines of ..dying mum wants children back with Nana. They took the pics but because the kids dad would not cooperate and say he was in DV with her cause he didn't want the world to know they didn't go on with the story and then a bigger heading hit the headlines. One of Rose's friends rang up the reporter to say Rose had died and the reporter just said ok.

I went to see one solicitor and he said I have been ticked. He said I have done something wrong and know that but what I did wrong was, I am fiesty when riled now...I was made by DoCS to see a psychologist... he has seen a change in my mood since DoCS have ordered me to see him.

I was told by one DoCS worker who was the top dog of the case that i was a bad mum.. now u can call me anything u want ..but don't ever call me a bad mum... she said I was a bad mum because Rose would ring up and say she was hungry and I would give her food and toilet paper..never money... and her exact words to me were...Cause I will never forget them.. "You are a bad mum.....let her go hungry and she will buy food...let her have a dirty arse and she will buy toilet paper." The worker beside her at the time says she wasn't in the room and didn't hear.

I told the other worker that she was never allowed in my house again and that I wanted an apology and God help the kids if she has any kids of her own cause a mother like that doesn't deserve them... and when we went to a meeting she looked at me and smirked and said you are never getting the kids back... I stood up and told her to get f****d and walked out...the problems started after that.

Rose started taking drugs about two or so years before she died... she had done everything they had asked except a psych evaluation... she was scared they would say she was crazy...she wasn't..she was so good...and then she was pushed away by me.... and he told her to take drugs so that it would help her cope... when she died she had four different types of cancer and eight tumors... and they still gave my daughter sheer hell and treated her like shit... and me too.....and they still are.

It is a long story with lots and lots of stuff that they have done... don't know whether I can right it all down in order...I don't have all the dates... i just want my babies back with me... it was appointments they made with Redlands mental health with her... don't think it was anyone in particular Cleveland but i am with Wynnum... because the two i have are with the Wynnum office long term........

Rose had seven kids... five to DV dad one to another and younger much younger guy... she went down hill at the end I have two....... they were giving me the rest back then stopped because of this one case worker? I think so and the solicitor said I had done something wrong by someone...... she is the only one and she the one who said it with a smirk and it only started after she had been to my home and said that and i said she had to apologise and said god help if she has kids.

Rose wanted her babies back here..... I want the kids back...they wont say why they wont give the kids back..but they have said that they have given back the other two cause they would be able to protect themselves...from what. they are a pack of predators when i said that i would go to the media..they told me that they would get dirt on me... i told them go ahead... after Rose died I found court papers about ***... saying they have been involved with this family since 1983 ...making Rose 3.... no way... in her very early teens... but not for that..but for getting into mischief...


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One year ago today I lost the most precious thing in my life........ my beautiful baby girl.......... Rose not one day goes by without me feeling guilt....... and torment because I let u down... baby girl if i could have taken ur place I would have in a heart beat....... I missing u more and more and the pain ...... if i could just sit down with u and tell u all the things that are in my head and heart...... I thank god that we were able to be together right up until the end.... and i thank god i was able to hold u tight like i did when u were first born as u took ur last breathe. i thank god that one day i will be with u again.. and i thank god that u r still around me....... I feel u when i cry ... when i laugh ...when i am angry and frustrated and hurt... i will be doing something and then my mind will race to memories... memories of when u were a little girl and u would say there was something in ur eye...and i would laugh and say it was an eyeball and u would cry and tell me to get the eyeball out.. or when u would lick the beaters to the mixer or the bowl and wooden spoon and u would have the mixture all over ur face... ur first day at school..... how amazing u were at sport and how amazing your report cards were... and you gave me 7 brilliant and beautiful grandkids...and u were the perfect mum... you absolutely glowed when u were around ur kids....and they laughed and played and they were happy just to be with their mum... even at the end...u were in sooooo much pain but u never once stopped them from jumping all over u... I am and always will be so proud of u my princess...... ur are so strong and such an inspiration to me... you are and will always be my baby girl ...and u will never leave my heart.> you to the moon and back and into the you much, not enough...xxxxxxx