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Department of community services in Gosford and JIRT put me through hell

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on Mon, 08/13/2012 - 14:08
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

Hello Michael,

I have made several complaints already to DOCS as well as my local member Chris Spence

Your welcome to sharing my story, the more that share their stories the better chance we have of
making changes to the system so children and families do not get punished, that children don't get
stolen, abused or die while in their care. And god willing more accountability.

I have made several complaints already to DOCS as well as my local member Chris Spence. He
forwarded the complaint to both the minister of police and minister of DOCs. Also the NSW
ombudsman office (Aboriginal Unit). The Gosford office and the Entrance JIRT have put me through
hell the last 6 months and my health and mental health have suffered. I intend on fighting as don't
want another family to go through what I did.

By all means feel free to post our story. I am at the stage that I don't trust Government departments
and now all my children have major trust issues and will take years to undo the damage caused to
our family. And get them back to a place that they are happy and productive in their lives.

They don't like going anywhere now without me or someone they do trust. They feel alienated.
When the DOCs case worker came around home the boys locked themselves in their rooms they are
still scared DOCs will take them again.

I am apart of your facebook and keep upto date with things there and on the forum as well. You
have my full support and respect. Good luck with your battle for Luke.

Dear Michael,

Hello How are you going? All is well here considering.

I have done everything to help my children and DoCS did nothing

Background information: 14 year old son has ODD, ADHD, PSTD and an intellectual disability. 12 year
old son has the same diagnosis. In 2008 14 year old son was molested by the neighbour's son who
was witnessed by his younger brother. That went to court and a conviction was won against that
person, who has since re-offended twice.

DOCS were ordered by the judge to provide the appropriate counselling and failed to do anything.
I as the mother got them counselling and support programs to help my children while DOCS sat on
their backsides and did nothing, until 14 year old was self-harming, then they stepped in with a few
weeks of approved counselling.

I have done everything to help my children and DoCS did nothing. They also did nothing when I was
a child to protect me from an abusive father and they knew for years what he was doing along with

Department of community services in Gosford

The reason I am writing is about my story with Department of community services in Gosford. We
have been fighting in court for 6 months now a few weeks back we won under section 32 of the
mental health act to get my 14 year old son who has disabilities and a mental health diagnosis.

He was accused of sexually assaulting his brother. There is no evidence to say it happened but the
DOCs and JIRT team walked in and took him anyways. They made threats and intimidated him in
Wyong police station, they charged him and lied in statements.

They than proceeded to make threats towards me as well. Detective Donna Waite stated if I did not
find him a safe place she was going to have him locked up in (Baxter House) They also threatened
and coaxed my 12 year old at Gosford police station. They never took into account he also has a

Medication tampered with and was physically abused, assaulted, verbally abused, sleep deprived
and developed two cases of scabies, was nearly set on fire by another client.

They never brought in the disability support person or the Aboriginal liaison officer. After he spoke
to a lawyer the Detective Donna Waite told him that was his right not to talk than threatened him

by saying that she was going to a judge to have him removed from home and placed into a juvenile
detention center (Baxter House). They than proceeded to interview him under duress without me
being present or a support person he knew. They brought in someone they knew against my wishes.

Now the DOCS case worker ( Angela Mossman) who is not impressed that the judge favoured me.
The judge was not impressed that while in their care he had his medication tampered with and was
physically abused, assaulted, verbally abused; sleep deprived and developed two cases of scabies.

She was not impressed that he attempted suicide and she was not impressed that another client
tried to set him on fire. They also kept him out of school for the whole six months with no thoughts
to his education.

I was not informed by DOCs or the agency where he was staying, "Premier Youth Works in
Newcastle", who are applying for accreditation to the minister of children's services.

I do not trust DoCS in any way shape or form

Now they want me to sign a Parental Responsibility Contract which I have no intention of signing,
on advice from our lawyer. The last day at court the judge asked for the case worker from DOCS to
stand up. She didn't she also got into trouble from taking notes in a closed court.

I do not trust them in any way shape or form. I fear they will try and do something illegal to try and
take my children again. I document every meeting, every phone call. I keep a paper trail.

Pru Goward hides DoCS Corruption

When I made a complaint to the minister PRUE GOWARD she quoted that in her OPINION that her
workers acted in a professional way. I have that letter in black and white where she said that. So she
is saying it's acceptable for her workers to use threats, intimidation tactics, lies and racist comments.

The N.S.W ombudsman office (Aboriginal Unit) have ordered and inquiry about DOCs and they want
answers. They are in regular contact with me over my complaints. They seem to be the only ones
that give a damn about the systematic abuse and failure of duty of care, along with our lawyer.

Paula Hogan: "Don't play the Aboriginal card with me as it won’t work".

At an interview with the two FACs / DOCs workers attached to JIRT they raised some very alarming
facts which I am now not very impressed about. I explained what isolating children would do to
them. The Facs worker Paula Hogan then stated "Don't play the Aboriginal card with me as it won’t

Why are DoCS not held accountable for their crimes?

They also ask a bunch of other questions as well. But was when they stated something about an ex-
partner I had in 1999 that really got my blood boiling. Even the boy's case worker was disgusted by
what they said. They said and I quote, "Did I know he was a registered sex offender?", which I did
not know.

I don't have a crystal ball to see that nor does anyone else. But they knew that fact, they knew I had
two very young children and did not say a word to me, did not try to intervene either. Because of
their failure of duty of care, my now 18 year old became his victim.

I was in hospital when this happened and had no idea that my ex partner of two years was like that.
When my son disclosed what had happened my ex partner was kicked out, police notified as were
DOCS, yet they still never said a word. They did not really take an interest. His case is now a cold case
as my ex-partner died before he could be brought before the courts. How can this so called child
protection agency know these facts and do nothing to protect innocent children? Why are they not
held accountable for their crimes?

I have kept every piece of paper, letter, notes and emails. Both on my computer, on my secondary
hard drive, a thumb drive and a hard copy in a folder. The lawyer also has a copy of everything too.
I am not taking any chances with these bunch of incompetent people who do not have a clue about
child protection and would rather destroy lives with their incompetency.


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I have Been fighting Gosford DoCs for almost 5 years now. Alison Bush their Aboriginal officer lies just as much as the rest do. Please contact me as now they say my grandson has RAD, ADHD and a intellectual Disability. He comes to contact visits Doped on Catapress. He is in non Aboriginal care with 7 other children. 2 are downs Syndrome 2 are Asperges Syndrome and 3 have sever behavioral disabilities. All older than my Grandson That has just turned 5. I a motion for contact DoCs in their affidavit submitted a email from the career that influenced the Judge in his decision. The career said she would hand back care of my grandson if we got the contact we had asked for his 5th birthday. The judge asked me would I want that to happen, so I know it influenced his decision because we didn’t get what we asked for. Please we need help

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How can I contact you so I can help you?

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